My personal way of playing with women who are active dads Vol.1


Being a dad is really fun

For those of you who are now fathers, do you enjoy spending time with your women every day? And I think that includes a sense of fulfillment.

So, for those who have already become fathers, and for those who are considering becoming a father from now on.

I'd like to introduce my personal way of having fun with a woman who is active as a father.

If you've been a father for a long time, you'll meet women from all walks of life and with different personalities.

That's the refreshing and fun part of becoming a dad, but have you ever experienced that when you play too much, everything becomes simpler and less fun? I guess it's similar to the feeling of getting bored.

Actually, over the past three years or so, I've had this feeling of getting bored several times.

It's difficult to express these feelings in such a simple way, but I guess you could say that the way we played has become consistent.

Is the problem that the type of women I choose is too one-sided? I tried to find out various causes.

I'm sure this can be said about any man, but I do think there is always a certain type.

For example, you might like girls with good style, or your type might be neat women.

Here, I found a solution.

When choosing a woman, I realized that my sense of adventure had diminished, thinking, ``This girl is the type I've never seen before.''

If you're a man, I'm sure you'll understand, but isn't it time to be a little more playful when nominating a woman at a fishing shop and have fun by choosing a girl who isn't your type at all? Is it okay to say that choosing a woman you would never normally choose would tickle your adventurous spirit?

So, even if the result is a failure, I guess you could call it a situation that ends in laughter. (It feels like it ends on a happy memory.)

To put it simply, I was just choosing tiles and avoiding stimulation. I came up with my own answer.

So, here's how I came up with how to play with women who are active dads.

First, create a category for women to some extent.

What does this mean? First of all, at a dating club, you will be introduced to women.

Then, if you meet a woman you like, sign a contract.

I think this is the normal flow.

And here's where things get a little different.

First, create your favorite woman in the category.

From there, he meets another woman and chooses one that is a little different from the woman he originally chose.

Personally speaking, if the woman I like is a neat type, then to put it simply, I like women with flashy eyes.

Then, the next category is created: women with flashy eyes.

In this way, I've been signing more and more women in different categories, and lately I've been trying to have fun. (That's why it might be fun to register women by category when registering them on your smartphone.)

Among these, there is also a category of people who are good at sex.

Then, since several groups will be formed, the question is, which type of women should I hang out with every month? I get to choose, and that's a good stimulus for me as well.

Recently, a category called Kyushu women has been created.

I think the number of women a man can date is certainly limited, but if there's something I'm curious about, I try my best to say, ``Maybe she'll become my favorite.'' I am trying to be positive about signing contracts with women.

Why do we need to have so many women?

I'm sure this is part of being a father, but there are surprisingly few women who can have a long-term relationship with their partner. (Maybe only in my case)

The average length of time for the women I've been dating as a dad is about 6 to 8 months. (Some women finish it in one month)

Of course, there are women who have been in relationships throughout the years.

However, on average, there are very few women who can spend more than a year together.

There are various reasons for that.

We're both human beings.

This could be due to personality differences, or even though we had actually signed a contract, our schedules didn't match up, or our desires didn't match up.

After all, I think there are some points on both sides that you won't be able to see until you actually sign the contract.

The best way to take this into consideration is to make a contract with a certain number of people.

Contracts with women are between themselves, so there's no need to pay the same amount as someone you can meet even though you haven't met her at all.

Also, some women may ask for allowances even though they haven't met.

However, unless there are a certain number of women around, you won't be able to make comparisons or judge things like, "Is this girl a good woman? Will she do more for me than other women?"

Will the amount increase as the number of contracted women increases?

It's true that it costs more money than signing a contract with just one woman.

If there are 10 women, do we need to listen to their concerns?

But in the end, the number of girls you meet each month is limited.

In my case, I only pay the minimum allowance for a child I don't see at all.

Therefore, for example, if you are only dating one woman, the allowance for 10 people may be equivalent to going to that one woman.

To be honest, I have never set a budget for women who are working as fathers, but I guess this is about the same amount each month. should be understood individually.

There, the children I meet frequently at Plus buy things whenever they need something.

For example, if someone asks me for clothes, I'll go shopping with them, and if they're in a pinch, I'll help them pay the rent.

However, I try not to give any of this money to children I don't see often.

So maybe my way of playing is unique, but whether I sign a contract with one person or 10 people, my expenses may not change that much.

Is this another way to play? That's what I think.

I've heard that some men pay the same amount of allowance every month as the girls they meet, even though they haven't met each other at all, but I have nothing but doubts about it.

Some women consider fatherhood as a business, while others do it to earn some pocket money.

Therefore, there are some children who mistakenly think that all selfishness is acceptable, so I think men should be careful about this.

Since men are paying the allowance, how can they really enjoy it? Isn't it one way to have fun pursuing that?

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