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"Petit mistress" is the right of women's freedom from now on!

The era of just getting married for the time being is over.

For me, who comes from the countryside, when I go back to my parents' house, it's either "marriage" or "illness".Two big words from local friends, relatives, and parents that make you wonder if that's all there is to it.

"He-chan from everyone's house got married to He-kun from that government office, so hurry up and find someone you like!"

“My next door neighbor has been sick for a long time, and my husband hasn’t been feeling well either.

It is to realize quickly that the prince on a white horse will not appear again.Free yourself from the shackles of old ideas, conventions, and influences around you.


Real life of a mother of two

Striped tops and goose pants are symbols of housewives.I'm telling myself that I can't run loose!

My friend is a wonderful mom, but raising two or three children is a given.Balancing parenting and being a woman requires a lot of effort. In my 2s, I was side by side, but now I have a sense of life that I don't admire.

There are very few relationships where we are on equal footing.
alsoI'm financially dependent on my husband, so I'm sexless, but I'm not going to break up.
I want income because my husband earns less and I can't improve myself.

Married women who come to register also come with similar problems.

friends with benefits

A representative of a broken relationship.Marriage is not the purpose, it does not spoil later, and you can omit the troublesome relationship of love.
Don't think so easily that it's good to be handsome and good at sex.

It goes without saying that there are many men in the world who think bad things.
against friendsA convenient woman is full of risks and has no benefitsis! !

It takes just a moment to get happiness from a friend.The emptiness that follows only breeds self-loathing. . .Let's protect ourselves. .


The other dayvibe barA report from a junior who went with me. "I sold a virgin to a transsexual!" The report was too shocking, so I will share it.

Kouhai-chan's gender is female.She is a maiden at heart, but her love interest is a woman.It was the type to say.The man who did it is a transsexual who I met at a transvestite bar.I didn't really understand him after listening to him, but he has various hobbies and tastes.

There is a hand to run to a woman.Since they are women, they understand how they feel, and they seem to know what feels good and what they want you to understand!
It seems that women are formed by women who want to be men and women who are cool.It's strange because it's surprisingly popular.I am no longer a lesbian.

how do you do thatI will refrain from answering your question (laughs) Sorry, I derailed. . .

Favorite Boyfriend + Daddy

I think this is the ideal configuration.

Everyone is looking for a suitable partner.However, women are disadvantaged when sex is involved.That's why the sprout of love is born from the place where you try to show yourself well by being arrogant.
at leastprice than loveI need to get it!

Where is the merit of marriage after the lifetime employment system is gone?
I think that various partners are necessary for that while hedging all kinds of risks in life.

On top of that, I would like you to make good use of the dating club to meet a man who will accept you as a mistress instead of being a frank dad.

Sometimes there are women who say that they can't have sex with someone other than their boyfriend, but for her, it's better to be a good man than to keep sticking to her boyfriend who doesn't know if she'll get ahead in life!
There are many things I think.

A woman who goes to bed right away is loved

(only for dating club encounters).

As I mentioned in my Saffle section, encounters that aren't passed through some kind of filter are dangerous.

Love pitfalls, I didn't think you were this kind of person!There is a great fear that you will regret it!

First of all, I don't know what further compatibility is until I'm hugged.both men and women.I feel like that.

Therefore, it is a category where women who are not smart are troublesome women!

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that when you sleep, you'll understand everything.I can't lieNo, I know you're lying.

I think women can find out as soon as they ask their uterus without thinking with their heads.Surprisingly, people who have something that catches them are the best partners to date.

Well, dating clubs are the perfect place to develop an eye for good guys.

Is there a demand for relationship type E? !

A serious dating encounter for the purpose of marriage.You can also choose such a relationship type.

If you know that the prince on a white horse will not come, you can ride a white horse and go to meet him yourself.

In fact, I heard that a male member with annual sales of 1 million and a female member are getting married.A true encounter with Cinderella.

At first, they met each other in a playful way, but eventually became partners who could not be separated and ended up reaching the goal.

I thought that meeting in a dating club would be a dream.

Christmas Eve today.I think I'll dash home in the crowds of Shinjuku, where there are many unhappy-looking couples.

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