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Ageman woman, Sageman woman.

Is the Sageman woman an excessive floorer?

Hello, this is Madame Butterfly.

Many women have never realized it themselves, but to men, women are divided into two types.

So-called"ageman woman""Sageman Woman".

When a man associates with A-ko, he quickly advances in life.

On the other hand, if a man has a relationship with B-ko, his life will suddenly become desolate, and he will not be able to do the work he has done so far.

Do you ever feel that way when you look around at the men and women around you? 

So what is the difference?

I'm the one who decides Ageman and Sageman.セ ッ ク スI think it is.

Sometimes there are women who have a plethora of techniques when it comes to sex, and who drown men in those techniques.

Men will pursue such women regardless of how they behave, but I think that many of this type of women are Sageman women.

It's very simple and straightforward, but if a man is obsessed with sex, he won't get a job.

In particular, older men who don't have much experience with women tend to get hooked.During my time as a hostess in Ginza, I have seen many uncles fall into sex with women as if they were immersed in a bottomless swamp.

One day, when I suddenly woke up, I lost all my status and trust.In the end, she was gossiped about saying, "That person has changed because she is a woman."

in a previous column"Woman who is good at bed is profitable"I wrote that.Sexual activity is an important option for uncles to fully enjoy women.

But when a woman drowns a man in heavy sex every day, it eventually rots.Sex also requires moderation and delicacy.

Ageman woman is a bimbo?

Then, what is an ageman woman?Simply put, it means "the type of woman who waits for a man to invite her to have sex."

I don't put motion on myself, but I never turn down an invitation from a man.

"A woman who always lets me" "A convenient woman"It may be good to say.

When I think about ageman women, I always think of my acquaintance, C-ko, who is involved in the entertainment industry.

At that time, she was surrounded by artists who had yet to sell, but she was the kind of child who would have physical relationships with them one after another as she was lured by them. .

Sometimes"Why are you having sex with someone who doesn't sell like this?"I have heard that

She said, "Because people ask me, 'Can I go to your house?'"

To put it in vulgar terms, I'm a genuine bimbo (laughs).

However, strangely enough, artists who have a relationship with her almost always sell well after a year or two.

Some of the artists who have been associated with her are some of the biggest stars of the moment.

One day, I asked an artist who had a relationship with C-ko.

“Hey, is C-ko-chan good at sex?”

he shook his head and said,

"No, that's not true. When I'm alone and lonely, she never refuses if I say, 'Can I call you home? , "I'm always rooting for you" and send me off, it's kind of comfortable."


I felt like I had seen the essence of an Ageman woman. What do you mean by "Don't be rude"?

She's always in simultaneous relationships with multiple artists, so maybe she didn't have to stick to one man.

However, many women fall in love with their partner once they have sex.

She skillfully digests those feelings and gives back to the other person with the word "support".

For C-ko, the joy is seeing the men she has a relationship with come out into the world and receive cheers.There may be more than a few such women around people who are popular in the entertainment world.

Of course, in this column, I have no intention of saying, "If you want to be an ageman woman, be a bimbo."

But it would be true that floor workers are not necessarily ageman women.

The End of the Ageman Woman

So far, I've talked about sex, but of course I think the same can be said about mentally.

Sageman woman is the kind of woman that men become mentally dependent on and pursue.

On the other hand, a woman who acts at the convenience of a man and gives him peace of mind is an ageman woman.

But even if you look around, Ageman women tend to meet unfortunate ends.

Rather, I think that there are many women who are socially independent, such as starting a company by themselves and succeeding while misleading men.

As for me, Madame Butterfly, judging from the fact that I've toyed with many uncles in the past, I guess I'm a sage man woman (laughs).

Mrs. Butterfly


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