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Club activities and Joe's emotional movements

It's been three months since I joined Universe Club without really understanding the system.

Although they are registered in rural areas, so far all offers have been made in the Tokyo metropolitan area (sorry, Keiko-hime).

In my mood, I no longer came to Tokyo for work, but for club activities.

I'm still not getting any results.Ah, what are the results?After all, it is that, isn't it?

It's a little embarrassing, but the reason I applied to be an outside writer was because it would be a human sacrifice.

In order not to forget my original intention, this time I will try to write down the club activities and Joe's emotional movements for the past few months in a diary style.

How do you know Joe's proclivities?

x month x day
Leave home before 6 o'clock to go to Tokyo.

When I started my business, a customer gave me a tattered limoa that was carefully packed with clothes coordinated by my wife (!).

When I go on a business trip, he always sees me off at the front door, but today a XNUMX-digit diamond is shining on his left hand.

Even though I'm still in my sleepwear.Is it some kind of message?
After arriving in Tokyo, I moved to Shimbashi and had a meeting with Osamu for the Tokyo event.

By this time, we had a little trouble with the cost burden, but we compromised with each other and settled.

After the end, we had beer time with Osamu at a nearby bar.

The topic is natural because the work is over?About Sakura.

"Joe-san, did you do it with Saku-chan?"
and Osam.It's too straight, and your voice is loud!

Joe: Of course I didn't.


Joe: About my monthly salary

Osamu: "Achaa, what are you looking for in Sakura-chan after spending so much?"

Joe: "I don't know either."

Osamu "Joe-san, please introduce me to Sakura-chan. I'll take it instead of Joe-san. I'll report it properly."

Osamu, how do you know Joe's proclivities?

A calm and beautiful woman.

x month x day

Final meeting with Osamu in the morning for the event in Tokyo.

Along with that, the facilitator Koutarou (a pseudonym, an employee of Joe's company) also came to Tokyo on the day.

It was over two o'clock.

Lunch at Zagin with Osamu and Koutarou.Reward?I also put a little beer in.

Koutarou is excited about coming to Tokyo after a long absence.You will be the star of tomorrow's event.I'm looking forward to it.

In the evening, I went on a date with Princess Kayoko in Ueno.
Ah, this is the first appearance of Princess Kayoko.

She is my second favorite girl after Sakura.She is a calm and beautiful woman.

I thought she was a quiet girl, but surprisingly she also has a sense of humor, making conversation lively.

But the biggest attraction is the gap.

When we first met, despite our elegant appearance
"I have a strong libido and men call me lewd."
was confessed.

Of course?Joe is unconfirmed (bitter smile).By the way, I'm an F cup.

I'm not aware that I like big breasts myself, but I wonder if my tastes have changed?Maybe you like big breasts from the beginning?

Come to think of it, my wife also has big breasts.

Being able to share is the real thrill of dating clubs.

To the Tokyo National Museum at the request of Princess Kayoko.
Appreciate the "Unkei Exhibition" being held.People who know Joe say that he doesn't look like a person who loves art because of his barricaded appearance (he has a delicate heart), but he loves art, especially painting.

Until now, the pleasure of coming to Tokyo was to visit museums and art galleries,

Added club activities.And I am very happy to be with a woman who loves art like Princess Kayoko.

We arrived at the museum at XNUMX:XNUMX.

I appreciate that the opening hours are extended to 9:XNUMX on Fridays and Saturdays.

Since I had an advance ticket, I was able to pass through the main gate immediately, but I waited 40 minutes in front of the Heiseikan.

But if you wait while talking to Princess Kayoko, it will be over in no time.

After entering, Joe's style is to act differently or watch at his own pace.
And I enjoyed Unkei for about XNUMX hours.

Joe's best, however, is Unkei's father, Kokei's work, Kofuku-ji Temple's Seated Statue of the Six Ancestors of Law.

Six seated statues were lined up, and their power was overwhelming.I've been to Kofuku-ji Temple several times, so I'm sure I've seen it, but I don't remember it at all.

When I looked it up, it seems that they are displayed separately at Kofuku-ji Temple.Good job, Curator of the National Museum!You haven't read it, though.

When I waited at the exit, Princess Kayoko came out after a while.

"It was wonderful," he said somewhat excitedly.

For Joe, the real pleasure of the dating club is being able to share this kind of time.

It was Kayoko-hime's request, but I'm very happy that she liked it.

After that, I rushed to Ueno Yabu just before closing, and warmed up with soba as a side dish.

And information exchange of Unkei exhibition.Princess Kayoko's best performance is Unkei's debut work, "Seated Statue of Dainichi Nyorai" (National Treasure).

“I liked how fresh it was,” said Princess Kayoko.This kind of time after art appreciation is a blissful time for Joe.

After the exchange party is over for a while, Princess Kayoko hears complaints about her boyfriend (!).

"It's not compatible with your body. It's frustrating."
and Princess Kayoko.I'm sorry, Joe doesn't function when he drinks.
That's why I handed over the allowance and taxi fare and dissolved.

Launched at a sushi restaurant in Nihonbashi.

x month x day
Gather at 9 o'clock for an event.

Kotaro must have stayed up all night, his eyes are bloodshot.

Moreover, she is nervous and her face is pale.In the rehearsal, the lines fly many times.

I was worried, "Are you okay?"

He seems to be the strong type for performance.I wanted to treat myself to a treat, but I had to return to my hometown because I had to work tomorrow.
Black company.

As expected, I felt intimidated, so I handed him a gold seal as a souvenir.
Thank you for your hard work, Koutarou.Good job.

In the evening, we had a party with Osamu at a sushi restaurant in Nihonbashi.
Sakura appeared as a special guest.
Osamu is very excited.Leave Joe alone and talk to Sakura.
Joe enjoyed delicious sushi while enjoying the delusion that Sakura and Osamu were in love.

After the sushi restaurant, we went to two restaurants and dissolved.

To spend the night with Sakura, the two of us walked to Zagin.After checking in, take a bath together to wake up.
What do you usually do after bathing?Milk play.

However, Joe loses consciousness on the way.everyone?When will you get the results you want?

Results from yesterday to today.

x month x day

Wake up with Sakura.After taking a bath with her, she went to have breakfast.

By the way, the hotel I stayed at on this day is a hotel that has just opened recently in Zagin.

The rooms are compact and equipped with the latest equipment and are very functional.

Animity is Bvlgari.But the biggest selling point?is a room configuration that can be seen from the surrounding buildings when the curtains are opened.

Perfect for lovers activities.

The restaurant and bar on the top floor is not directly managed by the hotel, but is positioned as the Ginza store of a restaurant whose main store is in Aoyama.

For that reason, the menu is also substantial.

It is also appreciated that the bar time is until 2 am.Ended last night at this bar.

The president happened to be shaking the shaker that night.He exchanges business cards and has a long conversation.Breakfast is also served here.

Choose from three types of menus instead of buffet style.

Joe has a Japanese set meal, and Sakura has an American breakfast.It was so delicious.

And breakfast time is until 12:XNUMX.This is also a nice service for couples who have been active until late at night.

I don't care about Joe.Hopefully this service will continue. President Y, do your best!

After checking out, I go shopping with Sakura for a while.

A certain place asked for a black camisole (made in France!), so I gave it as a gift.

I was very happy.Joe was enjoying the delusion that Sakura-chan was showing off this camisole to another man.

When you leave, in the middle of Ginza?What I hugged was the result from yesterday to today.

Soon after being immersed in the afterglow with Sakura-chan, we rushed to the Tokyo Station Hotel after the dissolution.

I can't say it out loud, but I made an offer to the first beautiful blonde woman and met her.

I like the Tokyo Station Hotel, but the lobby is so small that it's not suitable for meeting people.

It was very busy that day.Joe arrived ten minutes early.And the blonde beauty (named Gorgeous Miss) appeared out of breath just in time.

You're so beautiful.Moreover, fur (!) on an elegant black dress.

A gold necklace around the neck.

Whoa, whoops, Joe is casual.What happened with this gorgeous lady?in another article.



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