Dear Columnist, Part 2

[Proposal continues]                                                        

 It's nice to see the column section flourish, but Joe's honest impression is that there are too many dry columns.At the same time, I also think that if you devise a little, it will be a lot better.Following the last time, this is the second proposal. I can hear people saying things like, "What the heck is he doing?"However, please take into account Joe's intentions and watch over with warm eyes.

[Let's be careful of "one pattern", "rut", and "monologue"]
 Eliminating the above three may possibly cause the entire column to disappear.But that's too bad, and there are quite a few columns that seem to be persuasive or interesting if you read them one after another, even if they are dry and bland.Despite this, Joe thinks that "recent columns are uninteresting" because the expressions and vocabulary are uniform and lack depth.I don't think I can just list my personal experiences or keep confessing my feelings endlessly.The only way to avoid this is to use all five senses and pay attention to expressions and vocabulary, instead of writing indifferently.It's not easy, but let's do our best.Of course, once you have finished writing, please revise it.For that reason, I want you to practice reading aloud.Read your column out loud.This is also an effective way to find typos.If there are many misspellings, you will lose the trust of your readers, so try to make them as zero as possible.And when reading aloud, if you use common expressions and vocabulary, you will be embarrassed and will not be able to read.Read aloud to make your writing more sophisticated, and make an effort to select more suitable expressions and vocabulary.
 [To express by mobilizing all five senses]
 Visual information is probably the most important part of most people's perceptions.In a sense, it is natural that the description of the woman of the other party and the date place is written through the visual information of the writer.However, visual information alone results in a mediocre column.Please be aware that the description should be three-dimensional.For that reason, it is a trick to add depth to the column by paying attention to expressions and vocabulary by mobilizing all five senses, not just sight. The word “model” sounds like an overstatement, but let’s take an example of a column written with the five senses in mind.The stage is Joe's favorite bar in the basement of a hotel in Shinagawa.I will write a story about my memories with two women (Sakura and Hana-chan) that developed at this bar.
 [Oh, Sakura-chan, my heart still fills when I think about you.]
 I don't particularly like the city of Shinagawa, but there's a reason why I used that hotel so often.Joe's favorite was the cigar bar in the basement of the hotel, which is connected to two other hotels in the same area through a vast garden (2m², but that doesn't make sense).It's also because if the two of us cross the garden where various flowers bloom according to the season and reach the bar, it will hide the seven habits of Joe who can't behave sophisticatedly.
 It was four years ago in April.It was a time when the “ko” character for corona was still unrelated.One of the selling points of the garden is the over 4 cherry trees of dozens of varieties.However, the cherry blossoms were declared to bloom a week ago, so the best time to see them has probably passed.Moreover, it had been raining since morning.I thought that the cherry blossoms in full bloom, with their dazzling scent, would be postponed until next year.Even though it's a date with Sakura-chan.But at least that bar that Sakura-chan loves is still open today.Then, after enjoying sushi in Ebisu, I took a taxi back to the hotel and walked through the lobby to the illuminated garden.The rain had gotten smaller, but it hadn't stopped.The two walk side by side, holding only Joe's umbrella.The back of her left hand holding the umbrella sometimes touches Sakura's shoulder, making her heart beat faster.Moreover, Sakura's sensual scent cannot help stimulating Joe's nasal cavity.The cherry blossoms were scattered for more than five minutes, but the stone pavement leading to the bar was covered with rain-soaked cherry blossom petals, and the lighting that illuminated our feet reflected them painfully, and one petal seemed to respond to the lighting. Not only does one piece reflect the final glow, but it also emits a sweet and painful scent.Much more erotic than in full bloom.
“The cherry blossoms in full bloom are nice, but the falling cherry blossoms have a sad beauty,” says Sakura.I agree.After crossing the garden, enter through another entrance behind the hotel.If you pass by the main bar, which has already been cleaned up by the staff, and turn right in front of the lobby, you will see the stairs that lead to the bar in the basement.The stairs and ceiling are made of glass, so it's hard to say that it's elegant, but since the bar is a sensual space in the first place, something as flashy as this might suit the mood of the two of them right now.Their footsteps are much louder than usual because the stairs are made of glass.There is an entrance at the bottom of the stairs.A proud walk-in Hue Middle next to the entrance.Boasting hundreds of cigar collections.I greeted the old manager who met me at the entrance, and the two of us entered the walk-in Hue Middle as usual.Neither Joe nor Sakura smoke cigarettes, but we decided to smoke a cigar here.As soon as you step into Humiddle, the complex scent of cigars envelops the two of you.Today's selections are Joe's Cohiba Shiguro II and Sakura's Mohis Nteclist IV.Both are classics from Cuba.When I sat down at the counter, he asked me to cut it in a V shape and set it on fire.The sweet yet spicy scent of cigars wafts in the air, and Sakura's smile, which can be seen through the purple smoke, is even more captivating.Joe had a sweet sherry and Sakura had a cocktail.Both of them raise their right glasses with cigars in one hand.And a sip of sherry.For a moment, a dry and firm taste hits the inside of the mouth, but after that, a sweet honey-like rich aroma and taste envelops the mouth.Every time Joe drinks this sherry, he remembers Rosanjin's words, "Sweetness is umami."Rosanjin is completely correct on this point.
 It seems that this place was not originally designed as a bar, but was once a music hall.There is a stage in the center, and he has about 20 table seats, so it can be noisy at times.However, there were few customers that day, and a pianist in a blue dress was playing quiet music on the center stage.When the glass was about half empty, she said, "I'm going to make a request."After a while, "As Time Goes By" started playing as she returned to her seat.Of course, that scene from that movie comes to mind.Involuntarily, she wanted to mutter "Here's looking at you," but she decided not to, as it was surprisingly unsuitable for Joe.Then Sakura-chan muttered.

"I'm getting married next month."
 I don't remember how Joe reacted at that time.He must have squeezed out words that were the furthest away from his feelings at the time.And this day's meeting was the last day I met Sakura.Since this time, Joe has not smoked Cohiba Siglo II.As he leaves the bar and returns to his room, he crosses the garden again.The rain had already stopped.On the way, there is a bell tower that was relocated from Nara.Sakura-chan clicks the shutter while touching each other's cheeks.Joe doesn't have the habit of keeping pictures of women he doesn't see anymore, so he's already deleted them.However, the image burned into Joe's eyes never disappears.According to his photographer friend, "there is no camera better than the eyes." It seems that "because you can also capture memories".That's why he can't delete his memories with Sakura.

[Hana-chan, I never thought you were a wizard]          

  Hana-chan is an elusive girl, and in today's terms, she's "Fushigi-chan" (maybe it's an obsolete word?).She's not really Joe's type.Still, the reason why I keep meeting her is because she listens intently to Joe's not-so-funny stories, and she herself has a lot of topics to talk about, and she's always lively with a mix of hard and soft conversations.She is also a child who basically never says no, she smiles at Joe's selfish requests and shakes her head vertically, and accompanies him to museums, kabuki, and rakugo.She's very satisfied with just that, but she's even more capable in bed.Her usual calmness disappears, and she goes up and down on her own and shakes her hips.She doesn't know how serious she is, but she declares, "I want to be fucked by Joe, who is older than her father," and she makes Joe even more happy.She is my favorite girl now.However, the reason why the distance was shortened was because she found out that Hana-chan was Joe's college junior after several meetings with her.Joe's university is in the north, so it's hard to say she's close to Tokyo, and I didn't think I'd meet her in Niverse.Come to think of it, she's an old school, and there are quite a few graduates, so it's not that much of a coincidence.
 Hana-chan's story might be interesting because she's a rikejo.Because Joe is weak against Rikejo.The theme of her graduation thesis is "May Queen Breeding and Its Prospects."Hana-chan's charm is that it's hard to tell whether she's humorous or not.That day was Hana-chan's first sleepover day.The next day, she will be staying at that hotel for the first time in a long time because Shinagawa is convenient for work.She enjoyed sushi in Ebisu (I'm not growing) and returned to her room.When she crosses the garden with her arms crossed, she remembers various things, but right now she only has eyes for Hana-chan (a bit of a lie).She entered the hotel through the back door as she used to, and when she stepped out in front of the main bar, the lights were out.It is said that it is closed on Sundays.It's not a story that a regular holiday suits the main bar, but if it's a world, it's a seppuku. "Oh, good night. It's a pity," said Hana-chan.Joe suppresses his anger and squeezes out, "It's the end of the world that the main bar is closed." “She used to have a nice cigar bar that I liked in the basement here, but it has been closed for a long time. say something strange. "I'd like to see what kind of bar it is, so why don't you go there? Maybe she's crazy."
 I came to the entrance leading to the basement, but after all the electricity was off, and there was a polite "closed" sign.And suddenly, the lights came on all at once, and the billboards disappeared.Not only did the old glass staircase and ceiling appear, but I also heard the sound of a piano.Joe, who doesn't know what happened, looks at Hana-chan next to him.Hana-chan smiled and said a word. "I'm a wizard. It's Hana, not Sally."
 It's true that witches are "Sally", but I can't say luxury at this time.Joe going down the stairs while literally skipping.The magician Hana-chan also follows.At the entrance, the manager in question greets the two like they used to. "Joe-sama, it's been a long time. Welcome back."
 Prompted by the manager, the two enter Humiddle.It was still filled with the rich and complex scent of cigar.Hana-chan also took a deep breath and said, "It's a charming scent."The product lineup is as usual, and there are plenty of Cuban products that have not been seen elsewhere for a long time.Is this also magic?I hesitated a little, but Joe picked up a Cohiba Siglo II and turned around.Naturally, the vibration causes the cigar to fall to the floor, just like in Newton's time."Wizard flower" who closes Joe's mouth pressed against the wall with his own mouth and entangles his tongue.And guess what, he's doping and Joe himself is burning hot, even though he hasn't.A man will become obsolete if he is left to be beaten like this. "Rihei Amanoya is a man," he said, switching offense and defense, letting Hana-chan put her hand on the shelf.Cuban cigars rain down again like a shower with a bang.Then Joe lifts up Hana-chan's cream-colored skirt, slides the French red see-through lingerie to the side, and inserts the heated Joe himself from the back.Hana-chan, who lost her magical power in the shower of cigars, yelled, "Come in, come in!" ).
[Fantasy is also an ant, right?]      

   Especially in the second half, I wrote whatever I wanted, so it may have seemed uncomfortable.There will be counterarguments, differences of opinion, and stylistic preferences for the column.However, why don't we work together to avoid falling into ruts, one-patterns, and shallow monologues?And one more suggestion, please open the comment section.If you don't know how to do it, you can ask the editorial department to do it.Please consider it.

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