Letter date etiquette

letter date

nice to meet you. My name is the man who wins.

Lately, many big column writers have retired one after another (I hope they come back), and I feel lonely and bored, so I decided to write a column.

I was debating whether to use allowances or a letter date as a theme, but since there is a huge difference in allowances for different women, I was confident that if I chose allowances as a theme, I would get a lot of attention, so I decided to go with the recent hot topic of letter dates. Let's take this as a theme.

Below, I will write about how I do it on a letter date.

It's okay if you don't copy it. It's just "this is how I do it."


First, send money using Paypay


Once you start the letter date, you will receive a message after the greeting and will send a remittance of 1 to XNUMX yen for the letter date using Paypay.
In the case of a letter date, the setting fee is half, so I do this in the hope that it will be a win-win situation by giving the saved money to the woman as a letter date fee.
 *It used to be an Amazon gift.

In many cases, I think it's OK to "grasp" at this point.

Maybe it's because there aren't many people who give the letter date fee, but it seems to leave a lasting impression on women, and some of my long-term regular customers still say that giving them the letter date fee left a huge impression on them. Therefore, I wonder if giving the letter date fee is effective.


Inform the terms of the relationship, including allowances.


When starting a letter date, I try to explain the following terms of relationship.


  • The possible date areas are 〇 and ●, but Mr. △ (woman's name), which area would you like to be?
  • In the case of a meal date, the allowance includes transportation expenses and must be terminated within 1 hour and 59 minutes in Honyarara.
  • We will reserve a private room (or semi-private room) and set up the shop to dissolve the shop.
  • If you feel pressured in a private room, make it a semi-private room or use open seating.
  • I don't walk outside with women
  • My boyfriend and other dads are totally fine too.
  • We speak in a low voice and do not use any technical terms such as "adult", "allowance", "dad activity", etc.
  • For adults, we will give you Funyarara in the first round, and Henyarara in the second round.
  • The maximum time you can stay in the room is less than 2 hours (or less than 3 hours depending on conditions) from the time you enter the room.
  • I go into the room and give the allowance to No. 1.
  • In principle, we will meet at the site and dissolve at the site, and if Mr. 〇〇 requests, we will include a meal before and after.
  • I take a shower twice, once before the meeting and once after entering the room.
  • I won't invade Mr. 〇〇's privacy, but I will talk about mine as much as possible.


Instead of sending it as bullet points, I like to casually blend the above into the conversation (message).

I would like to explain everything, but I think women get tired if they exchange a lot of messages, no matter how much they pay for letter dates, so I will focus on the first half of the bullet points above, so that women can I try to talk about the second half when I get on board.

Of course, there is a disadvantage that people think that you are a nervous person, but by first eliminating the things that women are concerned about, you can make them open up a little to the idea of ​​a meal date. I'm trying to make the actual performance enjoyable.

Well, there's no way to know what the woman thinks, but I personally think that if you explain who you are before you meet the woman, her mindset will be different.


Allowance and detention time


What I think is the most important thing in a letter date is the cost performance from the girl's perspective.


  • Place
  • restraint time
  • ●¥1,000 for the first round, +●¥0,000 for the second round, +●¥0,000 for the overnight stay.


Since it is impossible to convey your looks and cleanliness on a letter date, how much allowance will you receive under the above three conditions? I think you will be concerned about this first.

Therefore, I will explain these three things in detail.
In particular, the ``number of times'' can cause disputes, so I make it a point to clearly tell them how much it will cost if there are two rounds, and depending on the other person, I may also say, ``If you want a second round, I'll give you an additional charge.''

However, no matter how much we explain in advance that there will be a second round, there are many women who will immediately get upset and come to take the money for the second round as a matter of course even though the women only played once. There were quite a few times when we had to part ways for some reason.

I don't go into daddy life looking for love, and I think daddying is a contract society, so I often go into a relationship after working out all the details like this.
However, I don't think there is any need to imitate it. It's just that I'm doing it this way.


I may also call


Sometimes I will call you for a letter date.

In that case, I would say, ``I'll transfer the amount via Paypay, so if you don't mind, would you like to talk on the phone for about an hour?''
In some cases, I give it separately from the letter date fee, and in other cases, I decide from the beginning that ``I'll talk to you on the phone once, and I'll give you 2 in advance via Paypay or something.'' I decide based on my mood.

The purpose of the call is to give you more detailed information and reassure you.
Even if I make a mistake, I will never intrude into a woman's privacy and ask in depth questions.

"I'll talk about myself, but if you don't want to say anything, you don't have to say anything."

I think it's important to give consideration to things like this before going on a phone date, so that's what I do.


Date actuality


The terms of the relationship have been communicated to you, so the actual date is a casual one.

The purpose of the meal date is to check how clean the place is and to check whether the woman you actually met is the same as the one in the photo or video or not.

What I try to keep in mind on actual dates is to keep a physical distance from the woman.

I try to sit at a physical distance from other women in private rooms, so much so that I sometimes get lonely from several women who ask me, ``Please don't be that far away.''

From my experience, I think that the further away you are physically from a woman on a dinner date, the more her heart opens, and the closer you get, the more her heart closes.
Even if you make a mistake, do not hold hands or touch each other's shoulders.
Body touching is out of the question. I think people who do things like that shouldn't be dads.

If you really want to touch your body, please be prepared that the woman's heart will close in an instant, and even if you develop into an adult relationship, your heart will become unreliable and unreliable.


A type and B1 type are the main battlefields


I'm going off track a little.

I have never made an offer to a type D woman. This is because the hurdles to dating are so low that it's not interesting at all.

I almost never make an offer for type C. If I really like a woman, I will offer her type C, but at least B2 is best, and if possible, B1, and I will not hesitate to offer her type A.

For me, an adult relationship is not a must, but I focus on how I can get along with the other woman, so even type B or C women may continue to have a relationship over food, and conversely, type A women Sometimes it becomes an adult relationship.

When I write that I've developed into an adult relationship with a Type A woman, I'm desperate to get in trouble, but that's only because the other woman wants it, and I don't want to force a Type A woman into an adult relationship. I don't.

Maybe it's because I was able to get to know him through a letter date, but there have been multiple cases where I've gone straight from the meeting place to a hotel on my first date with a Type B woman without having a meal in between.

"Um, I can do without food. The man who wins is busy."

There were multiple occasions when the woman gave an OK sign like this.
Is this because you have clearly communicated the terms of your relationship?


Letter dating and PATOLO are a little different.


It seems that Letter Date was discontinued without my knowledge, and Letter Date was restricted to black members without my knowledge.

I basically only do letter dates, so I think I'll remain a black member when I renew.
I've used PATOLO to exchange messages before, but it's a little different.

With PATOLO, I always get the impression that it's a bit of a cut-throat service, so I don't get to take full advantage of it, so I'm glad that Letter Date has been continued, even though it's limited to black members.
I was thinking about quitting my membership if letter dates were abolished.

PATOLO allows you to exchange messages with women before paying the setting fee, and you can also negotiate allowances, so it is better than Universe Club's letter date, but it is less than half of the female members of Universe Club. I have the impression that there are only about 300 registered users, so I will continue to use Letter Date as I have been doing so far.


Lightly incendiary material (helpful material)


When I convert my allowance each time, the difference in height is more than 10 times larger.

At the beginning of my career, I had no doubts that the higher the allowance, the better.However, I thought that I would not understand unless I experienced an allowance that was not expensive, so I decided to use the allowance called the market price or median value. For the past year or so, I've been trying to find out what the world is like.

When I offered the market rate allowance, about 9% of the time I was accepted into an adult relationship, and about XNUMX% of the time I was refused, so I thought I would say, ``I see, that's the market rate.''

I don't want to say that, but I will write about what happened as a result of the market challenge.

There was not a single woman who offered a market-rate allowance, received the OK, continued the relationship, and became a regular subscriber.

The only people who remain as regular customers are women who give out many times more than the market price (often more than 10 times the market price). So what? I don't have any intention of delving into other people's allowances because I'm sure I'll get a lot of tsukkomi, but I do feel like I'm walking through life with the women I like and to whom I give a lot of allowances.

On the other hand, I have never been able to get along well with women whose allowances are normal. The lower the allowance (relatively for me), the more I feel like it's worth it. In my case, though.

If the allowance is average, I feel sorry for myself and have no choice but to shorten the date. No matter how long it takes from meeting to breaking up, it's about two and a half hours. More than that is not possible.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a woman who has a large allowance, you don't have to worry about time. Sometimes we are together from morning until night. If you stay together for a long time, you will naturally become friends.
I was able to go on a trip, and on Christmas Eve I had a sleepover with my best friend, a female college student. This was not my wish, but that of the female college student.


We dads give the allowance to the women and finally stand in the ring.


Would we men fall in love with a woman 20 years older than us? Would you like to have sex?

Similarly, there is no way a woman would want to be friends with or have sex with a man who is more than 20 years older than her.

Of course there are exceptions, right? But exceptions are just that: exceptions (Koizumi syntax again). We dads are not supposed to be romantic objects for women, and we are seen as filth.

The allowance is the same as the admission fee to Disneyland. Just because you paid the admission fee doesn't mean you can act freely, right?

If you want to ride a popular attraction, you'll have to get to the back of the line, and if you don't want to wait in line, you'll have no choice but to purchase Disney Premier Access.

I'm not saying to be humble to women. On the contrary, if you don't make an effort to open up a woman's heart, you won't be able to have a fun life as a father, right? That's what I'm preaching. Well, you don't have to listen to me, lol.

As a dad, I am who I am no matter what your attitude is. From the beginning of the letter date, I try to convey how much I respect women. Because I think that's what a "date" is all about.

Isn't respect free? Is it really that difficult to put women on top?

You're free to think that it doesn't matter what you do because you're giving him money, and that fatherhood is dominated by men, but I don't think it's possible to continue a wonderful relationship if you do that.

On the surface, the other person may be smiling, or they may be messy on the bed. But that's never my true intention. What you (father) are holding is a doll with no emotions.

I absolutely don't want to be in a relationship like that, so I'm doing my best from the start of the letter date. I continue to strive every day to do my best to get my partner to open up to me even just a little, and to have a fun life as a father.


I feel like there is true love in dad life too.


Joe's Nana Princess
Mac's Nao-chan
Seattle's H-chan

I think it's great that the column writers have such great relationships, and I want to follow in their footsteps.

I have more encounters outside of social clubs, but when it comes to whether it's easier to find true love outside of a social club or inside a social club, for me it's overwhelmingly the one that brings me closer to true love.

I don't really understand why, but the social club is grateful to women who have given great support to women who have reached the peak of their lives and decided to become fathers, and the club is grateful to them for helping them. Which of the ungrateful world that develops from the relationships between men and women (although that may be a bit of an understatement) will bring us closer to true love?

There are several women I meet without any allowance, but I really don't think I get along well with them. There will be some hesitation.
I often hear people say that it can't be called true love without allowances, but isn't that just a man's convenience? (I feel like I'll get angry if I write that)

“There are things that only a father can do.”

I would like to keep this in mind as I continue to work as a father.

If I feel like it, I'll write another column.

・●The story of being flown after paying a million yen in advance
・I thought I had the best date, but I was dumped so easily.
・A story about being stalked by a beautiful woman
・A strange story of living together with two father-active women at the same time.
・Characteristics of women who want to give large allowances
・Two women who have a lifetime contract
・How to get a high-class lounge girl or a popular men's girl to apply for daddy activities

There are so many topics to choose from, so I'm trying to decide which one to write.I like Mac's column, so when Mac resumes his column, I'll try to write a second one as well.
It's still too early to retire, Mr. Mac♪ Whoops, I've gotten too used to people I've never met and have no connection to (big regret).


hated man


I thought about this when I was writing a column for the first time. I guess I'm a disgusting person after all lol

If you can make your (dad)'s heart go backwards, you might be one of the best in Japan. I wonder why he has such a bad personality, and I can't help but look forward to meeting you (a wonderful woman).

Among the female members of the Universe Club, the probability of meeting a woman who does not accept letter dates is zero, so if you are a female member reading this column, please allow letter dates.

I can't use LINE, so applying for a letter date on LINE is not for me. When you receive a letter date request via email or SMS, please enjoy your imaginary date with me while thinking, "Huh? Maybe he's a column writer?"
See you soon! (I don't know if there is another one)

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