In search of the ideal woman (Episode 4: Limiter that can shake off)

I couldn't break through Yuri's invisible wall and started to say goodbye.

(Yuri's storyhereI wrote it in, so please read it if you like)

After finishing with Yuri, I changed from gold to platinum class.

One reason is that I thought I met all the gold women I wanted to meet.

The other is that Mr. Minami was in the platinum class.She also thought that if there was such a woman in platinum, she would want to go to platinum someday.

This time, it's about Maria, who I met after changing to the platinum class.

Maria like a girl

When I first saw him on the site, I thought, "He's cute."

big crisp eyes

Gentle smile

looks like a girl

I made an offer because I was interested in the comments of the person in charge.

from the club

“The candidate date you gave me is Maria-san’s date, and they want it to be a different date.
Normally, I wouldn't tell you this, but it was Maria-san's strong wish..."

At this time, I thought nothing more than, "Originally, I wouldn't tell you," and decided to meet with another candidate date.

This day was not the usual Japanese restaurant, but the teppanyaki restaurant that she wrote about her favorite meals.

The chef cooks in front of you in a semi-private room, not a private room.

Listening to her life is quite eventful.

Married young and had three children.After that she divorced.

It was said that he had come to Osaka, where he had no connections or connections, with his three children.

At first, he worked in Shinchi, but he quit immediately and is now working part-time.

Like Yuri, I have a connection with a woman who leads a hard life (laughs).

Both of them were sitting in front of the chef, so the distance between them naturally became closer.

Perhaps because Maria worked in Shinchi before, she touches her body a lot.

Although he is cautious in reason, his cheeks naturally relax...

It's a sad saga of a man (bitter smile).

limiter to shake off

After the usual heart-pounding time, go to the hotel.

on the way

"I have no confidence in my body.Is that okay? 』

Maria asks.

Even though you're thin, you say this with naan, right?I don't understand what Maria is saying,

"I don't think it bothers me."

I answered.

When I got to the hotel, I finally understood what it meant.

She has given birth to and is raising three children.

I thought, "There are people like this," but I don't really care.

I'm more concerned about SEX compatibility.

A caress that begins with a kiss and gradually deepens

But it doesn't react well...



I've tried many things, but the reaction is the same...

I'm even more impatient


In such a case"I'm going to training!"I want to run away (bitter smile)

When I put my finger in her secret part, the reaction finally changes

I have a little peace of mind

I lay on my back and she caresses me

When it's over, she tries to sink her hips on top of me

I don't think

"Is it okay if I wear it? 』

"I have to put it on...I don't like it? 』

"I don't like it, but..."

She didn't say a word and sank deep into her hips.

Maria's reaction is clearly different from that of foreplay

She lost her reason and eventually the limiter was shaken off.

The girl-like Maria, instinctively greedy for pleasure, looks like a female.

As I watched it, my reason began to melt, and I went to one male.

That's how I met my true self for the first time

I was drowning in Maria

SEX with Maria was shocking.

Maria is the first woman who can only be described as a female because it is not easy to come.

Also, I am relatively calm during sex.

I want women to feel good, whether or not they feel that way.

Because I see the reactions of women, I tend to use reason.

It was the first time that I lost that reason, and it was the first time that I met my true self that was hidden behind that reason.

SEX with Maria was the best thing in my life.

And I knew the depth of SEX for the first time.

Yes, I was drowned in Maria's body in just one night.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

*The names "Maria", "Yuri", and "Minami" in the article are pseudonyms.The club name is of course different from the real name.There is no such woman even if you look for it in the Universe Club membership site, so it's not bad.

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