Work with an underground idol who used to be a model and talent!

Kei-chan, who has been a model and talent and has also formed an underground idol.

Kei-chan, the 300th generation of the record holder who has dated over XNUMX times a year with himself, went to Tokyo as a model and TV personality, but he could not sell it and gave up in the middle of his dream and formed an underground idol in his hometown.

One day,

“I want to run a men’s beauty salon.”

"Hmm? What?"

What are you talking about?

Wait a moment,,,


sure i'm a man

Once, I had a delusion that I would like to run a men's and sex industry

But eh

"Um, I want you to interview a girl."

"Yeah, ah, I see... I see."

Is that so


Good for the interview

But Kei-chan probably doesn't have the money

Whoops, how much

Rent, security deposit, advertising fee and maintenance fee

and quickly calculate

Hmmm, unexpectedly cheap

Buying a Porsche is cheap

Just in case, think that you threw it down the drain

Listening to the story

I almost calculated it, it's close to that kind of feeling...

"Yeah, then, when I fail, I will give up thinking that I bought a Porsche ... OK, let's do it ..."

"Yeah, let's do it!"

And Kei-chan is very enthusiastic


It's been a long time since we've known each other

You can throw it down the drain

From there, let's get started

In the first place, Kei-chan, who has no trials such as office workers and office workers

First, from the room room search

Visit real estate agents with Kei-chan to find the perfect apartment for your room

Do you enjoy visiting real estate agents with Kei-chan?

No, it's pretty fun!

I found a new apartment with two rooms that felt just right, so I decided to look around in the real estate agent's car.

I went outside and waited for the car to come out of the parking lot.

Kei-chan, suddenly

"I'm scared... I don't want to borrow it in my name, I'm scared if the police catch me..."


What are you talking about? ?

I said let's start, Kei-chan

When I was about to get on the guide car

Wait a minute... I'm feeling lucky...

Each of them borrowed from each other and each other was trying to borrow as a guarantor, but...

Hmm weak...

Suddenly... selfish...

Well, while I was talking like that, I managed to talk with Kei-chan, and it seems that I was able to get rid of my feelings, and I went to the point where I signed a contract for two rooms.

Then, I thought that we would borrow from each other and go through with each other's guarantors, but I was told that Kei-chan can't be the guarantor for the borrowing under my name.

Only for me, I have to get a different guarantor.

Hmm, what should I do?

I didn't want to ask anyone, but I can't help it

At times like this, there is a convenient friend, a senior who has two wives.

In this way, in addition, I was able to rent three rooms around other real estate agents.

Finally, we started to move forward.

Kei-chan was also enthusiastic and started making a blog.

I thought of some names and sounded them out.

Kei-chan"I thought of several!"

"Yeah, then what is this?"

"This one is my favourite, too!"

And when I tried to decide with this

"Huh? Wait a minute."

It has the exact same name...

I found a store with the same name...

Ah...I'm's no good...

Kei-chan"Well then, this is good!"

(I.e."I like it! Let's do it!"

The name has also been decided, and it is finally time to recruit therapists.

At this point I knew

Advertisement application and arrangement, huh?Most of the operations are arranged by myself...

so-so, well, okay

Speaking of Kei-chan, she enjoys preparing a blog... Other than that, she writes instructions for therapists (quickly), and writes small things... It doesn't seem to be necessary now...

Well, okay...

like this

Candidate interviews have begun...

This is quite fun for a man!

We decide the date and time, meet in front of Starbucks, etc., and conduct an interview for about 30 minutes.

If she's pretty, it's going to be nearly an hour... just before the next interview...

When we meet, we don't know each other's faces.

That's why it's fun to look for applicants at the meeting place.

which child?Sometimes I call out by mistake.

When I can't find a girl right away, Kei-chan has my main smartphone, so I communicate with LINE on my tablet and look for a girl.

The girls who apply must understand the importance of appearance in the service industry.

That's why so many girls apply.

Most girls are prettier and cuter than the girls near the meeting place.

I was surprised because the level is higher than I thought.

I am very happy to meet you.

I enjoy every interview...

As for the method of selection, I decided whether to hire or not in about 5 seconds from the moment I met.

From Kei-chan, it was left to her own discretion.

Kei-chan says"Because it makes everyone look cute."It seems.

That's why I was asked to interview from a male perspective. 

Make a decision in about 5 seconds after meeting

The unsuccessful child decided to walk in the direction of Komeda's Coffee and headed to Komeda's Coffee for an interview.

The hired child went to the cafe of ◯◯ city hotel and had an interview there.

The children I decided to adopt are cute, beautiful, and sexy, so just walking with them makes my heart happy.

It's fun to go to a cafe in a city hotel.

The girls who had changed jobs during the interview were at Komeda Coffee.

When I was busy, I was interviewing about 1 people a day.

Every time one interview ends, report to Kei.Tell her what kind of child she was and exchange it, and send a thank-you LINE from Kei to the child who came to the interview.

The adopted child will receive a congratulatory LINE from Kei.

The child who was swollen and adopted is next to take a picture.

that?Something very similar to Universe?

Occasionally, there was a child who took a photo on the day of the interview, so it's almost a universe...

Together with Kei, I took a picture of the girl who was hired.

This is also quite fun for men

Since she was the one I adopted, her appearance and style are perfect.

Such a child in a pose that also exudes bewitching

Kei-chan and I will give instructions from here.

"Hands around here"

"Legs at this angle"

Occasionally, he touches his body to change his posture.

Kei-chan also gives instructions for poses, but

After all, poses for men's eyes are better received by customers

That's why I think about various poses and take pictures 

Pasha Pasha, Pasha Pasha

As a man, this is so much fun.  

If you have been to Menes, even more so...

I changed my clothes

More and more sexy poses

I enjoy working with Kei.

The child I adopted is also the child I chose, so I can't hate it.

After filming, the next step is training.

You become a model for the customer.

Kei-chan actually has experience in men's esthetics.

For the time being, Kay was teaching.

First of all, I lie down, and it's pretty embarrassing, but...

As a test, the adopted child will perform a series of treatments.

No, it might be more correct to tell you to go...

At this time, Kei-chan is also changing into a sexy outfit, so it feels good.

Most of the children I hired worked hard and did very well because it was also a test.

There were many times when I thought afterwards that if it was like this when I was an actual customer, it would be popular.

and the fun

It's time for Kei to do a sample treatment.

I hope you can imagine it.

Please don't fantasize too much.

A popular girl who sells out as soon as her shift is announced becomes a model in the same way and gets the treatment done.

It's a little useful.

Like this, I decided to open a men's esthetic salon with Kei-chan.

To think that he would start a business (?) with Kei-chan, his heartfelt partner who goes on dates more than 300 times a year.

It's an unexpected experience.

It is now a good and happy memory.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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