A joint party with a sugar daddy girl IN Okinawa Part XNUMX

i like okinawa

It's not necessarily going well as a business, but I still like Okinawa.

The income of the citizens of the prefecture is low, but the prices are unexpectedly high

Ranks XNUMXth in Japan for annual rainfall

a typhoon is coming

Even if this year is an exception, the usual summer is more painful than hot

full of US military bases

Main roads are chronically congested

It doesn't feel like a comfortable place to live.

Nevertheless, when I come to Okinawa, I always feel relieved or uplifted.

Even if I write something like this, I immediately think about Okinawa.
I can't explain it well, but I just love Okinawa.

When I moved to Okinawa, I wanted to know more about this land, so I lived there for about two months.
I went around the main island.

Whether you like it or not, you can see the US military bases and related facilities, and even non-political people like Joe (because they are non-political?) think, "This must be bad."

In some areas, such as Kadena Town, US military facilities occupy 85% of the town.
On the other hand, Uchinanchu's view of the base is not simple.
There are many people who have interests, and there are people who have had a base since they were born and who think it is normal.

That's why I heard from many Uchinanchu that Joe's sense of incongruity with the bases was, "Those who oppose the bases are all Yamatonchu."

Okinawa history

As you know, Okinawa used to be an independent state (Ryukyu Kingdom).

Before stopping at Uraga, Perry first stopped by Ryukyu.

In March 1854, when Perry signed the ``Japan-U.S. Treaty of Peace and Amity'' with the Edo Shogunate, Perry stopped by Ryukyu again and signed the ``Ryukyu-U.S. Treaty of Amity''.
Similar treaties have been signed with France and the Netherlands.

Before that, it was under the control of the Shimazu clan and the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the Ryukyu Kingdom maintained a degree of independence, albeit with a precarious balance.

The fact that Perry visited not only Uraga but also Ryukyu and sought trade shows that Ryukyu was recognized as an independent country.

However, in 1879, Japan conquered Ryukyu by force, and Okinawa Prefecture was established (Ryukyu disposal).
At this time, the Ryukyu Kingdom sought help from Qing, and with the mediation of the United States, it was once agreed that the main island of Okinawa should belong to Japan, and the Yaeyama Islands and Miyakojima should belong to Qing.

However, since Qing did not sign this treaty, it became one of the causes of the Sino-Japanese War.

The Yaeyama Islands and Miyakojima officially belonged to Japan after the end of the Sino-Japanese War.

In this way, Okinawa has historically been exposed to a harsh fate at times, but Joe believes that this is still the case today.

It may be sarcastic to introduce a hard book in such a place, but if you want to overview the postwar history of Okinawa, ``Modern History of Okinawa – From U.S. Rule, Reversion to Mainland Japan to ``All Okinawa'' (Makoto Sakurazawa) Chuko Shinsho) is Joe's favorite.

If you are interested in Okinawa, this is a book that you should definitely pick up.
A researcher from outside the prefecture provides an overview of Okinawa's postwar history from a relatively neutral standpoint.
This may just be Joe's ignorance, but I learned a lot from this book.
Or rather, it was all I didn't know.

After the war, Okinawa was under American rule for nearly 30 years.

The mayor of Naha, who was elected in the election, will suddenly issue a law and quit on the grounds that he is affiliated with the Communist Party.
(The process leading up to quitting is insanely vile)

6-year-old girl raped and killed by US soldiers
(The trial was held in the United States, and the death sentence was given, but the sentence was later commuted.)

A fighter plane crashes into an elementary school, killing 18 people, mostly elementary school students.
(The pilot escaped by parachute and then secretly returned to his home country.)

There will be land enforcement for US military installations.

Not only has the U.S. Ryukyu government often used force to say the least, but Uchinanchu human rights have often been violated.

And even after their reversion to Japan, they were treated as a set of acceptance of the bases and promotional measures, and although I wouldn't go so far as to say that they were repressive, they continued to have a dominant relationship with the US and Japanese governments.

As you know, during the Democratic Party of Japan administration, Uchinanchu's expectations have been betrayed, such as easily breaking the promise of "at least outside the prefecture".

We, Yamatonchu, must understand the meaning of a person who was a conservative politician representing Okinawa who accepted the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and who was the chairman of the prefectural association of the Liberal Democratic Party, joining hands with the revolutionary forces to become the prefectural governor and confront the government. ....

Joe wondered while driving from Ta Waterfall to Kin Cave.

Okinawa date

What I say and do on my own is contradictory, but Mika-chan and Princess Nana are "sisters who kill old people", so they listen intently and flatter me, "Joe-san, you know everything." Don't forget either.

Of course I know it's flattering, but these lines work for the heart and the crotch.

There are several limestone caves in Kin Town, one of which is used as an Awamori storage facility.
The temperature is maintained at 18 degrees throughout the year, making it suitable for long-term aging of awamori.
In addition to tours, you can also request a tasting of aged Awamori and long-term aging of Awamori at the nearby sales office.

Since Joe is lazy, I asked for a 5-year aging course.

Create an original label at the same time as ordering.
Joe doesn't have that kind of sense.

I gave the magic set I borrowed from the store clerk to Princess Nana.

Then, she skillfully drew pictograms and finished it with a cute label.
It says "Joe & Nana" in the name column.

And not only awamori, but also tofu bean paste tasting and sales are available here.
I tasted the tofu bean paste, which is the specialty of the brewery, which has been aged for 1 year and XNUMX months.

Joe loves tofu, but the tofu in this store is very mild, and Mika-chan and Princess Nana praised it highly.

In the end everyone will buy as much as they can afford
(Of course? Joe and Osamu are in charge of payment. The price was quite good. By the way, the name of the shop is "Ryu no Kura". In addition to the main store in Kin town, a branch office has opened in front of the prefectural office.
They are planning to open a branch at the airport soon.Make it a great souvenir! ).

After leaving the Kin limestone cave, we headed for Naha city.

Since Mika-chan and Osamu-kun are going to Miyako as they are, I will send them to the airport and return the rental car.

According to the schedule, the joint party was supposed to end and the airport was to be dissolved.
I wanted to spend a little more time with Princess Nana, but this is probably the best time.
Joe tried to say goodbye to Princess Nana.

Unexpectedly, Princess Nana hears a devil whisper in her ear.

"Joe-san, there's a French restaurant I want to go to. Can you take me there tonight?"

Of course I can't resist when I'm whispered in Kyoto language, which is Princess Nana's Lethal Weapon.
So let's continue next time.
Sorry for pulling you out.

*There is a request (complaint?) in the anonymous posting box, and again from this time
The comment section has been restored.Thank you.

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