I'm Toritani, and I'm in charge of the Kyoto branch of Universe Club.


Nice to meet you.
My name is Toritani and I am in charge of the Kyoto branch of Universe Club.
It is my great pleasure to take this opportunity to say hello to you.
As a previous job, I was working in the service industry, and I was working hard while enjoying the way people interacted with each other.
The same is true for Universe Club, and Toritani has the opportunity to talk with various customers.
I am happy to meet you, even if it is work.

About columns

I've never written a column like this before, nor have I read much about it.
So there are many uneasy parts, and there are many parts that I don't know if I can write what you really need.
I would like to write with such anxiety.

About the contents of the column

Toritani writes mainly because I think there are many things that people who start a dating club have to worry about.
I would like to write mainly articles that answer questions and doubts so that such parts can be solved even a little.
Besides that, I will talk about things that Toritani was interested in and about dating.

What we want you to utilize

I think that Toritani writes a lot of things that solve frequently asked questions and doubts.
its contents
・Before dating
・About date plan
・Preparation before a date
・Be careful during the date
・Things necessary for dissolution
And so on.
I think that a date is a date only if you both enjoy each other.
So I hope it will be a tool that both men and women can enjoy and use.

Don't let what you don't know remain unknown

Image result for "anxiety"

Dating without knowing even among men
I'm worried, but I'm embarrassed to ask, so I don't ask
I'm sure you're wondering what will happen.
Such feelings can lead to failure.
As I mentioned earlier, I think the secret to enjoying a date is to have fun with each other.
Therefore, I would like you to ask more and more questions about such uneasy parts.

A Final Word

I talked to you for a long time
I think the best thing is for everyone to enjoy themselves.
I hope that the articles in this column will be of some help in that regard.
I hope you enjoy reading this column.
Thank you very much.

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