Read the sociology of papa katsu

It's October.

An email from the staff who was in charge when I was posting in the column

"New book" Sociology of Papa Katsu "(Kobunsha Shinsho)
I am writing to ask you to write a review for this book.
Could you please write in the column and upload the article?”

I want to read this book!There is no way I can write a book review that I can think of, and I, who quit the club and wrote "This is the last post" in the final episode, will not appear in Imasara.

However, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to the staff, and I would like to return the debt as much as possible.

"It's difficult to post in the column, but if you don't mind, I'll send you an elementary school level impression."

After a while, I sent my thoughts on the book, and after exchanging emails several times, I decided to post it.

Instead of a book review of "Sociology of Papa Katsu", I write down what I think after reading it.

I wrote something crazy in the final episode, but this time, ``The guy who failed at the club talks so proudly! ’ may be offended.

If you don't mind, please stay with me for a while.

Let me introduce myself again.

I mean spring, summer, autumn and winter.

A small, bald old man who lives in Kansai.

It was the summer of 2016 when I joined the Universe Club with a lighthearted feeling, inspired by a weekly magazine report.

As a result of repeatedly meeting and breaking up with women, I decided that the club did not give me what I really wanted, so I left the club in March of this year.

My standing position before reading "Sociology of Papa Katsu"

・I left the club because I could not get what I wanted from the club.
・ Thinking about re-challenging the dating club

Is the purpose of reading this book the reason why you couldn't get a heart connection?

Chapter 4 A relationship that is neither a lover nor a wife nor a lover

This chapter resonated with me the most.

Masaki, who hits the wall of Oshox (meal + sex) and aims for a fourth relationship that is neither a lover, nor a wife, nor a

The difference with Mr. Masaki is whether or not he builds strong relationships and succeeds.

Was Masaki-san's approach...

Come to think of it, Joe who posted in the column has a similar approach to Masaki's, but I didn't realize it when I was enrolled...

chiki show

is not

In order to build a 4th relationship like Masaki-san and Shiho-san, there are things you need to do.

It's simply to meet a woman like Shiho.

It says, "I made an offer by intuition (P122)", but I think my intuition is completely wrong!So, I often posted "how to see my women's page" without being shy.

I am very sorry that I posted only with nori.

I don't have the confidence to find a woman like Masaki-san.

"Then why don't you talk to the club?"

You may think that, but there are no staff who are particularly friendly,

"I'm looking for a heart connection. Is there such a woman?"

The question is embarrassing, and I can't even email

I wrote in my column...

Mr. Kida answered in the question box

“I want the Universe Club to be a pole-and-line fishing in the ocean, not a fishing pond.”

in a club called

"I don't know where to go because the sea is so wide," I thought, and I felt like I was getting lost.wry smile

When I return to work, I would like to have staff who understand my thoughts and support me, and the exclusive concierge service for black members is attractive.

think about what you can do

It appeared many times in the text and was written at the end of the postscript.

"As an independent person, think about what you can do for the other person (P233)"

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentence.

Dating clubs are places where the desires of men and women collide,

"Think about what you can do for your opponent."

When asked

"Nani, don't say sweet things! Moreover, it's an imperative form!!"

It seems that there are people who think.

Previously on staff blog

● Posts with similar content

was done, but there were also critical comments.

What the author, Mr. Sakazume, says may be idealistic.

Mr. Sakazume himself has not experienced a dating club, so it may sound like an empty theory.

However, I believe that without Coco, the relationship will not go well and will not last.

One of the things I wrote in the final story was "What I was looking for."

Although my thoughts have changed since I joined the club, I always wanted a woman to do something for me.

On the other hand, "Can you do anything to the other party?"

This way of thinking was missing rather than saying wali.

I asked the woman who conveyed her thoughts,

"Do you think you got Nani from me? 』

The answer is "Is she only able to do that much...", which is quite depressed.

I was just a kid who wanted even the woman who conveyed his feelings.

There is no such thing as going well.wry smile

It's strange, but it was about 30 years ago.

When I was a student, I had a casual relationship with Mr. O, who was about 40 years older than me.

The age difference is enough to be called "boy" by

When we were walking down the street together.

My honest feeling when she crossed my arms is... Don pull.

I couldn't help but worry about the eyes around me.

Noticing this, Mr. O folded his arms even tighter, and eventually let go of her.

Now that I know how she feels, I feel sorry for my shortcomings.

Excuse me, I didn't see Mr. O as a woman at this age, but I did like him.

I don't know how Mr. O looked at me, but there must have been something that bothered me.

The inseparable relationship will continue for about 10 years.

When it comes to dating clubs, 20 or 30 years apart is not uncommon.

If there is such a difference, it is full of gaps.each other.

I have experience with Mr. O, so I feel like I can understand women's feelings at least a little.

I tasted the feeling of being older at the

Men and women who enter the club are looking for Nani.

Sex for men

money for women

would be typical.

It's instinct or something close to it, so it's easy to get caught up in it, and I was too.

Because the age difference is added there, it's a good

Dating clubs are a world of greed and gaps.

Put them on the side for a while and ask yourself, "Can you do anything to the other party?" There are few people who can think and act like this, so it will leave an impression on me.

This way of thinking seems like a roundabout way, but isn't it actually a shortcut to get what you want?

When a man and woman who can think of each other meet and think that they can get what they want, the world of the title posted on the staff blog for the first time.

● “Fantasies Beyond Okukkusu”

can i go to

That's what I thought when I read "Sociology of Papa Katsu".

Spring, summer, autumn, winter worship

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