"money" and "mind"

I am Jun Itsuki of Universe Club.

Continuing from the week before last, I was able to write a column.

The theme of this time is "money" and "heart".

We will tackle this proposition from the perspective of the reasons for registration by gender.

I will write what Itsuki feels in a world where there are no right or wrong answers.

Enrollment motivations for women and men

women's enrollment motives,

that is"money"I think it 's.

“I want to learn a lot from successful people.”

Such a "tatemae" is on the major premise that you can get money.

It's not the same as paying to hear "success stories".

I think the more serious a woman is, the more earnest she is when she tells me that she needs money, and the clearer the exit.

What about men's motives for registering?

Many of the men Itsuki met

"Sex That Satisfies Your Heart"

It seems to be knocking on the door of the Universe Club in search of it.

a man who used to
"Sex without feeling becomes empty on the way"
He talked to me.

You can't taste it in customs"heart", can only be tasted as an amateur"Tokimeki",

Recently, I have come to think that what is accompanied by that is "sex that satisfies the heart".

In short, I think it's not an exaggeration to say that women want "money" and men want "heart".

"Things money can't buy"

Based on the above, I feel that what men want and what women want are completely opposite.

Under such circumstances, it may be difficult to have an “ideal encounter”.

This is because you are trying to get what you can't buy with money.

Why do women want money so badly?

The woman that Tree interviews is somehow leading a "life".

Women who "need money" have many easy ways to earn money without having to do "a detour like a dating club".

Itsuki has recently come to think that "Actually, women are also looking for hearts."

In today's fast-moving society, women are also exhausted.

Feelings and pride that cannot be changed with money,

While they value it,

“Things that cannot be bought with money are always in flux and can change shape freely.”

Somewhere in your head you seem to understand.

And on the other side of money, which is the vessel of "value"

“My place, something to soothe my tired heart, something that will definitely not betray me.”

Aren't you looking for

A woman's "money + α" is "a place for her heart", and when her desires match, she takes a step toward a "heartfelt relationship."

"Things that can be destroyed by money"

And women will build wonderful relationships with men for a long time.

However, there is "money" as a premise between the two.

As long as the men and women who meet at the date club are in a "lover relationship", severe financial conditions will follow between them.

And it will undermine the idea of ​​​​"a woman who was pure".

"It's natural to be bought"

"It's only natural to be able to pay for living expenses"

At some point, women will start to "go see money" instead of "go see men".

For young women, what they see is fresh and fleeting.

I think that "appreciation" will quickly change to "natural" and "satisfaction" to "not enough".

I think money and time are enough materials to accelerate it.

The only thing the club can do is create an entrance

In other words, it may be very difficult to meet the "ideal woman" at a club.

In the first place, is there such a thing as an “ideal woman”?

In the end, Itsuki believes that the shortest route is to "raise a woman to your liking."

To create an "entrance" to the ideal woman,
However, we think about it together with men to make it the best,

That is one of the concierge images that Itsuki aims for.

Jun Itsuki

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