Mysterious Encounter Part XNUMX

Stillshortswithout taking off,From the sidepointing fingerInputれ、Wet enough with love juiceConfirm that

The pitch of the pant voice hastened, and it's already slow at the limit
take off your shorts,It becomes the figure of the mother who was born each other. 

Jasmine's bare skin is also beautiful and smooth.It overlaps with this rugged skin and changes to a slightly pink color.

From there, violently on the bed, sometimes sensually devour the body,I felt it in every corner and was connected until time allowed.

Even though Jasmine
your body is beautiful,I'm ashamed to say that Atira isn't strong, so it was always the same as always.^^;

Then suddenly from Jasmine

"Can I take a picture?"

proposal with

For a moment, I was puzzled

"It's a request from Mac.
I'm thinking of sending…”


of such a photo
no experience· · ·

"Maybe I'd be more excited if I was filmed?'

with a smile.

Hesitant, but interesting!and
understand immediatelyJasmineSanoperate the smartphone of作し何 と かShooting completed.


Is it more interesting? ”

Further suggestions include:already excitedBecome a video shooterTheIt’s over.

Just Jasmine
forwarded to Mac.

We hugged each other for a while and continued our pillow talk.
,From MacJasmineto Mr. or MsGot a reply.

I don't understand what's going on anymore.

I have to laugh...

Mac has taken a lot of videos (?),It seems that their faces are deliberately hidden from view, and I'm a total amateur who doesn't even know about that...

Jasmine's photo shows a slightly writhing profile,As for the video, it is a content that includes the canary's writhing voice with the face from the front in the missionary position,It seems that I was surprised that it was too real.

rent this place

"Brother, I'm sorry!"

After that, even though they love each other as if they regret each other's bodies, Cinderella's ThailandMu
When it was time to go out, we took a shower together.Both from Jasmine 

"Oh, I was seen without makeup. What should I do?"

cute words.

That's right, no makeup problem! 

It appears in such a scene.

Jasmine smiles and looks a little embarrassed
I got excited again, caressing my lips and breasts while taking a shower,Even my hair is soaking wet~

But it was a lot of fun.

I finally got out of the shower room and arranged my clothes,
that there is nothing to forgetConfirmedKiss goodbye before opening the door, then JasmineSanthe elevatorOrで送Ri,passionatetime isIt's over.

After that, while drinking the remaining champagne alone, I was immersed in the afterglow and spent the time like "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Jasmine
San,You who is full of adult sex appealンにAlsoWhile thinking that they look alike...

Then Jasmine
via Mr.Connect with Mac on line,what happened tonightBang BangWhile handing over

It reminded me of "A Strange Encounter".

After all, Mac and I became (?) brothers.

I received a line from Jasmine saying that I had returned home safely,Finally feeling tired, getting ready for sleep, turning off the lights, crawling into bed Jasmine
The lovely scent of your body is faintand fell into a blissful sleep.

The French love "petite mort
"A small death...

After sex, go to sleep tired and absent-minded,Feel the best comfort for the first time in a long time.

next morning,When I woke up and looked around the room, the empty champagne was upside down.Hit by Ra, all the ice in the cooler changes to water.

The scenery of the garden seen from the window was cloudy and fortunately there was only light rain.

After last night's secret, it's not a dirty job,Enjoying art would be cool.

After getting dressed and having breakfast, I secretly planned to go to the Nishi-Museum.Decided to watch the collection exhibition!

While slowly enjoying Japanese food in the hotel,The hydrangea seen from the window is wet with rain and is very beautiful.

In exchanges with Jasmine on LINE, "I wanted to be with you until morning~”, and my appetite increased even more!I asked for a substitute for rice and was quite full.

Returning to the room where the afterglow still remains,I prepared the room so as not to leave a naughty atmosphere as much as possible, and headed to the front desk with the feeling of being pulled back.

It was also a holiday, and the museum was quite crowded.

Purchase tickets in line at the nearest station and enter the museum.

Lots of great exhibits, as expected.

Slowly look at the paintings, objects, letters, etc. on display,Touching on the desire to spread the first Western art in Japan and build a museum,I was so moved by it that it made my eyes and nose tingle.

When I went around the hall and approached the end,Go against the crowd and return to the first corner, then make another round.

that time,A handsome gentleman and a very young, tall, pretty woman, arm in arm, watched.Joe's phantom while watching him walk?It overlapped with

When I finally got out of the building, I felt refreshed and refreshed.The step toward the station was light.

the end

Postscript) Thank you for reading my post to the end. 


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