Do you know Saori? ②

After arriving at the hotel, we took a shower together.It was a pretty clean hotel and it was certainly expensive, but I still remember that it was a beauty worth paying for.


When I started taking off my clothes, I realized that Saori's style is really nice.

Saori is slender, but her chest is a C cup rather than a D, and above all, her buttocks are large, so her waist is clearly visible.I could see a little bit of her abs too, so she probably goes to the gym or something.

Especially the back view is nice and intriguing.It seems that the buttocks are also pretty well trained.

I was worried that my chest got a little smaller, but the bust has a good shape and is perfect.

Yoru P said, "That's not true. Your style is really good."

The skin is fair and beautiful.After taking a shower, I fully enjoyed that beautiful body.

Begin with a kiss and slowly caress your whole body with your fingers and tongue.Hug tightly and caress the whole body while feeling the other person's body temperature.

I like to lick her, so I licked her ears, nape, armpits and fingers.

After all, it seems that the sensitivity is good for the nipple.While attacking the nape, it also attacks the nipple.

You can lick it with just the tip of your tongue, lick it with your entire tongue, and caress your nipples while adjusting the strength and speed.

After licking the upper body all the way, it finally goes to the lower body.Is it a little warm when you take off your underwear?I can feel it and it seems to be heating up.

The hair is well groomed and looks nice.



It was already damp there.I will touch it carefully with my fingers and tongue over there.It's a sensitive place, so I'm polite and gentle, and I'm going to blame it while watching the expression.

Saori: "... hmm. It feels good. It's really good."

She didn't react much, but only this time she spoke out.

After finishing the foreplay that took a lot of time so far, put on a rubber and insert it.After the missionary position, I enjoyed various counter positions such as sitting position and back posture.

As Saori says she likes sex, she actively moves in the cowgirl position.She shakes her hips up and down and back and forth, giving you a different feel.

Sounds good!Having sex with such an aggressive woman (^^)

I enjoyed changing various positions such as missionary, cowgirl, and back.While drinking canned chuhai that I bought occasionally.

However, unfortunately, it ended without being cool until the end. (I tried drinking chuhai to lift my mood, but it didn't work.)


I have exhausted my physical strength before Iku.I think the reason I didn't like it was mental.As I mentioned earlier, I didn't expect much until I met Saori, so it was difficult to suddenly raise the tension, and I couldn't keep up with the change of mind.


After all, I think that first of all there is a feeling that I want to have sex with this girl, and if I do not carry it out in a way that makes it come true, I will not be in the mood.


Instead of going straight to the hotel, it might have been better to have a meal to raise the mood.


I told Saori that I was a little nervous when I met her for the first time, but I was completely satisfied.

He also said that he would like to meet again.The words that came back were, "It's fine if it's Mr. P at night! If it's the same conditions."

Oh yeah, I can't easily make a convenient friend, so I accepted the same condition.

We left the hotel and broke up.


The next day, I sent another thank you email.This was my first encounter with Saori.After all, young women are great! !smile

After that, I had a rather busy period, and I wanted to meet him soon, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance. When I contacted them about 3 weeks later, I got a call back and got a reply saying, "I've been waiting for you for a long time."I can't help but get excited about this.

After that, I promised to meet Saori for the first time in about a month.The fact that I met her once gives me a sense of security.

Before we meet, I would like to ask you one thing.I'm a butt fetish.I used to like boobs more, but as men get older, it seems that there are many people who like buttocks more than boobs.

I'm one of those people who went through that process.I asked Saori to wear a thong.

I thought that Saori would definitely suit her because she has a good style and has a constricted and easy-to-deliver butt.

When I asked if he had a thong, he said he did, so I begged him, "Please, please!"

We met at the same place as last time and headed to the hotel.Before taking a shower, I asked, "Did you wear a thong properly?"

I asked him to take off his clothes and show me.After all, it suits you well! !

It is light blue and has frills, and the area is small and digs in well.It suited my taste very well.

I was allowed to take a picture without showing my face.The posture of crawling from behind is the most erotic.The constriction is emphasized, and the large buttocks appear very attractive.



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