Date record #84 Pinch hitter @Shibuya Kayako 6th time

 Hello. It's paparazzi. This time, I will report how I resolved various things that I had left behind after receiving a sudden cancellation. We will continue to report on the day of the previous Moaiko Dotacan incident.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Kayako (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: B (later changed to C)
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

History of dating

 Well, Moaiko's sudden cancellation has been decided. The meeting was at 18:20 and the time was around XNUMX:XNUMX. She doesn't want to admit a lot of things, doesn't want to accept the reality, and can't accept it, but Moaiko, who has high expectations, has had to cancel her registration within me due to a sudden cancellation. If a super miracle happened and Moaiko sent her an apology on LINE, she would be re-registered, but the possibility of that happening has become extremely slim. The cause and reason are truly a mystery, but that cute G-cup girl vanished into thin air.

 Surprisingly, it was from Kayako.


“Kayako wants to meet the paparazzi as soon as possible.”

 Surprisingly, the LINE reply I sent earlier has just arrived. I felt something like fate. And immediately


 “I know it’s no good, but do you want to meet up now?”

 I tried putting it in. The time is 20:XNUMXpm. As expected, what am I doing? That's what it feels like, but an offer like this is a no-no, and on the other hand, I'm thinking positively that it might turn into a joke, so I'm probably going to go home with nothing anyway, so it's probably better than doing nothing. Then


 Isn't it surprisingly positive?

 "I'm in Shibuya right now."

 "I'll keep you waiting for over an hour, but..."

 “Then, shall we meet in Shinjuku?”

 "No, no, in that case Shibuya is fine. I'll do my best to prepare! Wait for me!"

 What! Kayako was coming. Just a week ago, Kayako had a surprise cancellation and then met Moaiko, but she was completely the opposite. I couldn't keep up with the lie-like developments, but I soon realized the reality. My first thought was, ``I'm glad I didn't go to a brothel.'' lol

 I really miss Moaiko, but no matter how hard I try, there is a 100% chance that we will meet again today. She waited for over two hours. She got a call from here and still doesn't want to meet today. She has to forget. In her place, Kayako, who is her favorite, comes all the way, even though her popularity has declined due to her debt problems. She may be doing it for the money, but that doesn't matter. She was honestly happy just thinking that she would come for me at such a late hour.

what was the date

 We were supposed to meet at 21:22 pm, but maybe she took the wrong train? We ended up meeting around 15pm. This is within the expected range. Women's time estimates are generally lax, so you should expect to be 30 to XNUMX minutes behind schedule. More than that, I was happy to be able to meet Kayako, who I couldn't meet last week.

 Kayako seemed to be in surprisingly good spirits. She starts by apologizing for the sudden cancellation last time. She is generally bossy, so her apology was simple. She went on to say that she was talking about the current situation.

 "It's hard for the paparazzi too. Lol"

 That's how it ended. There is no doubt that this is a situation that has nothing to do but laugh. We ended up laughing together. It's a bit positive.

 It's already 22pm, so I don't have much time. Without saying anything in particular, we entered the hotel area of ​​Dogenzaka.

By the end of the meal

 I haven't eaten anything, but this time it's already like this. There is only one purpose for meeting. I am a body. She's money. SEX is what connects these different goals. It was still August and the temperature was high even at night. Will it be a memory of that summer? I'm going to be sweating a lot today.

 We wandered around the hotel area of ​​Dogenzaka and went straight into our room. My body, which was in agony due to the shock of not being able to meet last time and the sudden shock that I received this time, exploded towards Kayako. The reason I like Kayako in the first place is because of her cuteness and sex appeal. Kayako seems to be fully aware of this, and she doesn't dislike sex either. She has been asking me more aggressively than usual. At this point, I wasn't quite able to breathe like Aun, but I felt like we were able to get our breaths in sync with each other over time, and I was happy about that.

 After kissing passionately, their arms and bodies intertwined. She's basically passive, but today she was actively seducing me. After that, after she had finished many times in my arms, I too finished this intense karami.


 After disbanding,

 "The paparazzi are amazing! I'm starting to like them even more."

 A LINE message came. I was simply happy. I'd like to say that the shock of the sudden cancellation was overwhelming, but that's difficult to say. However, there is no doubt that it healed the wounds of the sudden cancellation to a considerable extent. I want to thank her.

Reflection of this time

  • I'll try to say it even if it's no good.
  • Sometimes we can share strange moments

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