Dating spot 5 with a woman who works as a dad

9. Make women happy with teamLab Borderless

TeamLab Borderless is currently enjoying overwhelming popularity, especially among young people.

That's why overseas celebrities (Kim Kardashia, Justin Bieber, Miranda Kerr, etc. are countless levels) are also visiting here. (You can see it on Instagram, etc.)

What do you think people over 50 are doing now?With that feeling, it may not come to mind.
First of all, what is teamLab Borderless?You should have doubts.

To put it simply, teamLab Borderless is the abbreviation for Mori Building Digital Art Museum Epson TeamLab Borderless, which opened in Odaiba.

Anyway, this latest digital art is amazing.
In the first few months after opening, more than 100 million people visited.
Tickets are hard to come by on holidays.

In the first place, why is this kind of digital art so popular, especially among young women?Because it looks Instagrammable.
Young children today love cute things.
And most of them can be said to be Instagrammable favorites.

There are many other reasons, so I will try to unravel them.
First of all, the location is in Odaiba. (It's a great place to go on a date with a woman.)
That's why it's good to have a local gathering.
Only 5 minutes from Tokyo Teleport Station.
Easy to understand, if you go towards the Ferris wheel, there is a signboard mark.
It may be a little better for a date, but I think it's best to go after enjoying a date in Odaiba (such as riding a Ferris wheel).

The good thing about this place is that you don't have to worry if you have luggage after enjoying a date in Odaiba.
There are large coin lockers (free) and suitcase storage near the ticket office, so there is no problem even if you have a lot of luggage for men and women.
Especially for those who plan to stay overnight with a woman on this day.

However, as I said first, it is best to buy advance tickets first, although same-day tickets are of course available.
The reason is a date with a woman.
If the tickets are sold out or you can't get in, it could be a disappointing night. (Let's think of advance preparation as a man's job.)

The inside of the museum is a parade of digital art.
It becomes a date in a dark space.
Therefore, it is best to hold hands or cross arms as soon as you enter the museum.

This is what happened when I actually went there, but the digital art is usually so amazing that I get absorbed in it.
So if you don't move with a woman, you'll usually get lost. (I am embarrassed to say that I am one of the victims.)
Also, it goes without saying that the atmosphere is the best, so I think it's easy to get into that kind of lovey-dovey mood.
Maybe the women are taking pictures as soon as they enter the hall.
Everything is chaotic anyway.

A digital art museum might sound a bit stiff, but you can definitely enjoy it regardless of age.
In my experience when I go with a woman, I never thought she would bring me to a place like this.He showed me the reaction.

Surely, from a woman's point of view, I wonder if they think of a place where they can enjoy themselves together.
The price is 3200 yen per person.
There are also special events depending on the season, so it might be a good idea to go on the same day as a woman.

10. Have fun with women at Robot Restaurant

Surely, looking at the title, what is a robot restaurant?Where in the restaurant is the date spot?I think there are people who felt that.

In the first place, this is an amusement park with the name of a restaurant, just because it has a restaurant in its name.

The location is in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. (A spot that is easy to go to if you are in the city center.)
Actually, this place is quite famous among Hollywood celebrities. (There are quite a lot of foreign customers.)
At the entrance of the store, there are photographs of many signatures visiting.
What surprised me the most was that even that movie director Tim Burton visited. (There was a photo of him riding a robot with high tension.)

What you enjoy here is not the food, but the show.
Even the entrance is flashy and full of glare, a light otherworldly world.
Even at this point, women will surely laugh.

I forgot to mention that you should be careful when using this place.
Please do not use it as if you are persuading a woman.
It would be nice if you could use it with the idea of ​​entertaining women in mind.

Back to the story, if you go to the 3rd floor of the store, there is a bar to wait for the show.
All the interiors there are gorgeous.
I feel like I'm inside a pachinko machine.

Even the toilets are pretty interesting.
What did the woman see when she came back from the bathroom?she remembers bursting into laughter.

Well, it's an important show, but it's amazing to be surprised. (The show takes place on the basement floor.)
It consists of two parts, but a woman riding a big robot.The drums are played and the party begins.
Think of it as a robot version of Aomori's Nebuta Festival.

Even after that, dinosaurs will appear, and anyway, it's the best show, and the tension in the store is high enough to relieve the daily stress.
The women I went with were always dinner dates at the hotel and stayed overnight, so when I brought them here, they seemed to have a rather surprising (in a good way) impression.
Inevitably, women get tired of staying overnight for meals.
Besides, are you only interested in bodies?It seems to be.
However, if you bring them to a place where these women can enjoy themselves, they will be really happy.
It also deepens ties.

I will say it again and again, but although it is written as a restaurant, the main thing is the show.
Of course you can have a meal, but the entrance fee is 8500 yen per person. (Meals are charged separately.)
I'm sure that many women who work as dads are worried and stressed every day, so I think they will be happy with such a place where they can play.

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