4 popular manners on the first date of the dating club!

A dating club is an adult social gathering place where men and women meet.

Unlike the activity for marriage app, you can not exchange messages in advance.

Therefore, there is no doubt that dating behavior is directly linked to popularity, along with the first impression on the first date.

Dating is a time to get to know each other, but while there are men who are popular with women, there are also gentlemen who are not popular.

After all, if you meet a woman you like at a dating club, I think most men want to build a long-term relationship.

This time, I will summarize the etiquette that is popular on the first date of the dating club.

What is the flow of the first date of the dating club! ?

I will introduce the flow of the first date of the dating club.

In dating clubs, you can't exchange messages with women.

For this reason, the meeting time and place for the first date are communicated to the women through the mediation of the club coordinator.

* In most cases, the meeting place is designated by the man based on the woman's wishes.

On the first date, many men may be hesitant about cafes and rice, but if you get lost, you can't go wrong with rice.

Also, when it comes to a cafe date, there is a possibility that it will only be a matter of adjusting the conditions, so as a man it will not be very enjoyable, and I do not recommend it.

If you want to have a pseudo date, a rice date is definitely better.

In addition, dating clubs work to mediate between men and women, so you can freely associate after the first date.

If you get along well with each other, you may even develop a close relationship within the day.

Men and women have different ways of dating, so it's a good idea to get to know each other on the first date.

XNUMX points to keep in mind when meeting for the first time

By the way, is there any etiquette to be popular on the first meeting or first date?

Some men may not be looking for a long-term relationship in a dating club, but in any case, there are many men who want to be popular with women.

Therefore, I will list the points that are popular on the first meeting and first date.

<Points to be popular with women on the first meeting/first date>

XNUMX) Avoid long restraints
XNUMX) Don't tell dirty jokes
XNUMX) Be mindful of cleanliness
XNUMX) Escort you through the whole date

There are many points that are not limited to the first meeting, but it is a good idea to keep these four points in mind.

Long-term restraint on the first date tends to lead to a negative image.

Two hours or less is preferable, but the impression may not be good if it is more restrained.

Also, the first date is a great chance to impress you.

At times like that, if you talk about excessive dirty jokes, women often pull back.

Even if it's a woman who's willing to gossip, it's unlikely that you'll have a long-term relationship.

For those who can't balance the dirty jokes on the first date, we recommend that you seal them.

And it is cleanliness that occupies a great deal of weight in making an impression on the face.

Cleanliness is a broad term, but the impression is easily determined by the clothes and hairstyle.

You don't have to wear a suit that's too tightly pressed, but it's a good idea to try to dress in a way that doesn't negatively affect your appearance in public.

Also, if you take care of your skin, bad breath, nails, etc., you may feel like a smart man.

And it's important to escort them through the entire first date.

When it comes to female escorts, there are several points, such as carrying bags and walking on the road side.

In addition, it will be a good impression that you can smoothly get on and off elevators and taxis.

On the first date at a dating club, taxis are often used, so it may be a good idea to keep the riding rules in mind.

Just by being conscious of these manners, you can become a smart man who is popular with women.


I have introduced the etiquette that is popular on the first date of the dating club.

There are many men who miss their chances due to long-term restraints and dirty jokes.

Also, lack of cleanliness may give a negative impression at the face-to-face meeting.

In particular, cleanliness occupies a large amount of weight in the popularity of the first date.

When it comes to dating clubs, men in their 40s and older tend to look younger rather than age-appropriate.

Therefore, next time, I will explain how to make a clean look that is popular with women.

Furthermore, the impression given to the other person will be different depending on whether or not you are willing to escort the woman and treat her.

You don't have to carry a bag on your first date, but it might be a good idea to consider entering a store or going up stairs.

By being conscious of these, you will be more likely to be popular with women you meet at the dating club.

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