Emiko 2 who wants to be a chef with a single beauty

After that, I put on a rubber and went inside Emiko.

Emiko has a body that has yet to be developed.


It was very tight, the entrance was very narrow, but the back was a type with space.

Yoru P is a good match for saying this.

It is relatively thick and long, so it is possible to fill the inside of the opponent.


Because I like the missionary position, I like the back posture, but I have been sticking in the missionary position all the time.

Then Emiko puts her foot on the sole of my foot.

It became a system of locking my feet with my feet.


Certainly, under this system, Emiko's and I's physical contact will increase.

It positions my son in her more against her G-spot when inserting.


When I asked her about it while inserting it, it seems that it was certainly like that.


After that, when I was in the rubber, I fell asleep immediately because we were both drunk.


Suddenly... when I woke up, it was 22:XNUMX in the middle of the night.



I wake up Emiko.


Emiko: "Hmm..."


Evening P "Emiko, it's time to go home...Are you okay?"


Emiko: I'm a little sleepy...can I stay the night?


Yoru no P: "Good, but didn't you say you had plans?"


Emiko: I was supposed to stay at another P's house in Aoyama, but that's fine.


P at night "That's right. I understand. Then let's sleep."


Emiko: "Yeah... I'll LINE for a while."


Saying that, Emiko fiddled with her phone for a while and then went to sleep.

Shall I lend you my pajamas?I asked him, but he said that it was okay to leave it as it was.

She went to sleep with no underwear on.


・・・The next day, when I woke up in the morning, Emiko told me that she had something to do with her friends, so I immediately started getting ready.


Emiko: I have plans with my friends in the morning.


Yoru no P ``That's right.


Emiko: “Hmm.


Saying that, Emiko left my house.

I also hustle too much, so I decided to sleep in the morning.


I got a call on LINE when I was taking a nap.It's from Emiko.


ーーWell, I don't think I'll be able to meet Aoyama, so would you mind meeting me again?


ーーThat's good.I'm not ready for my allowance, but if that's okay.




With that said, Emiko will come to my house again.


Was it still around 14:XNUMX in the afternoon?


Emiko is back at home.

To be honest, I thought we would never see each other again, but I was surprised.


I decided to watch a movie while drinking alcohol together from noon.

Emiko seems to have forgiven her heart more than yesterday.

Her straightforward personality is very attractive.


When I was watching a zombie movie, Emiko did a lot of physical contact.

How come my son is sore.


Yoru no P "Emiko, what's wrong?? It's really noon lol"


Emiko: "Well, I've been wanting to have sex for a while. Actually, yesterday was the first time I was cool, so I kind of want to experience it again..."


Yoru no P "Huh, is that so? I could have been happy earlier if you told me lol"


Emiko: "Because it felt so good that I fell asleep right away..."


P at night is proud.

It's true that yesterday was a big flood and I was able to make it cum, but I didn't think it was the first time.


The de S heart of P at night is tickled.


P at night "Aoyama people won't let me cum???"


Emiko: Yes... or rather, it's small...


Yoru no P「LOL」

Foreplay, the actual performance, and even after that, I played P carefully at night.

I have worked hard to come to Tokyo.

I want you to go home with even a little fun memories (pleasant memories).


I don't even have to write after that.


In addition, in the normal position of the usual system (Emiko locks her legs), I thrust hard.

Emiko seemed satisfied.


And the next day, it was finally time to say goodbye.

Emiko works in the kitchen of a ryokan in Kanagawa.


Yoru no P "Emiko, I'm going to stay the night next time, so I can tell you the room number, so why don't you come over after work?"


Emiko: "Really!? I'm coming! I'm not good at staying in my room, but if I'm secret, I might be able to do something about it!"


P at night "Really! Tell me about the ryokan!"


Emiko told me about the inn where she works.


It was a very luxurious ryokan in a very good location in a certain hot spring town.

I gave Emiko an allowance including the return train fare.


Until the end of the day, she was a very honest woman with lovely black hair.

This is the last time I met Emiko in Tokyo.


However, after this, she and Emiko will spend a wonderful time at the inn.

I was half joking about going, but I never thought it would come true.


Many PJs who came from the countryside are very obedient and good children.

It's a secret that since I met her, I've been sending messages on the app targeting people who have just come out of the countryside.


However, Yoru P thinks that many people are nicer and more honest than Minato-ku girls who are dyed in Tokyo.


ーー“What is Papa-katsu?”

"Papa activities are once-in-a-lifetime chances"

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