Renai Vaccine Episode XNUMX Aeon shopping date


In my previous article (, I wrote about my Aeon shopping date with Yui.

Yui lives alone near Mac's office.

It takes about XNUMX minutes to Aeon.

We meet in front of the company and walk side by side.

Hands are not connected.

For Mac, it's a neighborhood, and Yui is afraid of being seen by acquaintances.

We had deep conversations while walking.

That's why we hold hands in our hearts.

At least Mac thinks so.

Yui didn't grow up in a normal family, and Mac couldn't build a normal family.

Yui says, "I'm happy that the day has finally come for me to do this kind of shopping with someone."

For Mack, it feels like he's revisiting a task left unfinished a long time ago.

Well, I don't care about those sentiments.

It's not worth reading for the average person.

However, when I heard about the Aeon shopping date, there was a girl who was very envious.

My name is Aya.

A daughter who is the same age as Yui and has just turned XNUMX.

This girl also had problems at home.

And because of that, I started to get sick physically and mentally.

Yui-chan and Aya-chan are connected by a line.

It was introduced by Mac.

Yui-chan seems to have a lot of things that apply to Aya-chan in the past, so she consulted with Aya-chan.

According to Yui, "Aya is a comrade in arms."

Fighting in the same situation, I'm doing my best to get my life back somehow.

In order to solve Aya's problem, it is necessary to leave the current house anyway.

Mac-san and Yui-chan agree on that point, and Aya-chan doesn't deny it either.

But there are two problems.

Aya herself is hesitant about leaving home, and the other is the reality that the only way to rent an apartment for a single person is to use her parent's name.

This is the main subject.

This time it's a little serious content, so please read it carefully and understand it as knowledge.

Mac had previously dated a XNUMX-year-old daughter who had been sexually abused by her biological father.

If this girl is under the age of XNUMX, she should report to the Child Protective Services.

The phone number is XNUMX.It will lead to the child consultation center in the jurisdiction.


Being XNUMX is a tricky age.

I can't even report it to the child guidance center, and if I help him run away from home, if I'm not good at it, I'll become a criminal offense for kidnapping a minor.

I can't get my hands on it until I'm XNUMX.

So when my daughter was XNUMX, I hesitated to help her.

To be more precise, I used a trick-like trick to drop something like a rope so that I could help myself, but I didn't extend my hand to pull it up, and I couldn't do it.

While I think I couldn't have done more than that, I also regret that I shouldn't have taken another step.

And I hate myself for being so remorseful.

If you're going to regret it, save me then.Hypocrisy, that.

Mac's train of thought is troublesome.He sometimes has too much of himself.

This time Aya is XNUMX years old.

By the way, Aya's case is not sexual abuse.Things are a little different.

Anyway, since he is XNUMX years old, even if Mr. Mac is involved, there will be no question of kidnapping a minor.

Since I am an adult, I can rent an apartment where I live alone.

However, Aya's income proof is necessary for that.

Aya is a university student.Her ordinary part-time job fee is only a little due to the corona disaster.

I'm making ends meet as a dad, but I haven't filed a final tax return, so I can't prove that I actually have the ability to pay the rent.

So Mac devised a plan.

Mr. Mac rents an apartment next to his company and uses it as a spear room.

As I wrote before, I wanted to make a diorama-like room with the concept of "a room for a young girl living alone" that a man fantasizes about, and have him invite Mack to have sex. Noda.

Mac rents another room in the apartment and subleases it to Aya.

Of course, when Mr. Mack rents an apartment, sublease is prohibited.

With this, Aya-chan can live in the room without proof of income.

Some people may be suspicious, saying, "Even if you don't do such a troublesome thing, Mr. Mac can just rent a room for Aya and let her live in it, right?"

That's certainly true, but even if it's just in form, there's meaning in making it look like Mr. Mac is subleasing the room to Aya-chan.

Aya has a separate fat papa.

Actually, Mr. Mac, I have an acquaintance with that fat papa.

Futo-papa-san and Aya-chan, Mac-san and Yui-chan, we're so close that we've taken two rooms and had a sleepover trip together.

Fat Papa was the first to make an offer to Aya and became an adult, and Mack is second, so Fu Papa is his big brother.

Since it seems difficult for Fat Papa to rent an apartment or become a guarantor, Mac rents it, but it shouldn't be thought that Mac is trying to steal Aya-chan from Fat Papa.

Aya's income will decrease, and Aya likes Futo Papa.

Futo Papa also agrees that Aya should leave home.

So, Futo-papa and Aya-chan, Mac-san and Yui-chan met again, I rented an apartment, Futo-papa bought all the furniture, and Yui took care of Aya mentally. decided to divide the roles.

Aya-chan rescue operation.

At night, Mac-san, Yui-chan, and Aya-chan went on an Aeon shopping date, which Aya-chan longed for.

Each girl has two shopping baskets to shop for daily necessities and groceries.

Mack's job is to pay the bills and carry the luggage home.

Not a big amount.

But all three are happy.

The three of us enjoyed talking on the way home for about XNUMX minutes while counting the stars in the night sky.

A flower blooms in a little confession of each other's emotional wounds and a story of memories.

A self-help group of only three people.

That word fits best.

Mac saves two young girls, Yui and Aya.

It's true because it's worth it.

I would like to boast about doing good deeds, but what if it wasn't Yui-chan and Aya-chan, but a young boy?

Or even if it's a girl, if she doesn't like Mac's appearance or style, will Mac arrange a room in the same way or go shopping at Aeon?

do not do.

That's why I'm doing good deeds, but it's just a story in the bundle of dad activities.

So, it's not something I can brag about, and no one will praise me.

But a good deed is a good deed.

It would be nice if only Yui-chan and Aya-chan recognized and thanked me.

No matter what other people say, no matter what they say, no matter what they say, these girls need someone like themselves now.

Perhaps, in the future, both Yui-chan and Aya-chan will erase or unconsciously rewrite the memories of shopping dates with me as part of the abominable experience of being a dad.

It can't be helped.

Because there is no such virtue to begin with.

But maybe they will remember me as a fun memory.

By that time, my filthy act of hugging a young girl's body with money would have been purified, at least in their minds.


This is an idea that a man who has passed his XNUMXth birthday who has been working as a dad for about XNUMX years has arrived at.

If you don't mind, please help men.


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