Shingo's Pleasant Process XNUMX. The way you touch your breasts is full of mistakes

In this series "Pleasure Process", I will write the know-how of sex that increases the satisfaction of the partner.Based on this series,I sincerely hope that the adult life of daddy and daddy girls will be better.

This series is structured so that reading it over and over will help you improve your sex, so please read through the entire series.


Shingo's pleasure process ① People who are good at SEX don't do 〇〇〇〇! ?

Shingo's Pleasant Process ② Magical Power of "Atmosphere"! ?Things that everyone tends to forget


"Boobs" - it's a man's romance.


Not many men can resist their impulses in the face of that mysterious elastic part that men don't have.

I want to touch


Disagreeable,I want to rub


no noTo be honest, I want to rub.


That is the true intention of all men.


Most men know that even if you suddenly want to rub your breasts, you shouldn't act like that.

However, when actually facing the chest, half of the men give in to the impulse and rub it as soon as possible.

The rest of the men overcome the urge and try various tricks, but because they don't have the right knowledge, they can't get enough pleasure from women.

Therefore, women's nipples remain unable to know "real pleasure".


Case: A former banker's sex friend who says, "I've never felt it with my nipples."

"I've never really felt it in my chest."


A former former banker's friend told me.


When she was young, she hunted down handsome men and calmed down for a short while.


While feeling sympathy for the breasts that carried such a sad karma, I caressed them with interest, wondering, "What kind of breasts are those that don't feel?"She gasped so hard that in the second round she even had nipples come alive.


Until now, I'm sure, as I mentioned earlier, the men who gave in before their eyes and started massaging their breasts out of instinct, or the men who didn't know the "correct way to touch the breasts".

I arbitrarily thought that way and agreed.


"Milk" is not a switch for pleasure

First of all, if you are good at sex, you need to throw away one stereotype.

There are various “places where it feels good to be attacked = erogenous zones” such as nipples, clitoris, G-spot, etc.The erogenous zone is not a "switch that always gives pleasure when attacked".

If you turn on the light switch in the room, an electric current will flow and the fluorescent lights on the ceiling will glow.

However, there is no such "switch that always gives pleasure when touched" in a woman's body.

Just because you touch your nipples doesn't mean you'll always feel pleasure, as I mentioned in the example of the former banker's sex friend.


You need to know this.


I want you to throw away the preconceived notion that "any woman feels great when her erogenous zone is attacked, right?"


Tickling act called feather touch (lol)

In Pleasure Process XNUMX below, I wrote that even the articles that point out that "AV is wrong as a sex textbook" are often wrong.

Shingo's pleasure process ① People who are good at SEX don't do 〇〇〇〇! ?

So are slow sex and feather touch.


Feathertouch itself is wonderful, but due to widespread misconceptions, it is often spread as a mere tickling act or not used where it feels.

In addition to the misconception that ``it feels good as long as you touch the feathers'', the misconception that ``the tickling part will eventually feel good'' is spurring on.

Here are some examples of false knowledge I've seen on some of the sites I found when searching for "feathertouch".

(XNUMX) Wrong definition

Feather touch is a type of body touch.It is called feather touch because it touches the body like gently touching a feather.

Some of them are wrong from the etymology like this.

 In the first place, "feather touch" is Japanese-English, and in English it is called "feather-light touching".
"Feather-light" means "very light," and is "a very light touch."


② “Do you touch like a feather?”

Feather touch is a soft and fluffy body touch as if you were touching it with feathers. (Omitted) Feather touch is different from normal touch, because you use your fingertips to gently stroke it, so the degree of excitement increases.

As mentioned above, there is no need for the image of being touched with feathers, and the nuance of "softly" is not necessary.

Also, although it says "fingertips", basically it is important to increase the touch surface with four fingertips instead of one or two.


Feather touch is the etymology of "feather light touch", but it is a pattern that is confused with "feather tickler touch".


③ There is a possibility that the tickling area is an erogenous zone

There is a fine line between "tickling" and "feeling".Even the parts that usually feel ticklish can turn into sexual sensations when touched during masturbation or sex."associative zone"called.Even if you thought it was just tickling, it is important to repeatedly stimulate it in order to change it into an erogenous zone.tickles!Let's continue stimulating without avoiding the place where you feel.

In the first place, the feeling of tickling is a "defensive instinct", and if the feeling of tickling is strong, it will reflexively lean back.That's the kind of rejection.

Also, the concept of "associative feeling zone" that appears in this sentence has no basis, so it is better not to trust it too much.

As these groundless concepts take on a life of their own,The mistake that [the tickling area may be the erogenous zone]Therefore, they take an apology approach such as "Let's develop an erogenous zone" and repeat useless tickling.


A major erogenous zone is a feather touch

As mentioned above, Feathertouch is rampant with a lot of false knowledge.


So I have a question for you all.

① Have you ever feather-touched your back or shoulders?

②Have you ever feather-touched your breasts and nipples?

③Have you ever feather-touched female genitalia (clitoris, labia minora, etc.)?


Perhaps there are people who have tried ①.

However, when it comes to ②, there should be no experience for quite a few people.After all, there are many people who rub, shake, lick, and suck.

As for ③, most people should not have it.It is thought that suddenly kneading the clitoris is enough.


Why are the parts that have been feather touched limited?I believe it must be because of the spread of false knowledge about Feathertouch.


Finally, why is the feather touch good?Let's touch on a simple mindset of what to look out for when feather touching.


Basic Principle: Touch Erogenous Zones with the Correct Feather Touch

For example, if you lick your nipples, does it always feel good?Not so.
Like the former bank employee friend mentioned above, there are women in the world who say, "I don't feel pleasure from my nipples."


Men around the world think that if they push a button called "erogenous zone", pleasure will flow in a woman's body.

But as I said earlier, it's wrong.
So how should we approach it?


① Let's change how to touch the correct feather touch

Feather touch is often said to be "touch or not. Touch like a feather."

Rather than touching with the fingertips of one finger, it is better to apply firmly to the pad of the finger and take a wide area.

Also, let's touch it with 1 to 4 sticks instead of XNUMX stick.

The Feather Touch I'm introducing today isn't "touching like a feather" or "turning the tickle area into pleasure".


With four fingers, touch the other person's skin with enough pressure so that you can feel that you are touching them firmly.

The speed should be about 1 cm per second.Let's move slowly.


② Basic principle: Pleasure is not "given", but "picked up"

Basically, people who are not good at sex are like driving a car with the accelerator fully open, and they attack all the erogenous zones that are easy to feel good for the time being.

This cannot bring out XNUMX% of the pleasure that can be felt by pressing the erogenous zone.

For example, if the pleasure that can be felt with the nipple is XNUMX%, just attacking the erogenous zone suddenly can give only about XNUMX% of the pleasure.

In order to be able to feel this XNUMX%, it is necessary to increase the pleasure of the woman herself.


People feel a slight pleasure just by touching hands, but they are so small that they usually cannot notice it.

The real purpose of Feather Touch is to make the animal aware of the fact that it feels good just to be touched by another person, and to focus on that fact is the most important thing.

Never attack the ticklish part and misunderstand it as pleasure.


In order to "pick up pleasure" in this way, women themselves need to raise the "sensitivity of the pleasure antenna".

Areas such as the neck, arms, back, palms, shoulders, and ribs should be touched in order to increase the sensitivity of this "pleasure antenna."

In addition, the pleasure antenna is not only raised in a specific part, but also in other parts, and there is a tendency to "increase the sensitivity of pleasure" as a whole.


Assuming that the maximum pleasure felt with the nipple is XNUMX%, the pleasure felt when the collarbone is touched with a finger is about XNUMX%, which is almost impossible to feel as pleasure.

However, by slowly touching with four fingers and moving it little by little, you will notice that there is a "pleasure" there."5%" can be amplified to "XNUMX%" or "XNUMX%".

In this way, women's sensitivity is increased by making them aware of pleasure in areas that do not normally feel pleasure.This work is the work of "picking up pleasure".

Summary: The role of nipples and the correct way to touch breasts

In this article, there is not enough time to touch on detailed techniques, so let's finish with a simple lecture.


Even if you do a feather touch, there are probably many people who only touch the back and around the collarbone,Feather touch is also effective for the entire breast, excluding nipples.

In other words, feather touch the entire breast before rubbing.


And when they feel it enough, they make them imagine, "What will happen if I touch the nipple?"By imagining that, the sensitivity of the whole breast also increases.

This "imagining the pleasure of the next place to be touched" will further increase the sensitivity.


By picking up the pleasure of the skin, by "picking up the pleasure", the sensitivity of the milk itself also increases.Therefore, by further picking up "nipple sensitivity", the sensitivity of sex as a whole will increase.By doing so, you can create a cycle in which you can have sex that is more pleasant than usual even after you actually insert it.The basic cycle of sex that "picks up pleasure"It has become.


Now, with this in mind, I would like you to try sex that “picks up pleasure”.


If this article is interesting, if you're interested in what's next, please let us know your thoughts in the comments and tweets.

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