Runaway!Creampie for a National Idol Episode 5

Hello everyone!It's a stray worldly desire, a snake's eye!

Suddenly, I met Mika Kano at a supermarket the other day!She is wearing sunglasses, but no matter how you look at her open breast augmentation, it is Kano-san.The supermarket is a very popular store in the neighborhood.I never thought you would be here...What were you doing?Of course it's shopping.He worked hard to choose a glossy tomato.To think that Janome ate the same tomato as celebrities...I'm a little happy

Well, it's early, runaway!The vaginal cum shot series has become the final round to the national idol.

Last time, Jko-chan sang "I missed you~♪" with a bright red face.She changed into a surprise JK cosplay and gave a great performance.

Now, I would like to present “Episode 5: The National Idol Takes Home (Completed)”.

Jko-chan's eyes are shining while showing a surprised expression while announcing the attack mode of the beginner's 3-piece set "remote type rotor", "wearable panties", and "lotion" (lol)

It seems that Take-chan was right after all.

“Eh, but how do you use it?

It is noisy when touching the rotor during operation.

Let's use it for now!So, I pushed down J-ko and started attacking.


I'm Janome, who has been preparing for practice with AV that I don't usually see.I will attack by mimicking what I see, but it seems that my chest doesn't feel much, so I concentrate attack on the bottom and attack the clitoris.

"Oh, oh, it might be good... Oh, oh, it's dangerous."

J-ko is panting considerably more violently than last time.Hmm, the effect is huge.More accurate and faster than the tip of a snake's eye... it's an art.

Since I attacked the outside, I will proceed to the next.Put lotion on the pink rotor...Now let's go inside Mars!

"Eh, are you going to put it in, won't it break inside?"

Serpent eyes:
"It's designed to be put inside, so it's okay (I'm saying something appropriate)"

Serpent eyes:

"I'm fine, ah, that one might be worse, ah..."

You seem to be middle class.

With that said, I was completely immersed in it.This is where the remote control type comes into its own.The janome is a sight to behold without letting go.The pink rotor is automatically moving smoothly!

Wahaha, this is a superb view, Jko-chan writhing in bed alone.

Oh, what is this?When I looked at the remote control, I noticed that there was a level switch.Let's raise one, Pachi.

"Uwa, ah, aren't you getting stronger? Ah"

One more thing, Pachi.

"Uwaa, this is serious. Ah, ah, please stop."

If you say so, up to the maximum level, Pachi.

"Kyaaah, no good, it's painful."

I feel it while saying (laughs)

Jiko-chan is playing a big actress in her adult toy debut!Eh, just faint like this!De S Janome advent.

"Uuuuu, please! Please remove it!"

(Then, say Master!) Completely in SM mode...Janome is sometimes super sad, but she doesn't have SM hobbies.

So, let's take a break.

"Haahaa... Isn't this dangerous? If you use this too much, won't it cause frigidity? Ordinary sex will be useless."

what?That is not acceptable!Lastly, let me act as an actor.

So, let's jump in...Oh, and no rubber of course.

"Ah, ah, as expected, it's better to move up and down, ah, ah."

I was relieved that the real thing looked better than the rotor.All that's left is to move forward.

However, the sensitivity never increases.What's wrong?

"Ah, I sometimes have a hard time coming, ah, ah... So, ah, it might take a while, ah, ah."

If so, change to endurance mode.

20 minutes have passed.Are you tired yet?
30 minutes passed.Slightly upward trend, but not reached yet.

"Ah, I feel like I'm going to cum, but I'm going back, ah, but it's just a little longer, ah..."

40 minutes passed.As expected, Janome also started to hurt there.

"Ah, it looks like it's already going, ah, ah"

It's the last spurt after hitting the old body.Yeah, I'm going to die until I die!

"Ah, ah, it's almost here, ah, ah"

45 minutes reached.Janome falls with vaginal cum shot...

"Oh, I'm alive, I'm alive, oh, more, oh"

Serpent eyes:

"Huh? Are you lying? Mr. Janome, did you orgasm first?"

Serpent eyes:

"Eh! It's really been a while. Sorry!"

It's been a long time since I went first...It seems that the adult toy strategy has brought disaster.

However, if you come this far, I want to make you squid!

Pampakapan!Wearable exclusive panties!

So, put the rotor inside again.

"What is it, are you doing it again?"

When the rotor is fully inserted, put on the wearable panties.


Serpent eyes:
"Let's get up!"

"Eh, what are you doing?"

Snap!Vienna bull bull bull!


Serpent eyes:
"You're about to cum, right? Yes, stand up and try to cum!"

It is a full nelson state from behind the national idol.It is a punishment that made the snake's eyes come first.I will never let you sit down (laughs)

"Ahhhh, it looks like it's going to be real. Ah, maybe Iku, Iku, ah...

Hahaha, if you can escape, try to escape.Almost in the middle of the ring, you can't escape to bed!

"Uh, wow, ah, I'm alive. No, no, no, ah...○△□..."

I'm uttering incomprehensible words, is it Iku?

Gun!Full Nelson has been removed by a strong power ... ....Huh, huh? Jko-chan fell backwards...Janome panicked and supported me.

"Ah... I've gone. Hahaha, yo, can I lie down?"

Kuku……. J-ko is sleeping while snoring.

Did it really come to an end?Maybe I was a little too harsh, okay? Jko-chan is sleeping really well.What should I do with my clothes...

Then suddenly, Gabba!

"Did you sleep?"

Oh, I survived!Good good good!At one point, I was worried that I might become unconscious.

Serpent eyes:
"Are you okay? Do you want to rest a little longer?"

"I'm fine, but I'm sweating a lot. Can I take a shower?"

The two of us are soaking in the afterglow while taking a shower.

"For the first time in a long time, my eyes became pitch black."

Serpent eyes:
"You didn't sleep last night, did you?"

"When I lengthen it, it becomes like that sometimes."

Serpent eyes:
"But 45 minutes is exhausting. It's really dangerous (laughs)."

"What is that?"

I'm getting ready to go home while wearing clothes.As expected, I can't go to Take-chan's place today.I mean, if I go, it seems like I'll be hit just right... I'll go home seriously.

Oh, yes, I have to give J-ko-chan some pocket money. "Yes, this," said the envelope.

"thank you!"

Serpent eyes:
“I really enjoyed the LIVE.”

"Please don't do that. I will never do that again."

Oh yeah, you said this was cute.Fold her uniform and put it in the hotel laundry bag.Yes, please take care of Jko-chan.

Serpent eyes:
"Do you like this? It's cute, isn't it? Take it home."

Thank you. By the way, what do you do with the one you used?

Serpent eyes:
"It comes with lotion, but I'll wash it before using it. Next time, please."

“Are you serious?

Serpent eyes:
"I think it was about 10,000 yen in total. The rotor was expensive, about 6,000 yen. Why?"

"It's a lot. It looks like a toy, so I thought it would be around 3,000 yen."

Serpent eyes:
"Oh yeah, toys are for adults, so the price is also for adults."

"Wouldn't you give it to me...? Because you said it was a present..."

Serpent eyes:
"Huh? Is J-ko using it?"

It's a surprise, did you taste it already even though it's your first time today?However, it would be a problem if J-ko was frigid.collect!

Serpent eyes:
"I'll bring it next time we meet. Use it again."

J child
"Eh, isn't it a present? Then please sell it."

Serpent eyes:
"It's not for sale."

Are you serious oi! ?
Jiko-chan takes out a 10,000 yen bill from her pocket money envelope and presents it to Janome.I really want a toy...

What Take-chan said was right.Today's course also confirmed the first time in nymphomania, but I would like to make the device that debuted as a toy my rotor as it is.

Considerable scale, no, I feel the potential ....In the end, the toy set was brought home by J-ko.

I never expected to give a rotor to a national idol.

And you want to know what happened after that?

Yes, as expected.It was getting longer and longer....He's really polite, looks neat, and has a good personality.

However, I am very sorry, but due to the limit of my physical strength, I made a free contract.

The national idol I met has gone mad...

What did you think?
Runaway!I have told the national idol about vaginal cum shot over 5 episodes.

Actually, recently, there was a guide for a student who used to be a research student.
However, it's not as cute as Jko-chan, and the price is just too high.Currently, national idols are derived and multiplied too much and are saturated.Whether or not a new unit will debut soon...There are many dropouts who are in trouble with money.

But I was really happy that Janome sang that he wanted to meet me.Even now, when I sometimes think of J-ko-chan, I feel nostalgic for Janome.

Please note that this story is fictional and has nothing to do with real people.Even if there is a part that resembles reality, it will be in your imagination.

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