A life-changing! !What is Dating Club Dating?

Nice to meet you.

This is Yui Nanase, making her first appearance in the column.

Activity history in the dating club, about 10 years.
I want to write various columns using my experience so far.
I was enthusiastic about it, but I didn't have the luxury to do so.
Every day, I was busy with interviews, phone calls, and emails.

Finally got used to work,
I am happy to have the time to write this column.

I love writing.
I have the experience of having serials in newspapers and magazines,
I have also published a book.

But that doesn't mean I'm good at writing.
I would appreciate it if you could watch over me kindly.
Please excuse my poor writing.

[About meeting at the dating club]

About 10 years ago I registered in a dating club,
I have met and dated many men.

How I got interested in dating clubs...

While calling me a race queen
A referral from a friend who doesn't work very often.

I have a lot of branded items
frequently go to the hairdresser
I was envious of having dinner in a nice place.

I heard that the girl is enrolled in a dating club.
get introduced
It all started when I went to a certain club (not Universe) for an interview.

Dating clubs weren't as popular as they are now.
There was no such word as papa katsu.
I think the image of a mistress was strong.

originallyi like older menNano and
twice as many people,had a strong libidoBecause
I couldn't help but enjoy the club activities.

Take me to places I've never been
play like never before
I've been with a long time friend for 10 years.

I met many men
Among them, there are people who don't feel right,
Someone you want to meet regardless of money
A person with a good body compatibility.
There were many different people.

I always asked the man I met

"Why did you choose me?"
There are many women, such as cute girls, good-looking girls, and young girls.
why me?I'm curious.

The reason is

  • It seemed easy to adjust the time.
  • I'm not good with young children
  • it was my favorite outfit
  • watch the video
  • because I have a big butt
  • Registration motive
  • I used to play soccer, so I think we can talk
  • looks healthy
  • We can do many things together
  • I'm the type you don't know
  • I don't think you're paying
  • Because I thought you like sex


for various reasons

There was a common reason for those who continued for a long time!

"Because the staff asked me to meet you."

"I trust you, the representative of the club recommended it to me, so I thought it would be a no-brainer..."
That's what everyone said.

When you say that, I feel like I have to match before you introduce me.
To be honest, it was only people who really fit the feeling without overdoing it.

That should be the case, because he saw through my personality and introduced me to a man who seemed to be compatible with me.

Many of those people made offers without even looking at their photos and checking their profiles.

I just said it was recommended by a trusted staff member.
Is that all?
I thought at that time,
Now that I'm working as a staff member, I've realized how amazing that is.

Of course it's one-sided, good!just thought
It doesn't last long.
Each other can spend time together comfortably and without overdoing it.
Because I met such a partner, I will continue for a long time.

To offer the ideal encounter
This is the idealMatching Concierge! !

If I say I am able to do that now...
I haven't been able to.

Universe Club Celebrates its
Is it unavoidable because there are many registered women?
Is it impossible because you can't grasp men's tastes?

That's just an excuse.

Anyone can do it just by replying to emails.
If it is an interview according to the manual, even a newcomer can handle it.
With practice, you will be able to take beautiful pictures.

Is it a good staff if you can do it?
Isn't it difficult to increase member satisfaction with this alone?I think.

[changed my life]

It is no exaggeration to say that they met at a dating club.

A word from the staff

It's life changing! !

A job that can change someone's life.

There is a lot of pressure when I think about it,
I would like to continue to work hard with this thought in mind.

Like the wonderful staff I met in the past
I want to be a trusted concierge
I decided to work at Universe.

It's still far from ideal.
In order to gain the trust of our members, we will clear what we can do one by one,
I hope that I can provide you with a wonderful encounter.

This time it became a column about self-introduction
I would like to write a column positively in the future.

Thank you again.

Yui Nanase

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