Papa Katsumodoki in Colombia, South America (Preparation)

Synopsis of the first part: I found a dubious information that there is an adult place where daddy can live in Medellin, Colombia, which is also called "Beauty Capital"!Despite my concerns, I decided to contact them by email.

《Risk management before staying》

Since you are making a reservation in an unknown place, you must manage the minimum risk.Naturally, I will create a disposable address and send it.Another thing you need is a charge to a prepaid card that does not have a credit function.

The condition for participating in this papa activity was to stay at a designated guest house.When making a reservation for accommodation overseas, it is generally required to present a credit card in advance.In particular, inns with a small number of guest rooms, such as those operated by Airbnb, are required to present a depot in order to reduce the risk of last-minute cancellations.Even so, it's scary to give your card information to a dubious place, so it's time to use Preca.

《Disappointed by the blunt response》

Although I was quite defensive, the content of the email I received was so blunt that I was disappointed.

〇The main building is fully booked 〇There is an annex nearby 〇Guests in the annex can also participate in parties I will tell you where it is by phone.

And one more thing, I was asked who introduced me.

I read a certain blog and inquired about it, and it was agreed that I would be in the annex.Very business dealings.I thought I should write more if I wanted to appeal the fun of dad life, and at the same time I was relieved that I didn't have to pay in advance.

《Preparation on the premise of dad life》

To be honest, I don't have any prospects for dad life at this point.Even so, if I didn't do anything, I might miss the chance, so I started preparing as much as I could.

First of all, I start by looking for a hotel with a spacious room and a restaurant where I can enjoy dinner, so that I can spend my time comfortably and have women come.Personally, restaurants are an important point, and efficiency-oriented professionals will hate wasting time eating out, so I thought it would be a sieve to sort out ordinary women.Of course, in order for women to feel at ease, and for mutual security, it is essential that the hotel be a well-known name.

There are two options: a small stylish hotel and a major foreign chain.

Another important preparation is medicine.A long time ago, before the major renovation of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, it was customary to buy a complete set of malaria preventive medicines and antibiotics at the drug store in the airport before heading to Africa.At that time, if you showed a round-trip air ticket, they would sell it without showing a prescription.As a nostalgic cook who still has the habit of this era, I feel uncomfortable if I don't have medicine, so I ordered antibiotics and other items from private imports.In fact, both the main building and the annex sell South American antibiotics as part of their guest services, so there was no need to prepare in advance.

Of course, condom use is the default, and it is a medicine that assumes just in case.

Finally, there is the testing system. Whether I am abroad or on business trips, I make it a point to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases when I have a relationship with a woman (which is rare).It's a self-quarantine, so to speak.I know a clinic about this that is a short bike ride from my house, so no problem.By the way, I found out after joining here that it is affiliated with Universe.

"Things I didn't prepare for"

What I didn't prepare even though I'm a timid person is the hot and cool decisive factor for AIDS countermeasures "PrEP". PrEP is an acronym for Pre-exposure prophylaxis, a preventive infection control measure that involves taking antiviral drugs before adult activity.Even among gay couples who do not wear condoms, one tablet of emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate taken daily has been reported to prevent most infections between partners.In Japan, it is marketed under the name Truvada Combination Tablets, and is claimed to be 1% effective even when taken on demand.

The reason I didn't prepare Truvada Combination Tablets was because I read an experience blog about severe diarrhea for several days after taking the first dose.The main part of my visit to Colombia is diving, and I only stay in Medellín for a few days.I decided that condoms alone were enough to prevent AIDS.


Next time, I will introduce the Papa-katsu system.

(Continued to the Introduction to Papa Katsu System)

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