How to earn the trust of young women


At our age, the mere mention of a young woman inevitably makes us a little evasive.

A man who is a dad, don't you have a lot of experience?I still have those parts with me.

I think it's a gesture that naturally comes out unless it's something to be embarrassed about.

The reason is that I can't keep up with young women's topics, and I can't keep up with the way they talk and the current topic if it's just TV.

Nowadays, the mainstream topic is SNS, mainly on the Internet rather than terrestrial broadcasting.

This is my understanding of the youth of today.

In particular, most of the women introduced by dating clubs are quite sensitive to SNS.

So, it would not be an exaggeration to say that 8 to 9% of information sources are SNS.

However, in our generation, newspapers and television are the mainstream.

Therefore, even if you have a decent conversation, they will not get along.

It's a natural result.

Recently, I have started to look at SNS, but there is still a difference between newspapers and TV, and the content is also quite different.

I even met a young woman who said, ``I don't watch terrestrial broadcasting or newspapers because they are manipulating information.''

Certainly, if you think about it calmly, you can't deny it, but isn't it the same for SNS?That's what my uncles think.

But if I say that, the conversation is over.

That's why I endure without saying anything.

Well, in such a way, a young woman who is so different from us in the information sources and the contents of the world.

How can our uncles build a relationship of trust and gain trust from such women?Don't you think it's pretty difficult?To be honest, I found it quite a challenge.

Are there still model answers?I'm thinking.

However, I am confident that I have been a father for a long time and have taken care of women.

So why did they trust and trust me?I thought.

So, I did a lot of self-analysis of my behavior, and actually asked the woman who is currently under contract.

Then, "Eh? Did I act like that?"

Is it a natural behavior?

I would like to introduce it this time.

If you want to gain a young woman's trust, don't look away.

It's an old habit of mine, and I always look people in the eye when I talk to them.

Basically, never give up.

The reason is that the human eye is very sensitive.

If you tell a lie, you will swim, and if you don't listen, your eyes will be blank.

It's easy to understand if you're late and overslept.

It's not something you do to hurt someone's pain, it's just to look them in the eye and try to understand, but from the other person's point of view, it's often not taken that way.

These days, young women have a habit of looking at their smartphones, and even while they are having a conversation, they start looking down and fiddling with their smartphones.

I'm not very good at that part, but I didn't dare to point it out.

Instead, even if the other woman is looking at her smartphone while talking, I will continue to look at her without looking away.

I think I kept repeating that. (unconscious here)

And when I noticed, the other woman also started looking at me.

Do you care?

Don't you have a habit of watching it all the time? (It may be a modern disease.)

Looking back, I start to wonder, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Certainly, there are few people with a strong mentality who can keep looking at their smartphones while others are watching them all the time.

Then, gradually, the female side will start looking at me in the eyes when speaking.

It's really strange.


So, naturally, the female side will start talking to you without even asking you, and you will start expressing affection, so you can understand a little.

The woman also said

"People who look you in the eye when you talk to them are trustworthy and make you want to talk to them about anything."

It's just my speculation, but don't you think that modern society has lost the need for conversation and writing?Would you say you can do it all on your smartphone from start to finish?

I think that the world is changing to the point where everything can be completed with just one smartphone.

Think about it, please.

Ask a young child to write a kanji.

Most people can't write, and there are quite a lot of children who even end conversations on the app. (I'm not good at talking on the phone, but it's easy to talk on lines etc.)

I'm sure there was no problem until compulsory education.

However, the moment you get a smartphone as an adult, you naturally remove things that you feel are unnecessary or inconvenient because of its convenience.

Isn't it the same kind of conversation with looking at the eyes that I talked about earlier?I feel

Surely there's no one around to look you in the eye and have a conversation?Or maybe it's because of the decrease that she started to have a special awareness of this one?And she came up with one answer.

Perhaps, if I talk about this to modern children, they might laugh at me.

However, what was the reaction when you looked into the eyes of a woman who actually worked as a dad and talked to her?

All the women opened their hearts to me, and the other women looked me in the eye and began to talk.

In today's world, it may seem like a waste of money.

However, I felt that it is a communication method that should not be removed even in modern times.

The main reason was that I was able to build a relationship of trust with them, and there were many women who trusted me.

Some men are so shy that they can't look them in the eye when they talk.

Many men are like that.

But be brave and try it once.

Isn't this the same when you persuade a woman to have sex?

Wouldn't you be happy if you looked into a woman's eyes and had sex?don't you feel love?I think I will definitely enter the world of the two.

Isn't this the same thing?

In particular, many women who work as dads are tired of life.

Besides, she is a woman who worries about money every day, so she is active as a dad.

If you want to build a relationship of trust with such children, don't you think it's necessary to find a suitable way?I felt that this is exactly where we get into the habit of making eye contact first.

This is effective not only for women who work as dads, but also for all young women, so please try it once.

Especially at dinner, the seats are facing each other, so it's easy to do.

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