How do daddy women earn money under the influence of Corona?

Contact from a dad active girl who changes in Corona

There is a little time lag when you are browsing.

You may be worried about my infection, but I was in Paris in February and in the United States in March, so I can understand the fear of lockdown.

And I decided to stop the etch at a relatively early stage.

I don't mean to flatter you, but I thought it was really "amazing" that Universe Club stopped offering people who had "traveled overseas within the last two weeks" at a fairly early stage. I was feeling a little lonely because my daily stress was more active.

Even so, the government that throws money into the fire, the securities company that puts the business phone into their cell phone saying, "I'm buying now."

Totally funny...

Papa-katsu used to be "Please help me", but with the increasing risk of infection, it is changing to a question of "How can I maintain my life without seeing each other?"

He seems to have realized just now that he won't meet me with a discount...

Relief line from women who recently came

"Excuse me, I'll do anything, so can you transfer the money?"

Former national idol (I think men who are working as dads know, but after graduating, the brand will drop to the bottom, with the exception of a few people.

There is only a stage as a factor to attract customers.

I believe we still have brands.

"Why don't you come over to my house because I'm on standby at home? I want to show you my new uniform."

CA already thinks it's okay to find out the address.

At times like this, people get caught up in crime, and it is sometimes described as "the security situation has deteriorated."

"I'm going to be a YouTuber, so please buy me a camera. I'll do anything in return."

A college student's line

"I'm running 〇〇 and I can't pay the rent. I have a lot of students..."

When you look at it, it's a great location, and the woman is reflected on the homepage as a lecturer.

The number of students is also great.

I also have other instructors...


"Please hug me"

Such a line that enters with potsuri drives the delusion.

An acquaintance of mine ended up meeting the fourth woman.

The one I found interesting was the third YouTuber.

It looks interesting even if we don't meet.

A certain female student who begged for a set of cameras

Like that.

It was a university (faculty) famous for the best media in Japan when I was exchanging.

And smart...

You will receive an Amazon wish list on LINE.

"If you log in there and transfer money, it will be delivered to my address."

Oh, I'm an old man now...

I didn't even do anything like this...

"Since I have only met Saito-san once, I will give you my video, real name, and address."

No, you don't need to overdo it because it will be judged by loss cut.

"I trust Saito-san, so it's okay, it's my parents' house."

Shortly after, the information was sent to the line.

Just like a payment stamp, I bought a set of cameras from Amazon.

what does it actually do

I'm a college student, but I also have business income, so it's like lessons and PR videos.

It would be nice to simply earn money from YouTube, but my goal is to become a student.

So far, I have earned 30 yen/month from lessons.

Daddy life is about 20.

I live at home, so it's a lot, but I pay my university tuition.

It's a new genre, so I don't have rivals like my friends who are piano teachers, and I can make money.

Ideas are just absorbed by the company, so I don't even feel like getting a job.

"You should stop. If you have that kind of income, I won't contact Mr. Saito, who I only met once."

Papa active male companion says.

The camera seems to have arrived today.

I would like to post it again at a later date, watching that YouTube and how I was deceived after that.

Recent theme

"I'm paying a woman to teach me how to have fun without seeing people."

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