[Actual record] "Papa-katsu" debut match XNUMX ── dark attribute Anna-san

[Actual record] "Papa-katsu" debut match ① ── Neat banker, Anna-sanThe continuation of.

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The woman I matched in my first dad activity was a 24-year-old bank employee who looks like actress Mayu Matsuoka.Waiting in the lounge of a hotel in Shinjuku, my heart was filled with anticipation for her. was a woman.Moreover, she has a negative aura all over her body and her eyes are dead...


head switch

I was surprised at how different it was from Anna's photo, and I was stunned and gloomy, but I soon regained my composure.First, I erased the Mayu Matsuoka data in my brain,think zero-basedI decided to.It's a cardinal rule of work to let go of preconceived notions and think positively in any situation.


I feel like Ainapuu is a little more beautiful → A normal cute girl → The age difference between me and her is over 20 years old →I can do it at all!


With that in mind, I tried my best to speak positively.
However, Anna is generally dark, and somewherejavelin ──.
The story didn't last long.I thought maybe I didn't like it, but it's still a strange feeling.


I have more concerns than that.
That is, her eyes are deadThat's what it means.Absolutely lifeless.


First of all, talk about delicious restaurants around Shinjuku, then talk about the corona crisis and recent life and work, talk about the dishes that came out, talk about your current work and interests. But she doesn't talk much.


Somewhat positive response wasabout her own workstory of dad lifeSo I decided to focus the discussion there.Then she gradually opened her mouth.basically, complaintsEnglish learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>


“Life in Tokyo is very expensive, and the salary at my bank is very low. I can’t work overtime, so my take home is about 15 yen. There are so many restrictions, and yet it's so cheap, it's hard to live."


She graduated from a university in Toyama Prefecture and works at a branch of a small bank in Tokyo.She seemed very dissatisfied with her treatment.


“That’s why I started working as a dad two years ago. To add to my life. When I get an offer, I usually accept it, so I’ve already met about 300 people. However, there are many cancellations at the last minute, so it's difficult..."


I'm telling you that I'm new to Papa Katsu and she's the first woman I've met.
However, this neat and a little sober type, and I think it's a small regional bank, but a bank employee,300 people in XNUMX yearsI was surprised.Moreover, with most of the opponents "AdultIt looks like he's doingI thought that the world might be far beyond my imagination.


She put her mouth on the second glass.It's a mimosa.
And her story gradually became unstoppable.


A dark attribute monster created by the magical city of Tokyo.

"There have been times when I've been sent home to meet someone. It's terrible, isn't it? They'll cut me off. It's hard just to get in touch..."


“I was scared once when I was summoned to a basement bar in Nishi-Azabu. When I was led into a dark private room, I saw a sharp-eyed old man in black who was about 70 years old, and on either side of me was his subordinate. There was a young person who looked like a host and was sitting there....A lot of gorgeous dishes were brought in one after another, but I was so scared that I didn't feel like eating them.I don't even remember what I said. It seems that he was a famous AV director, but he was sullen from beginning to end.You're not the girl for meIt's also dirty to eat.I'm going to do this, so let's go’ and was kicked out.I didn't know what was going on, but at that time I was relieved to be able to leave safely.gang rapeI thought it would...When I got to the station, I couldn't stand for a while..."


"I've had other scary experiences.Stalkeris.At first, I thought he was a nice person, but gradually, if I didn't get back to him quickly, he would cut off his call. I ended up having to move to..."


I was half stunned as I listened to her story.It's an interesting story, but I haven't been able to keep up with the reality that a woman like her talks like this indifferently.Did her life in Tokyo change her?


"But I have to live as a dad for my livelihood.You can't live in Tokyo with 15.you know.I don't really want to meet a lot of people, I want someone who is stable and regular, but it doesn't last long.You suddenly can't contact me, your allowance is reduced, you become a stalker..."


“When you turn 24, the demand decreases.I should have saved a few tens of millions of yen.I regret that


I was withdrawing quite a bit from the middle.
I don't know her university days in Toyama.I think it's an illusion to think that women in rural areas are less disheveled than in Tokyo.But in her case, she had the impression that coming to Tokyo changed her life.She sells her body and scrapes her mind to maintain her life as a Tokyo woman.She still had her neat look, but her sloppy eyes were definitely cloudy.


It's bad to say this, but the corona crisis has added to the era of low growth and deflation.A new type of monster (darkness attribute) created by the magical city of Tokyo.It seemed like



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