2018. 10, 12

Fantasy beyond the rice box

My favorite books for this autumn are "Adultery Studies" and "Bushido"

and as everDad activity seminarI'm Enma Mamiya, who's only bothering me.


This timePapa-katsu saves the world!Seminar for menwas!

I was shocked by "The study of affairs for the first time", and I took up dating clubs as a vaccine for love, and there is zero suspicion when a high-ranking person writes seriously!

Also, when registering for a dating club, there are not a few people who continue to worry about their hidden desires and immoral feelings that are not recognized by society, and are burdened with wounds that cannot be told to anyone. think.


Is this good?Are they useful to society?Can you confidently call yourself a coordinator?

I heard it as a cheering song for us who work at the dating club.I was so happy that I just wanted to say thank you for the excitement.


Dating clubs are not adult content, but love includes adult content.

Kida reluctantly has sex with an uncle for prostitution and gets the endurance fee.

Papa Katsu left a quote that seems to come with thanks to Saffle.


If you want to have sex, go to a sex shop

If you only want someone to drink with, go to the water business

Why Dating Club?

Eating + sex? ? = Oshox


Eat, have sex, and what happens next?

I have never met a male member who said that all they had to do was have sex.

I am looking for an advanced encounter that is not simple and greedy.

I feel like I don't have enough explanation to clean up with lover power, which is different from girl power.


No, you don't need to earn money by having sex.

It's not an era when you have to date if you like it.


There is something deeply moving about how to meet and socialize unique to the dating club.

I feel that members are showing us the expansion of relationships that are not limited to OSHOX.


Well, Shingo Sakazume's new book will be released next week!

"Sociology of Papa-katsu'

I would like to make a reservation as soon as possible and make it the fall of sex reading.


18 female members and 2 male members who were in charge of registration last month

Kotobuki STYLE campaignI would be happy if I could offer a valuable encounter 10 years from now.

Universe Club Tokyo Main Store

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