How to have a long-term relationship with a woman who is a wonderful father Vol.4


It is better not to give yourself more luxuries than necessary.

I've been a dad for a long time.

That's why I can proudly say that all the women I work with are so beautiful that I can brag about them elsewhere.

That's why I honestly don't want to let go of it so easily.

To all the men who are now fathers.

How do you spend your days with the women you have a contract with? I think there are probably many men who listen to all the selfish things women do and let them pamper them as much as they want.

Actually, when I first became a father, I thought this was normal, and I also thought that if it wasn't the case, I wouldn't be able to keep a relationship with a woman forever.

When it comes to daddy activities, he gives women luxuries and shows them a different perspective from their everyday lives.

I think that's true when it comes to being a dad, and I think that's the only way men who are older can compete. Most people probably think so.

However, this is just my experience.

To be honest, in the past I have given women luxuries through my fatherhood activities to the point that I hate it.

However, in my case, the more I allowed her to indulge me, the more I began to see her personality as different from when we first met.

Is it fair to say that the so-called charm fades quickly?

I think most men who have become fathers have already experienced this, but when they are introduced at a dating club and meet a woman for the first time, all the women are quite modest and don't show much desire. Don't you have many children? On the other hand, aren't you just after the money? Can I say it enough to make you want to retort?

Even if I make some kind of extravagant proposal, I wonder if it's okay to say that I don't want that kind of luxury from my father.

However, if you give a woman with such modesty such luxury that she hates, even from the first few times you meet her, her personality will turn into the complete opposite, or you might say, "Yeah? Were you really that selfish?" Is it too early to explain it than to say it's the opposite?

However, I thought this was normal for young women who signed up for Daddy-Katsu, partly because of my age.

However, to be honest, the personality of the girl who said that has changed drastically compared to when I met her, so if I were to say, ``It's not a special day, so I won't bring you a present,'' it would be an easy-to-understand negative response. I guess you could say it comes down to attitude.

His attitude changed completely, and I felt like I didn't even want to be there. (I'm sure many men have experienced this.)

After all, even though it's a daddy activity, men also want to feel and give something special to women, don't they? It felt like if you overindulged yourself in the beginning, it would become normal, numb, and everything would start to slip away.

Also, in my experience, there are many cases in which I was unable to have a long-term relationship with a woman who gave me too much luxury in the beginning.

Of course, there are many men who are doing well with this.

However, the purpose of becoming a father must be different for each man, and the pace at which he meets women must also be different for each man who becomes a father. (I think it's even more so for men who have contracts with multiple women.)

I currently have contracts with multiple women, but there was a time in the past when I was surprisingly focused on just one woman.

Therefore, I thought it was all about showing the power of money and status to women.

Or rather, if I didn't show that, I might have become insecure towards women.

However, when he started signing contracts with multiple women, he began to think, ``Huh? No matter how much you try to be a dad, if you don't have some common sense and deal with women, it won't last long.''

In fact, if you date multiple women at the same time, you can compare their personalities and how they treat you, right? Also, if you sign a contract with a woman of a similar age, you can make a very detailed comparison.

Then, no matter how active a father is, there are always women who have common sense, and who also understand the question, ``To what extent can I request a man?'' within the range of common sense. I'm doing it.

And women who say that will have long-term relationships with them. (Actual story that I experienced)

I have often found that when I go to a girl who says something like that and ask her, ``What kind of present do you need?'', she ends up being wary and our relationship doesn't last long.

After I started to understand this, I started to cancel the contract early if a woman made an ``unreasonable request'' from the beginning. (This is also one of the methods I devised to keep only women who last a long time.)

I guess I didn't understand dad life either.

What I mean is that if you give your woman luxuries from the beginning, your relationship with her won't last long.

On the contrary, of course I think we should at least provide support to women, and my thoughts on that have not changed.

However, even if you have just met a woman who says, ``I want to go on a trip abroad'' or ``I need a Hermès Birkin,'' there is no guarantee that the relationship will last long. is.

Also, I learned that it is important not to give anything away from the beginning, just go on a date with the woman you signed the contract with, give her the minimum allowance promised at the time of the contract, and wait for a while to see how things go. .

By doing this, it becomes easier to understand women. (What does she need now? etc.)

Recently, he signed a contract with a woman in the entertainment industry.

For example, this woman is very easy to understand.

No matter how much I buy her a present or prepare a luxurious meal for her, is it necessary? If you ask me, that's different.

For her now, she needs to pay the membership fee to go to a performing arts dance school.


That's why I'm currently working as a dad.

So, on the contrary, what she needs most right now is to pinpoint help in that area.

In order to have a long-term relationship with a woman who is working as a father, it is important to understand the father's position, asking, ``What does this woman want most right now?''

I've said it many times before, but I think there are many people who get along well with women by letting them learn luxuries first, and I think that's a valid way to interact with women while working as a dad.

However, when it comes to being a father, don't men seek real love from women somewhere? Of course, even if that love is made with allowances.

My method makes it even easier to feel.

This is just one way to make a woman last longer in my life as a father, so please understand that it does not apply to all men.

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