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Women should look for agetin men

"Agechin man" and "Sagechin man"

Hello, this is Madame Butterfly.

In the previous column, I explained about the two types of women, "ageman onna" and "sageman onna."As I said last time, it is sex that determines them.On the other hand, it is also true that there are "adult men" and "adult men" for women.

An agetin man is someone who guides women to higher heights.

It's not about whether sex is good or bad, it's about what the man has"Foresight"I think it will be decided by

During my time at the Ginza Club, I have seen many agechin men.

That was shortly after I became a hostess. It was an executive of a famous company who invited me to accompany a XNUMX-year-old me.

I was asked, "What do you want to eat?"

The uncle is at a loss for words, "Eh...".

He said, "I knew you wanted to eat a Mac (laughs), but since it's Ginza, there are places that are delicious," and he took me to an Italian restaurant in Ginza XNUMX-chome.

The moment I sat down in a gorgeous and gorgeous space that I had never set foot in before, I remember being deeply moved, thinking, "Is there such a wonderful place in this world?"

At that time, my uncle casually told me why he was taking me to that store.

“From now on, you will have to walk around the people who go in and out of high-class restaurants on a daily basis. You must acquire the minimum manners and education so that you will not be rude when you eat with anyone. ”

This is the true worth of Agechin man.But it's not uncommon for uncles to just take you to high-end shops.

Going one step further, the uncle who thinks together with me about “Why did you bring me here?”

A "worst woman" who makes an "adult man"

 Ginza clubs are a world of fierce competition.There are quite a few hostesses who misunderstand that their own "social status" has risen dramatically as soon as they grab a customer with status and financial power and the store's sales increase. "How great I am to have a lot of VIP customers," he said.

It becomes a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger, and it will also hit hostesses and boys around you.

For example, there was something like this when I was a hostess in Ginza.A colleague's hostess, Ako, graduated from a famous university, got a job at a listed company, and was a help hostess who worked part-time at a club only on weekends.

However, one day, the boss of a certain organization, Chairman X, began to see her and became his mistress.After that, she, who was naive, began to blurt out such things.

"You shouldn't argue with me. That person (Chairman X) will come out."

"If that person (Chairman X) introduced me, I could meet as many celebrities in the financial world as I could."

Her clothes became flashy as she went on.However, one year later, she broke up with Chairman X.She was miserable from then on.People leave around her in a flash, and hostesses and boys who have been treated like bugs are all scandalous.Her money situation suddenly deteriorated, and she eventually left Ginza.

What lessons can be drawn from this episode?

My misfortune began when I started dating Chairman X and misunderstood that she had really stepped up.

Instead, she should have improved herself to be worthy and try to be a woman worthy of him.It's the tragedy of a woman who met an aging man but couldn't improve herself.

I"Yakuza Woman Syndrome"However, in the end, a woman who calls herself "the woman of XX" and acts as if her glory will last for the rest of her life may not be living as "my individual."If she is a wise woman, she rather hates being called a "woman of XX" and thinks that "I myself must be evaluated more" rather than my title or attributes.


"I'm called Agetin."

"Agechin man" and "Sagechin man" are commonly used, but have you ever met a man who says something like this?

"I'm often referred to as agetin. Why don't you go out with me once?"

 In my experience, men who voluntarily declare themselves as "adults" are XNUMX% unprofessional men.A real mature man doesn't make that kind of appeal, and guides women through concrete actions.

It's just like a man who says, "I'm good at sex," doesn't have good sex (laughs).A capable falcon hides his claws.Excessive self-promotion is also a sign of lack of self-confidence.

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