• Hello, nice to meet you.Let me ask you a question.I'm married, but recently there are many women who are using Twitter for the first time as a dad...


Question date: 2023/06/23 13:58

Hello, nice to meet you.Let me ask you a question.I'm a married person, but I've been interested in Twitter recently because there are many women who are doing dad activities for the first time.

My only pleasure is going shopping alone during the day, and I have a lot of spare time.I'm also working hard on beauty and other things, but I'm at a loss to register because I want to talk to an intelligent and gentleman because I can't do it alone.

I'm married and I can only see you at lunchtime, but is there a daddy who would like to have dinner with me and tell me about work and things I don't know, or go on a date?I haven't decided on the amount of allowance I want or my physical relationship.Medium confidence in appearance.Are you naive?

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Joe Rubicon

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I suspect that there are not a few women who think like the questioner, but here they are minorities.
It seems.On the other hand, there may be a certain number of married male members who want a woman like the questioner.
That's my point of view.
However, I feel that there are not many men who understand the risks of married women and act carefully, not only in the universe.
I'm one of them, and maybe I'm the only one, but in general, men don't care about being exposed,
I think that I believe that it will not be found out without grounds.
The idea of ​​the questioner is ideal, and it is quite nice
I think, but aren't there a minority of men who accept and respect that?
However, I don't think it's possible, so why not?What would it be like to join and experience it?
Maybe you can find your ideal partner.

  • Answer date: 2023/06/23 14:33
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Since what the questioner is trying to do is adultery, he may not be prepared or cautious about the risk.

  • Answer date: 2023/06/23 14:24
Female member

Nana Ayase

Men don't sign up for dating clubs to talk to.The idea is sweet.

I'm in my 30s, so please think that there is a basic adult relationship.
And I think most men avoid married people.
work if you have free time

If you say that you are prepared, you can use Twitter as a personal business
It's safer to become a Universe member than to be

You want to break up your home?

  • Answer date: 2023/06/23 19:36
Male member

date ◎ dream

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I generally agree with Nana-san's way of thinking, and I think my thinking is naive.

As someone with the experience of making an offer to a married man, I would not hesitate to make an offer if it is a woman who is likely to date a married man.

As a result of the offer, what happened after that,
After XNUMX-XNUMX days, he left me with something ridiculous and withdrew from the membership (laughs).

After that, what happened to me,
This case was a good experience and I learned a lot, and as a result, I have never made an offer to a married person.

  • Answer date: 2023/06/23 20:20

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