Shingo's constant x love affair ⑦ The identity of "Takane no Hana" who is difficult to persuade by a model girl


Points of this article
・Don't you have your own image of women?
・It is possible to persuade someone by persuading them directly.


There are a number of hurdles in persuading women.

It goes without saying that it is easier to persuade someone if your appearance is closer to their ideal, and harder to persuade if your appearance is farther away, but there are many other obstacles.


This time, I would like to introduce one element of depression with one episode.

*Some parts have been altered to prevent my identity from being exposed, so please forgive me.


-I met her at the Kawasaki station arcade


The city of Kawasaki is different from other cities in Tokyo and I like it because it is very lively.


Around 20:XNUMX, after finishing the drinking party, I was enjoying street pick-ups in this area for the first time in a while.

Unlike normal pick-ups, I was drunk and called out with a slightly higher tension than usual.

After calling out a few times, I found a woman holding a large stuffed animal towards the station and followed her.


"When I thought I was walking around with a stuffed animal, I thought it was a woman, lol."




"Huh? Is there a stuffed animal in your arms? You can't speak stuffed animals, can you?"


"What's the word for stuffed animals? LOL"


In a ponytail, a simple, skinny T-shirt, and tight, hard-washed high-rise jeans, she carries a small Longchamp bag.finally opened his mouth, and the conversation began.


The date with the man she met on the dating app was boring, so she ended it early, played a crane game, and got the biggest stuffed animal on her way home.

We bought alcohol at the convenience store behind the Dice building and talked while toasting in the back alley.


After talking a lot, I thought it would be a good mood and invited him to a love hotel, but he said he didn't have time and was dismissed lightly.

Later, we promised to drink delicious sake in Oimachi and parted.


Defeated Oimachi


A week later, her job is done.It was a dry summer day when beer looked delicious.We were meeting at JR Oimachi.

She said she didn't know where to meet, so I went to the Keihin-Tohoku Line to pick her up.

"Oh, thank you!"

One look at me and she reacted with a loud voice.


She has long, wavy hair, a simple black dress, a long linen shirt, and the breeze from a passing train sways her skirt and shirt gracefully, just like a scene from a movie. It seemed


At the same time as I thought, "Was I supposed to have an appointment with such a beautiful woman?", I realized that I was shrinking.


After that, after eating at a famous meat restaurant, I had another drink at the counter bar.Although she is having a lively conversation, she is in a hurry because she is not able to speak in a way that is unique to her.

Strangely, he only says affirmative opinions, and it seems as if he is flattering the other woman.


After that, he entered karaoke and sang while kissing, but he simply said, "I won't do it today."

I desperately tried to pretend that I had some leeway, but yeah, I said something and the atmosphere was like I couldn't make up for it.

I left karaoke early that day, and it was a pitiful curtain-up.


-Decisive battle!Ikebukuro Assault Operation! ! !


The conversation continued moderately on LINE, so we decided to meet again, and that day we were drinking in Ikebukuro.


On this day as well, her long wavy hair and tight knit T-shirt emphasized her good style.
But today is different.

On the day of the event, I had a lot of peace of mind because I had enjoyed meeting with other friends before the appointment.


From the first house, while messing with the other person moderately, do not have a conversation that flatters the other person.Perhaps that made her happy, and she seemed to have more lively conversation than last time.


"Hey, you want to drink while smoking, don't you? How about drinking at a love hotel?"Since she smokes, the proposal was readily accepted.


"Okay, but what are you not doing?"


We disappeared into a love hotel at the west exit of Ikebukuro.

After drinking for about an hour, he tried to kiss me.


"That's why I told you not to do it today."


Same line as last time.




When she laughed as if she was pleased with the slightly forcible proposal, our lips overlapped for the first time.


Lesson learned: You are the one who estimates the difficulty


As we touched each other naked, we were immersed in the afterglow of our bond.


She seemed very content as she touched and talked naked.

She, who looked like an expensive flower, was now smiling by her side, and looked like an innocent girl.


Then, a question popped up in my mind.


Why was I so scared on the second date?


When I picked her up for the first time, she was wearing simple clothes and a rough ponytail, so I thought she was a bright girl with a nice face. He must have taken a self-defense, thinking, "It might be an opponent I can't beat."


The first time I met him, I could easily talk to him because of his appearance, but the second time, I found it difficult to talk because of his appearance.

But it's not like she's changed that much.

She was the same easy-going, cheerful woman as when I first met her.

Even when she first approached me, she acted silently and ignored me, but she was a woman who would accept my proposal if she thought it was good for her.


We, human beings, do not change in a short period of time.

In other words, it can be said that "whether or not a woman can be persuaded" is decided "as is" from the time we meet.


This is the same as I wrote in my previous article.


Shingo Lee's Always × Affair ⑥ Why is real-world romance more difficult than "Toki Memo"?

The amount of time they spend together will change their decision whether or not to accept this man, but unless they make a big mistake, their judgment will not change.


In other words, it can be said that
A man's preconception that [I might not be able to seduce this woman] will shrink and work in a bad direction, but it will not turn around.It's a loss just to hold it.
However, on the second date, I was obsessed with the delusion that I might not be able to persuade him, and I withered away and failed.


Unexpectedly, many men who are not accustomed to romantic relationships miss out on women to persuade due to such delusions.
I forgot that important thing.


God will tell you when you say "Let's kiss" whether you can really persuade him or not.The outcome is certain.
After that, I have no choice but to work as hard as I can until I say, "Let's kiss."

And sometimes God is mean and makes a girl lie, "I won't kiss you."Then press it again.

If it still doesn't work, that's the answer from God.


If you think what I say is a lie, I want you to try it tomorrow.

You'll soon find out if it's true, if only you try it.


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