Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX "Hunting"

love vaccine

Desire for love and sex can sometimes destroy life like a disease.Love vaccine prevents this.
Anyone can be inoculated by paying the admission fee and setting fee, and can safely experience pseudo-romance.

you're passionate

The girl stares at Mac with sparkling eyes.

Ah, this is a pseudo-romance type, in other words, a girl who easily goes into serious mode, and it must be the type that allows Mr. Mac to experience a simulated romance in his youth.Mac's heart fluttered.

Mack loves pseudo-romance girls.

When she went to bed, she was on all fours on Mr. Mack's back.Her twinkling eyes remain locked on to Mr. Mack.Rather than sleeping together, you want to stare at each other from the front, it's passionate.

You must be feeling good, sir.

Her first sex was in the first year of junior high school.

When I was clinging to my favorite art teacher, one day he pushed me down in the art room.

After that, I continued to have sex every week until graduation.While hearing the innocent laughter of her classmates from the classroom next to her, she had a strange feeling that she was alone in another world.

Mr. Mack looks at her body and wonders.She must have been an art teacher if she had been haunted by a girl with such a delicate face and good figure.

It's a crime, and if you get caught, you'll lose your teaching job.I guess I couldn't overcome my sexual desire, but I took the plunge.

I haven't had sex with that teacher since I graduated.She is retired now, and she goes out to play about once a year.Her wife serves her tea and she reports on her current situation.You must be feeling good, sir.envy.

I am jealous, yet grateful.

On top of Mr. Mack, she got down on all fours and licked her nipples while stroking her penis with one hand.Good.Her little mouth and her tongue crawling around like a cat drinking milk.

Fellatio also feels good.Under the bag, lightly press the area near the anus with one hand while licking the glans.Was this technique taught to you by your art teacher?Mack is jealous but grateful.

"Raise your arms"

she says.

Mac obediently raises both arms above his head.She starts licking her armpits.Feels good.

There is a child who is so good at licking.Mac was even moved.


Mac can't help but lose.Lay her on her back and put her fingers in her cleft and caress her clit while kissing her nipples.Good reaction.

Next, put your finger in the wet vagina and stimulate the G-spot first, then the cervix at the back.She writhed and squeezed her legs together, bending over to protrude her mons pubis.It looks like she'll be left like this.

Mac puts a condom over his penis.

Then she said

"Can I go upstairs?"

Let's eat delicious prey now

Many girls like the cowgirl position.It's probably because she can put her penis where she feels comfortable.

Mr. Mac lays on his back and the girl slowly puts her penis to her vagina.

Her sparkling eyes remain locked on to Mr. Mack.She has a strange smile.suspicious.

The girl started licking Mr. Mack's nipple while slowly going up and down in the cowgirl position.Oh, it feels good

Mr. Mac, I raised my arms above my head to get my armpits licked like before.

The girl grabs Mac's wrist with both arms.Mac can't move.Because she feels good and she's holding her wrist.

At this point, Mack finally realized.

I am the prey, being hunted by her.

Her sparkling eyes are eyes that aim at prey.Like a cat attacking a mouse.

A smile is an expression when you are about to eat delicious prey.

She was staring at me with her twinkling eyes.

If you want to physically resist, you can.However, it feels good, and it's held down by her delicate, thin hands, so Mr. Mac can't move.

I was forced to ejaculate by her as it is, and I had no choice but to die inside her.

What does it feel like when a woman is having sex?I feel like Mac has become a woman.

The girl in front of me is a cute girl on the outside, but she's a man on the inside.

Mr. Mac must be raped by her.

What was your art teacher like?Did she hunt her, or was it, in fact, her first hunt?

Of course, the teacher should be punished by law for committing the crime of having sex with a child under the age of 18.

While thinking about such things, Mr. Mac died.

She kept staring at Mr. Mack's face with sparkling eyes.

Mr. Mac, I thought I hunted her at the dating club, but I was actually hunted... (Continue)


*The girls who appear in "Love Vaccine" are reconstructed from episodes with multiple people that Mac actually dated.There is no matching female member.Also, in a sensitive story, I changed an important part.

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