Renai Vaccine Episode XNUMX Romanée Night

Mack dated Romanee, an anonymous questionnaire respondent.

Romanee's respondent debut is October 2019, 10.

Question number 2417.

"I don't feel right with the man I went on my first date with, and I'm worried about whether I can make progress."

Ms. Romanee's answer to the question from a female member is as follows.


My name is Romaine, a female member.

I will answer as the first responder.

I'm in my 20s and my dating type is B.

First of all, congratulations on your first offer.

First of all, it is wonderful that there are people who think you are wonderful, while there are many people who do not lead to offers.

After reading about your activities at the club and the fact that you are a newbie to dad activities, I would like to write as an individual impression what you do not dare to say.

I would appreciate it if you could read it as a sarcastic soliloquy of a woman.

>But, after all, I want to associate with people who intuitively feel that I am good, and people who I think will be stimulating.Or rather, I thought they were all attractive men who made me think so, so I'm a little disappointed (please forgive my rudeness).

→ I don't know your dating type or class, so I'm sorry if it's misplaced, but it's not that there aren't many attractive men, but that you're not attractive to "attractive men who make you think so".

Attractive men can only be offered to attractive women, or women who have a strong preference for them.

While there are many women who can't get an offer, you (probably) just a normal woman just registered with the club, and only wonderful men line up and give you an offer...

I think it would be better for your mental health in the future to throw away the preconceived notion that you are the only one who is Cinderella.

To be honest, I felt that it was a very proud idea as a woman.

>Also, I'm sure you still have some pride in not wanting to sell yourself cheap.

→How many of the women who are registered with the club are not cheap?

If you come, it will be only those who stick to A type and whose registration motive is not money.

Or, as mentioned above, "attractive men" form a line, and even if they pile up more money, I think that women who are biologically superior enough to want to get them are women who are not cheap.

If there are sellers, there are buyers.

Women, including myself, are attracted to men with their youth, charm, or overwhelming talent.

This is not an immaculate flower shop.

It's a red-light district, so to speak.

We are the ones who come to you and ask you to choose.

…Is that a bit of an extreme analogy?

I don't know what motivated you to join the club.

Have you heard that there is a small story?
Or have you been looking for a dad who can build a long and trusting relationship?
do you want money?
do you want love?

I said this and that in a pompous manner, but I myself (although there is a misnomer) was a woman who was in trouble to eat and ended up here.

That's why I accept offers from anyone and accept invitations after the event from the bottom of my heart.
(It does not mean a deep relationship with anyone on the spot)

There is not a single person who has a 100% preference for personality or appearance.

However, when I face anyone, I truly love and respect them.

This is because regardless of the motive, the person who calls out to me is an "attractive man" who will help me with my life.

Even if it's a pseudo-relationship, at least for the time I'm in front of you, you can enjoy and be satisfied.

If money is your goal, no matter what kind of partner you are, you should be a loving daughter until you say goodbye properly.

If you want a heart connection, you should say thank you and goodbye as soon as possible to a man who feels a little uncomfortable without being distracted by immediate money.

Only first-class women can pick and choose men.

Please take a good look at your own stature and make a judgment that you won't leave behind, saying, "That man was number one."


What a smart, beautiful writer.

It also gives a feeling of strength and toughness.

Unfortunately, the relationship type is B.

This is because Mr. Mac has decided to offer either C or D.

After that, Mr. Romanee continued to send answers from time to time.

Every time Ms. Mack read the opening line, "I'm Romanee, a female member," my heart fluttered, "Ah, Romanee-san!"

I think it's a great talent to make you feel a woman's sex appeal in writing.

Mack's writing is easy to read and interesting, but not sexy.

I am aware.

What kind of woman is Romanee?

Isn't there a lot of people who are worried about it?

He's tall, and his face looks a lot like Mitsu Dan.

Come to think of it, the answer is just like Danmitsu.

She is sexy and polite, and in many ways, she seems to make men stand out.

At this point, Mr. Mac had a favorable impression of Mr. Romanee, but had not considered the offer.

There is also the problem that the relationship type is B, but the writing is too good.

It's akin to being cautious when it comes to investment talks, saying, ``There's no way there's such a good profit story.''

While writing things like, "I truly love and respect anyone when I face them," or "Only first-class women can be picky about men," they actually pretend to be picky about men, and the guards beyond meals are tight.

I wear it and think about it.

But she was a curious woman.

So, when the date with Mr. Papwa was approaching, Mr. Mac wrote in the question box, "Why don't we invite Mr. Romanée and have a dinner date with the three of us?"

Mr. Romanee read it and cared about it, and contacted me through the branch to ask if it was okay with me.

He must have sensed my affection with his clever antenna.

However, even at this time, even in my wildest dreams, I never dreamed that I would become an adult on the very day I met Romanee-san, who was tied up with a hemp rope and hung from the ceiling in agony.

The three-person dinner date with Mr. Papua and Mr. Romanee was decided after the date with Mr. Mack and Mr. Papua.

Mr. Papwa and Mr. Mack were not very compatible with each other.

But Mack likes Papwa's freshness.

Let's have a pure (?) date without intercourse once.

That's right, let's call Romanee-san and meet with the three of us.

I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun talking about the question box while eating.

The meeting point is the lobby of the best hotel in the area, located in a skyscraper in front of the station.

Mr. Mac knew Mr. Romanée's face from a photograph, so he found it right away.

There are two kinds of women.

A woman who looks good in photos but is disappointed when you meet her, and a woman who looks bad in photos but is very attractive when you meet her.

I think Romane's photos are beautiful.

However, the real thing was more attractive.

I met up with Papwa-san, and the three of us decided to leave our luggage in the hotel suite reserved for the two women.

Mr. Mac secretly suspected that Mr. Romanée might be able to get a girl, or rather that would be his favorite.

So let's let these two stay in the same room.

Mr. Papwa is on sale, so Mr. Mac won't get involved any more, but I don't think it will hurt the part that Mr. Romanee leads to the world of women.

I want to raise Mr. Papwa's experience without leaving Mack's mark on Mr. Papwa.

That's the plan.

From here, there are various developments, and anyway, to write the conclusion, Ms. Romanee was exactly as she wrote in her reply, she was truly humble and a woman who stood up to men.

"I'm a B type, so it's impossible for me to be an adult from the first day, right?"

Mr. Mac timidly asked me, and although I was puzzled, I readily agreed (Note XNUMX).

Just by touching the nipple, you will feel startled and "Ah!".

When I used a toy that sucks and vibrates the clitoris, I went three times in a row.

This girl is good

Mr. Mack's engine ignited.

Make it completely naked and attach a rotor to the nipple and vagina.

I confiscate the underwear and leave only the jacket and skirt for the plump nude body and take it to the city.

“Mr. Romanee, do you have a secret desire to be treated like this?”

“Yes, I would like to be collared.”

Conclusive point.

Mac took out a white collar from a bag that looked like Doraemon's pocket.

The obedient expression and attitude when being worn are also good.

This girl's humility is natural.

When I got out of the hotel room, I started the remote control switch of the rotor that I put in my vagina.

I'm startled, but I'm out of the room now.

I have to endure.

Then the rotor of the nipple is also started.

I can see that the fair cheeks are a little excited.

Papuwa-san and the three of us took the back seat of the taxi.

Mac is in the middle.

Romanee-san put her head on Mac-san's shoulder and began to gasp sadly.

The faint sound of the rotor can also be heard, so Mr. Mack continues talking about the scenery of the city with Ms. Papwa without being noticed by the driver.

I was thinking of training the young Papuwa with Mac and Romanee, but things got a little different.

Romanee's older sister is more M.

Even so, Mr. Romanee is big, but it feels good to hold him.

Feels like stroking an obedient large cat (Note XNUMX).

I kiss him from time to time because he is too long-winded.
It leaned back more and more until it was like burying its head in Mr. Mack's chest.

When this happens, there is only one thing to do.

Mac, unzip your pants and take out your penis.

Without hesitation, Romanee starts sucking.

I arrived at my favorite happening bar.

After entering the store, I immediately took off my jacket and skirt, and showed off to the customers with a naked collar, nipples and vagina with a rotor attached.

Greet everyone and give them a hug.

Obedient like a domestic dog.

The customers are several men and one woman.

One of the men is a rope master who I asked in advance.

Actually, Mr. Papwa said, "I want to be tied up with a tortoise shell", so I arranged and waited, but the schedule was changed.

First, let's have Romanee tied up.

"Mr. Romanee, are you okay?"


I'm gasping for it.Really hahaha.

Cute ♡.

The eyes of the rope master are also shining.

A large and plump woman who resembles Mitsu Dan.

It's not that I'm fat at all, and the amount of meat is irresistible.

"Where did you find this girl? It's a wonderful material."

"It's true, isn't it? My breasts and buttocks are plump. You can make money as a bondage model, right?"

"I can take it, I think it's a good level to publish a photo book."

Mr. Nawashi is skillful.

As well as watching women get tied up, Mac also likes watching Nawashi's brisk, professional movements.

While drinking a gin and tonic, watch the naked bondage girl being completed.

Mr. Papwa seems to be being seduced by one of the young male customers.

It doesn't look like it's going to be bad, so I'll let him act a little more freely.

Mr. Romanée was tied with his hands behind his back and the rope tied to the ceiling.

"spread your legs"


Mr. Mack lay on his back on the floor and put his head between Mr. Romanée's legs and looked up.

The crevice over there, which was neatly groomed, was wet and shining.

play with the clitoris.

It's easy to feel, so I'm likely to go again soon.


"Then I'll raise one leg. Are you okay? Tell me if it hurts."

Romanee-san, who is hung by her right leg and exposing her over there.

Mac strokes his head and kisses her gently.

"If you tie me up well, I'll give you a reward."

Romanee nodded twice.

"Then I'll raise both legs, and I'll hang you."

When the rope master pulled, Romanee's left leg also floated in the air.

At the same time, the legs are opened to the left and right, and the beautiful cracks are fully visible from the front.

Mac, I'm so excited.

Don't insert it.

Attach rubber and insert slowly.

Hanging from the ceiling and with her legs spread open, Romanee looks like a living doll to be inserted.

what a great body.

After that, I untie the rope and give a generous reward while saying, "You did a good job."

Oh yeah, you said you like being strangled too.

While tightly tightening, deep throat also in the throat.

“I understand a little bit about going with your throat.”

That one seems to have the qualities, so it looks like it would be good to develop it.

It was a very enjoyable Romanée evening.

(Note XNUMX) It is said that B is quite close to C type.

(Note XNUMX) The original text was ``It feels like petting a large obedient dog,'' but when I asked him to check the draft, he said, ``I'm a cat person, so please change it to something cat-like.'' So I made a big cat.
In the past, he said, ``When I interact with you, I feel something different from the satisfaction of loving a kitten.

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