My personal way of playing with women who are active dads Vol.2

The fun of changing the personality of women who are working as fathers

I have been a father for quite some time.

Therefore, I have enjoyed myself in various ways, and I have learned a lot from interacting with various young women.

That's why I shouldn't look down on younger women just because I'm much older.

Having said that, I can say that the reason I was able to overcome my natural behavior that I didn't notice was because of the advice from women who are active fathers.

If I had to add to that, it was the woman who signed the contract who said to me, ``The idea is too old from the Showa era, so it needs to be updated to fit the current times.'' I feel like I am gaining more than I should have every day.

I'm sure there are many people who only enjoy sex when they're working as dads, but I'm not one of them.

I think every man who enjoys being a father has his own way of enjoying it, so my story is just one example.

I'm enjoying being a dad every day, but there's something I've been really into lately.

What that means is changing a father-active woman with a rather twisted personality to suit her own tastes.

This is not recommended for men who are not used to dating young women.

The reason is that it requires a lot of physical strength and perseverance.

Of course, once you get used to it, it will gradually become part-time work, so you won't need as much physical energy or patience.

However, if you don't get used to it, it can lead to a lot of stress.

Can you enjoy this? Don't you enjoy it? It's a two-choice decision.

If I were a complete novice at dealing with women who are trying to be dads, I would definitely not do something like that.

The reason is that the allowance will feel like a waste of money, and that kind of thinking will come first without hesitation.

But once you wake up to this fun, you choose a girl with a slightly crooked personality and sign a contract with her, wondering how you can make her your own. She finds herself changing shifts.

Let me first tell you that it is common for contracts to be canceled after only meeting three times after signing a contract, and sometimes you end up having a bad aftertaste and regret wasting your money.

However, I also think that if the woman changed, there would be no more interesting games.

To begin with, all women who become fathers are looking for money.

This is common sense.

However, there are many women who struggle to receive this allowance.

That's because if the men don't like it, they won't sign a contract in the first place.

Contract = Allowance = Life will be richer than before.

From a woman's perspective, these are all connected.

If I had to add something to this, I would not have to listen to orders from my boss, and I would be able to earn money freely to a certain extent.

However, depending on the woman, there are many children who are not able to calculate this kind of system.

If I were to give an example of a woman I've contracted with in the past, I've had women who said, ``I want you to accept me as I am,'' and even mistook the man who was to become my father for an ATM or something.

If you ask me, do you want me to accept you for who you are? So, if the child is a woman who has social common sense and is considerate, I think all men who are fathers will accept her.

However, in reality, the pattern is mostly the opposite.

Most women have a mixed meaning of ``accepting themselves as they are'' and ``accepting only their selfishness.''

Therefore, from a man's point of view, a woman who says that will appear to be extremely vulgar and have a bad personality.

I think men who have had several contracts with women who are active fathers will probably understand this.

How can we change such women?

If it were me, I would first use the method of ``first of all, somehow hint that there are other women under contract.''

I guess it's like this in terms of interaction.

Things like, ``○○-chan has a very high level of skill among the women I play with.'' or ``○○-chan is quite difficult to handle compared to other women.''

The women's reactions are generally like this.

In my case, I am often faced with situations where my father attacks me with surprisingly simple answers such as, ``Does your father have many other women?'' or ``If you don't like me, why did you sign the contract?'' I guess it was a lot.

But for women, being a father is also a business.

That's exactly why the more children earn their living mainly through daddy activities, the more likely they become annoyed during conversations.

If you ask me, I think that was the first time I was able to meet women face-to-face. (Until then, I think it will be easier to understand if you think of me as a woman who hides her true nature.)

And the more a woman becomes angry, the more likely she will be taken seriously about her relationship with a man (daddy life).

Of course, there may be cases where it is not possible to come to terms with the woman after just one or two discussions.

But there are always smart women among them.

In the case of women who say this, they begin to realize that unless they change, their relationship with their father will not be possible.

If the contract with the man is terminated, most women looking to become fathers may find themselves in a life-or-death situation. (There are many women who want to avoid this in their father-hunting life.)

In my case, I think I am quite kind to women, and I allow them some luxuries.

Most women who are active fathers are smart.

So, how can I benefit myself? I get the impression that many children can calculate instantly. (Of course, some children end up not being able to calculate.)

When I look at women, I get the impression that the ones who can do such calculations instantly are the ones who have been dads for a long time, and who have also seen a lot of different men.

Then, the woman will come to agree with you, and in just a few months, she may become such a ``good woman'' that her father won't let her go.

I can't express in words the happiness I felt when I realized this. You changed the personality of such a stubborn woman! ! ! That's right.

Recently, I've been enjoying my dad's life in this way.

If you are a man who hasn't been stimulated by being a dad lately, please try it.

I'm sure you'll get a sense of satisfaction that money can't replace.

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