Date record #91 Mysterious tension date Tomiko 4th time

 Hello. It's paparazzi. This time I went on an unusual date. It looked like a normal date, but I felt strangely excited. . . . I would like to report such a rare case.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Tomoko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: B
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Late 20s

History of dating

 The last time was over two months ago. The last time it was scheduled a month ago, but my girlfriend's friend contracted the coronavirus and we were in close contact with each other, so it was postponed. At that time, I honestly thought, "Lucky."

For some reason, Tomiko is definitely one of the best looking women I've ever met. She has a cute face, F cup bust and good figure. She's just, she's boring to meet. . . . .

 We only meet during the day, we don't have any catch-up conversations, we don't get much of a reaction, and we don't often laugh. Even when I'm with her, I feel like I'm just looking out for her. What's more, we don't usually keep in touch via LINE, etc., so there's even less to talk about. However, as a person like me, I thought, ``Maybe I'm just not used to it yet?'' Last time I did it for the first time, so maybe things have changed since then. Moreover, she asked me to meet her again, so I decided to meet her as a final decision. However, to be honest, I can't imagine wanting to meet him. I wish it would be canceled again. That's the truth. It's a good thing that the cost is cheaper during the day, but women who can only meet during the day tend to feel like they can't afford it.

 Therefore, since I don't feel like going, I naturally end up delaying deciding on a restaurant. I finally decided the day before and decided to try this restaurant. LINE with. No reply! I find it really strange that I am praying this. lol

 In the end, unfortunately (?)

"It's okay! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

Are your wishes in vain? I received a reply. Is this confirmed for tomorrow? . .

what was the date

 And then the day of my fourth date with Tomiko arrived. She ended up having lunch at her hotel restaurant. Since the meeting was at 4:13 p.m., the store was almost empty. I arrived a little late.

 "Sorry, did you wait?"

 "No, not really···"


It's like this from beginning to end. I wonder what's so fun about it that you want to meet me. A wallet? . . While she was on LINE she found out that her birthday was recently.

 “If this was okay, it would have been your birthday a while ago.”

 "Yes, thank you..."

The gift was then placed on the chair next to him. . .



"Eh, did you remember? I'm so happy! Thank you!!! Can I open it for you?"


 I want you to be like that. . . Because I can't help it

 “Would you please open it for me?”

 That's lame. . I think so myself, but there's nothing to talk about, and it seems like even after we're all over each other, the tension is almost the same as before. It was confirmed that the pain would continue even after this. And anyway, the boring lunch was over in about an hour. She has a cute face and a nice smile, though. . .

By the end of the meal

 Lunch was so boring that I even thought about going home, but I also thought about just going home without inviting him. However, I had come all the way to Tokyo for this purpose, so I thought I'd invite as many people as I could, leaving my luck to God. But I honestly want you to say no. With this strange feeling of excitement, I asked him after leaving the restaurant.

 "Do you have time after this?"

 “Eh, what do you think?”

 The other day, I found myself thinking, "No! No!" and I found myself laughing. And her girlfriend replied, ``She hasn't been feeling well lately. I'm going to have to do some tests.'' . .

 “Eh, that’s a big deal,” I say, but what I really mean is, “Then don’t come!” lol

 After such a boring lunch, I was charged for transportation expenses and I got nothing. . . Moreover, since I was stingy with transportation expenses, I don't think I'll ever get a call. Of course, this was so boring that she didn't even want to pay for the transportation, and she also felt that she was overwhelmingly weak against the beautiful woman, and she felt like she would leave if she was invited, so I decided that it would be better for her to be hated. did. She realized that she needed to be well-educated so that she would not come when she was not feeling well.

Reflection of this time

・Even if you reserve a table seat, you can change to the counter seat.
・It is better to have a thorough discussion with your partner about not meeting on days when you are not feeling well or on girls' days.

This store

 Stable, like a hotel restaurant. The conger eel bowl has a weak taste, but it's refreshing and not bad. It's nice to have free refills of pork soup. The flavor is strong, but I love it! lol

Ikkyu only has table seats, but you can change to counter seats by contacting us directly. The counter seats, which appear to be made of a single piece of wood, have a nice atmosphere. It's not close to Shinjuku Station, but it's not too far and is recommended. Since it's in Nishi-Shinjuku, it's easy to get to by either securing a hotel for day use or taking a taxi to the love hotel district.

Also, ethnic people have different tastes in cilantro, so it can be quite an adventure the first time. I recommend checking with the club to see if ethnic items are OK before making arrangements for a restaurant.

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