The second setting is also RQ (race queen) [great failure]

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
Name: Itsuki *pseudonym*
Age 29 years old
Occupation Race Queen/National CM Appearance/DVD only

Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Book on luxury hotel accommodation site ○ Holiday

Check in first and check the layout of the room.

I hate it when the automatic curtain button fails.

Since it is a corner, I will have a little fun with Boolean.It's pretty fun even if you're alone.

Meet at the bar on the front floor.

My phone still vibrates on time.

The second time, with a little leeway, I wonder if it's that person...That's what I got.

Clearly longer legs than last time Aki

I'm taller than 180cm, probably because I'm wearing heels.


Wearing a big hat, it gives off a different color.

Or rather, I was melting into the Ritz.




It's kind of frank.

We asked each other for tea and chatted for a while.

Here I made a mistake.

"Do you always play like this?"

"It's the second time."

“Heh~, by the way, how was the first time? Was he a nice person?”

The pace is completely grasped.If you don't try hard enough...

"It was the race queen for the first time."

"Huh? RQ fetish? Oh no~ you pervert? LOL"

"Oh no..."

"What kind of RQ was it? What are the characteristics? Lol"

"My age is... and I belong to...I'm putting out a DVD...

"Oh! It's ○○."

Information leakage

When I first met Aki, I knew her stage name, so I was quite upset.

I broke the rule that I shouldn't tell other people in the dating clubIt was.

I just want to avoid trouble...


She bombarded me with questions like an angry wave.

"Hey, did it feel good over there?I feel better than that kid."

"Because she was doing nothing but pillows, she turned black over there, didn't she?"

Probably, Mr. Aki is Kirai Nandana.


I decided to check the timing with her who was leaning forward and move to the room.

No matter how you look at it, Itsuki is used to it... it's scratched.

Cut the slip with the room.

Nanda, the performance fee is also high...

It wasn't the time for me to say things like, "The city is different."


As soon as I entered the room, she kissed me.

Taking a shower, near the door, she strips down to the bottom and licks it.

It was AV itself.


"You don't have any body odor at all, I took a bath too..."

Luckily, being in the pool paid off.

Pure white underwear is reflected in the mirror from the miniskirt through the stockingswas


Have any of the hotel mirrors seen a beautiful woman's body?

Then she put on her heels again.

"It's a leg fetish, isn't it?"


Mou, if you've come this far, it's better to obediently convert to M.

I've never met a woman like this even for free...

The sense of conquest that allows you to be as free as you like makes your feelings even more intense.Raised.


raw creampie

A woman was on top, and she was in control.

Because I was told a little seriously from above,

"Itsuki-chan, you're really nice."

"Well, I don't want my allowance to be with her."

"Huh? How much would you like?"



The words whispered in my ear moved my heart.

That's it.

After all, I have never won against temptation


one way or another…


It was a moment, I was so moved.

After ascending to the sky, I was calmly looking at Itsuki-chan,

I thought it would be impossible at 29 years old.

Sure, if it was beautiful, it would have been beautiful, butShe may not be as pretty as she used to be...

Because I got used to it at the dating club

i think i was a bit deceived

And for two reasons, calmly,I was starting to look at her a little harder.


whoever she isDidn't she take a pill and let her vaginal cum shot?

She left with many questions.

そ し て,I called the dating club as an apology for knowing Aki's information.I put in one.


"That's not right, please be careful next time.Actually, they joined together.Maybe that's why we were aware of each other..."

"And... raw..."

"Since the things after the introduction are between the parties, the amount,The content is beyond our jurisdiction."


gently as if admonishing,The staff spoke with a slightly harsh tone.

It should have been a great experience, but it turned out to be an encounter with a bitter aftertaste.

It's Mr. Saito♪


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