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Shiritori column with Joe.

Two girls I met recently told me two stories in a row of being scammed on an app.

1 yen per person.

to men,

“I make money from investments such as FX.

It seems that it was proposed.

The girl happened to be interested in Forex and investment.

However, I can't accept that I have no money to go to the hotel, so I refuse to do that.

The man then said,

"Then, if you pay me 30 yen, I'll teach you regardless of your body."

He agreed and transferred 30 yen.

Naturally, after that, contact was cut off and the account was deleted.

Another person is 5 yen.

I missed the details, but they told me to buy a Shinkansen ticket and send it to them.

Then no tsubu.

There have been girls who have encountered virtual currency scams before.

But it was from an acquaintance who had actually met him.

I wasn't a man of dad activities such as apps.

Isn't it a recent thing that girls in a relationship are targeted by apps like this?

It may be that the app has become familiar and bad people have entered.

When you read this kind of story, you may think that it is shallow, but fraud is something that you really don't notice.

The two girls above are college graduates and work as office workers.

They weren't crazy kids.

In fact, Mr. Mack has also been the victim of fraud in his business.

I didn't notice it at all.

In retrospect, there are many things that come to mind.

The reason why it ended in failure is that the other party appeared in the newspaper with a photo on the day that Mr. Mac was scheduled to sign the contract.

The day before, Mr. Mack's subordinates went to the other party's office to discuss the matter, and then left the office to say hello to the next day.

He was arrested for another fraud case involving a local bank.

It's dangerous.

If I had made that contract, Mr. Mac would probably have been involved and would have been roped together.

Therefore, Mr. Mac sympathizes and sympathizes with the fact that the girls at the beginning were deceived, and does not find it strange at all.

Even Mac didn't notice.

It is not unreasonable for a girl in her twenties to be deceived.

However, I think that it is a kind of attraction that is a little expensive, and I think it would be good to experience fraud at least once in your life.

Because it's an amazing experience.

When I was young, I never spent a small amount if possible.

I told the girls that and comforted them.

By the way, while I was talking to Joe and connecting "su" with "scam" in English, I wondered what it would be like overseas, so I googled "sugar daddy scam".
come out come outI thought so.


"Urgent recruitment for daddy girls. First $1500, then $800 weekly. Honest and loyal. No sex."

Scammer is scammer in English.

It looks like a Scanner (psychic) ​​and it's a little cool (laughs)

It seems that the expansion after this is roughly as follows.

"Before I send you money, please send $100 to my PayPal account to test your resolve. I've had a lot of women get discouraged by blocking social media right after I send money."

Others may ask you to send a gift card.

Gift cards are from amazon and apple.

If you buy a card and tell the other party the code on the back side, the other party can use it, so it can be used as a means of remittance.

So that's it.

Another method is to use a check.

A man says, "I'm going to deposit a check for $1000, so please let me know your bank account," and the check is actually deposited.

then the man

"Could you buy a $400 gift card and send me the code?"

He says

If you do, I will send you a check next week.

The woman has already received the check and credited it, so she thinks $600 is good enough, so she buys him a gift card and gives him the code.

At a later date, the bank contacted me and told me that it was a counterfeit check and could not be cashed.

Ladies and gentlemen who are going abroad for study abroad or working holidays, please be careful.

Well, young and busy women like that probably don't read men's columns much (^^;

"Can you see I'm about to send you an allowance? Can you read your name? If you're serious, I'll send it now. Or should I cancel it?"

"I want it. What should I do?"

"I want to do a little test so that it doesn't disappear as soon as I send money like the other girls do."

It seems that the allowance is called allowance in English.Remember.

I'm sure it will come in handy someday (laughs).

Stupid, but I found something interesting.
Sugar Baby T-shirt (laughs).

You can purchase it online.

If a young girl wears this and is in a bar or hotel lounge in Tokyo with many foreigners, she may be approached by a foreigner father who is on a business trip to Japan.

I'm looking for a foreigner daddy, what should I do?There was a question in the question box before, but if you have the courage, please try it.

There was also one for men.
How nice.

I want to wear it for a while.

I want to go to a bar in a foreign country wearing this together with a flag maker.Can the girl speak to me? (smile).

However, it is likely to be plucked by girls, and it is definitely a target for katsuage in areas with poor security.

Now, one more thing.

It's not a scam, but it's one of the spear-escape tricks that have been happening frequently in this area recently.

He comes in a tattered car, but he says that he is the company president and that he knows Horiemon.

Girls believe.

The reason is because the other party is a fraudster.

"This car is wrecked, but I actually have a Benz. I'm sending it out for repairs, and I'm going to pick it up later, so let's go to the hotel before that."

It is said and etch.

After that, I parked my car in a place like a bank parking lot.

"Wait here, I'll get the Benz."

Saying this, the man disappears somewhere.

I left the car behind, but no matter how long I waited, the man never came back.

No response when contacted on line.

After waiting for about three hours, the girl gives up and leaves without receiving any money.

As far as Mack knows, three daughters have suffered the same.

looks like the same culprit.

I mean, other people wouldn't be able to come up with such tricks (laughs).

Well, it wasn't a scam to steal money, so it was still good.

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