Dating Club Struggle Recorded in Shiritori ~Universe Club~

What is in your head even if you are told to "spell with shiritori"? ? ?I guess.


So what's the point?I will explain first.

Nakajima and others, whom I respect and respect, also have a column collection called "Shiritori Essei" (15th anniversary of his death as early as this year).

Each theme is connected with Shiritori.

Joe also borrows that idea and decides to write about his activities at the dating club.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Ramo literally means "shiritori essei"? I started with "Shiritori", but in the case of Joe, I would like to write it in "Universe Club" because the contents are mainly activities in the Universe Club.

Since it is spelled with shiritori, next time the theme will be words that start with the last "bu".

Nearly two years have passed since Joe joined the Universe Club.

After I got married, I dated a few people (some of them paid money and others didn't), and there was a time when I became a hostess at a club, so I could somehow predict what I would do in Universe.

However, the activity in the universe was a completely different world from the previous predictions.

Biggest miscalculation?It costs money anyway.

In the first year, I didn't think that I would melt the XNUMX-figure amount (I have to express it that way considering the general results?).

Nearly half of that went into Princess Nana (although it wasn't the Universe offer that I got to know her), and the rest went into Sakura-chan and others.

Joe's offers aren't that many, so when I think about the price per person, I sometimes feel down and say, "What the hell am I doing?"

I don't want to write it like this, but the number of times I've been in an adult relationship is more than I can handle, so it's the same cost performance as Matsuzaka during his Softbank days (no, it's much better).

And in the second year, I regained my sanity a little, so I saved it, but I unexpectedly met Princess Nana again, so this season will probably be over 2 figures (!).

There seems to be some mysterious rich men among the male members of the universe, so the amount of money spent by Joe must be cute.

But for Joe, the past two years have been the biggest splurge of his life.

And this disease is unlikely to go away.

For someone like Joe, who has a weak immune system,

Universe fungus is powerful.

As long as there are men like Joe, the Universe will continue to be profitable.

Of course I'm sore loser, but I have no regrets about joining.

The time spent with many gorgeous and attractive women (for Joe) over the past two years is precious.

Of course, there were more than a few times when I felt like I was chewing sand, but it was more fun than that.

"This is the real thrill of dating clubs."

I had an experience.

In general, the achievements that gentlemen are looking for are very few.

However, just because the results are small doesn't mean Joe has ulterior motives.

"Today is the day"

And the crotch is hot.

Even so, enjoying a delicious meal and conversation with a gorgeous beauty, tilting a glass, such ulterior motives become irrelevant.

I still don't know how to invite him.

Therefore, people like Mac who follow the principle of "getting to the hotel within an hour after meeting" would not be able to understand what Joe is looking for. .

Of course, I'm not mocking Mr. Mac.

I think that the way Mac uses is the correct way to use the dating club.

Moreover, Mr. Mac has gained tremendous trust from women.

What cannot be imitated is this sense of trust.

To be honest, Joe

"It's cool!"

I want to say yes.

Joe's pleasures at the dating club are eating, enjoying conversation over a glass, and accompanying him to museums and stages (mainly Kabuki).

In this case, so-called high-class club activities would be more suitable, but Joe has never really enjoyed club activities, and he doesn't really understand how to do it in the first place, or the system at a high-class club.

On the other hand, at the Universe Club, I almost never get turned down by saying, "Let's go see a picture" or "Let's go to the stage."

As I write these silly sentences, I am reminded of the time when I took all the fascinating women to the museum.

For example, Sakura-chan (Oh, congratulations on your marriage!).

It's the same with Princess Nana, but Sakura-chan is someone who draws, so her way of looking at paintings is quite different from Joe's.

Thanks to Sakura-chan, I feel that Joe's perspective on painting has expanded considerably.

and Princess Kayoko.

She taught me the charm of Chagall.

At her recommendation, I read a lot of books about Russian folktales, which are the basis of Chagall, and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have been able to visit museums in Paris and New York in search of Chagall.

Before joining the Universe Club, Joe was a decent kabuki fan.

In particular, Kanzaburo Nakamura was a favorite.

However, after the untimely passing of his favorite Kanzaburo unexpectedly, he became distant.

According to rumors, Kanzaburo was devoting himself to treatment with the aim of opening the new Kabukiza Theater.

Of course?As a fan of his, considering his thoughts, he was unable to set foot in the Shin Kabukiza.

A certain girl from the universe forced Joe, who didn't like it, to pay for it (of course Joe paid).

Kanzaburo's sons Kankuro and Shichinosuke are on stage.

At first, Joe wanted to be enthusiastic, but he was taken aback by Kankuro's appearance.

Certainly he inherited Kanzaburo's DNA.

And Joe's kabuki commuting was revived.

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