Date Memoir #16 First Hokkaido Date Sachiko 1st

From Nagoya to Sapporo

 Hello.Paparazzi.The activity finally jumps out of Honshu and advances to Hokkaido.I will record how the first date in the northern land was.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Yukiko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: Student
  • Age: Early 20s

first impression

  • Appearance Cute!Too cute!
  • Personality Dedicated and kind!

History of dating

Platinum experience

Actually, at the end of the year, I received a thank you offer from the club.That is the “Platinum class trial right”. It is a privilege that I, a Gold class member, can make a special one-time offer to a Platinum woman.This is because the club's aim is to let you experience Plutinum women once and class up me with the strategy of "once you know it, you can't go back", but personally I am actively doing business like that. I don't dislike the posture, and for better or for worse, I was happy to use it.I want to use it carefully because it is only one time.Who you use it for is important.At the moment, we are not thinking about CLASS UP to Platinum.Then, if you don't choose this one-time chance to date with a platinum woman, you'll regret it.With that said, I reconfirmed Platinum women all over the country from the first favorites I registered.However, in fact, his heart had already been made up before the ceremony.All that remains is when to use this right.

 The time came unexpectedly.A business trip to Sapporo was decided.The first thing I did when I decided to go on a business trip to Sapporo was to find a partner at Universe
It can be said that it is becoming an important factor when traveling.However, the search for a partner is nothing more than a ritual.Because my mind was already made up.

 Actually, when I saw all the registered girls nationwide when I joined the club, it was impressive that there was a very cute and attractive woman in Hokkaido.Yes, her class is Platinum.I definitely want to use this one-time right for her.She has no choice but to make her an offer.Because the schedule is pinpointed on a business trip, I make an offer to multiple people.If anything, she was so outstanding among the Sapporo girls that I could match her schedule with her.She suggested up to the 1th candidate, but in reality, she was the only one.It seems that the wish was granted, and there is no problem with this desired schedule.Guts pose decided at this point.To meet that girl!

 I'm staying at a hotel near Sapporo station, which is my regular hotel in Sapporo, so I make a reservation for a restaurant near the station.Allergies have also been confirmed.

what was the date

 We meet at an Italian restaurant near the station.I went in ahead of her and waited for her.A phone call came shortly after.It's from her.She picks up the phone and picks him up outside the store.first impression

"Completely different from the photo"

In a good way, of course.Cute anyway.Even just, I want to see this girl all over the country!That's why I thought it was cute enough even in the picture, but the real thing was far above that.To be honest, it was a start after being slightly overwhelmed.

 Her name is Yukiko.She is a student living in Sapporo.She was born and raised locally, and is a pure Hokkaido girl.She seems to have to pay her own school fees, which is why she started this activity.She has a rather peculiar tone of voice in her conversation, which some people might find artificial.But once she takes all those words seriously, she makes me feel very happy.

 And for some reason, I talked a lot that day.Speaking of feelings, yes, but it's rare to find someone so easy to talk to from the first meeting.In this way, the encounter, separated by a quarter of a century, proceeded smoothly.

By the end of the meal

 I agree with you.Feeling is no problem.However, the inside of the store is a little bright. . .By saying that, check out once.This time too, I decided to invite him while going outside.However, I was quite frightened by Sachiko's excessive cuteness.If I had lived a normal life, I probably wouldn't have interacted in many ways with this class, and with a girl this young.May I invite you to this class?He was a useless man who said that he was a little annoyed by this meaningless question, but he encouraged himself by thinking why he came to Sapporo.

"Is time okay after this?"

I made up my mind to invite him.I know that my voice is slightly trembling.

"Yes, it's okay!" (smile)

picture?Without hesitation or hesitation, she replied:Certainly the feeling was quite good.And there is also the economic situation that she has to cover her school fees.Even so, it was too surprising that a girl in this class accepted her invitation without hesitation.But the reason for that will become clear later.

 This time as well, the hotel is about a 5-minute walk from the store, and the flow line is almost perfect.I thought, but the underground mall in Sapporo was unexpectedly complicated and I was able to get to the hotel even though I got lost.Be careful in complex underground malls in unfamiliar lands.

 After buying drinks at the convenience store, we entered the second party.She has just come of age, or just celebrated her coming-of-age ceremony, but she drinks a lot.Maybe because I got too drunk and drank too much, a big accident happened.

 After drinking a lot, we start negotiating the price.It doesn't seem like he has a particularly high sense of money.I agree to add 1 yen to this offer.And although it extends to things, for some reason it does not reach the end.Why?The analysis would be nervousness and drinking too much.However, since it can be done, is the mental part still big?However, Sachiko always accepts me.In the end, although we broke the rules, we repeated four or five times the sequence of things → rest → talking → things, but I was so tired that I couldn't do anything, so we broke up at midnight.When I went out to pick up a taxi, it was snowing heavily in Sapporo in winter.She got into a taxi and disappeared into the snow.

 Even so, I didn't reach the end, but I didn't expect to be able to associate with a girl in this class. . .She once again learned the destructive power of the Platinum class.She was a beautiful woman on the inside as well as on the outside.

 To be honest, I personally think Sachiko is top class in the Platinum class. Just because she's in the Platinum class doesn't mean that all the girls are that high level.

 However, as a result, I became an unexploded bomb and disappeared in Susukino the next morning. . .tears

Reflection of this time

  • Sometimes I meet girls in this class
  • Excessive drinking actually leads to decline in performance
  • It is good to walk once in an unfamiliar land

This store

 Italian restaurant SALVATORE chain store.Therefore, the taste is safe.I wouldn't take it off.The interior of the store is solid and there is no atmosphere, but it is safe anyway.It's almost directly connected to Sapporo Station, so you can go there without getting wet, which is especially good in winter.Although it has a casual feel, it is recommended as a safe first meal.

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