• Is the age limit up to 40?
    Is 43 years old unreasonable?

    me, woman


Question date: 2018/06/09 00:48

Is the age limit up to 40?
Is 43 years old unreasonable?

me, woman

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Kida (President)

Kida will answer

me, woman
The ending is cool
deadly worker

It may be written that the age limit for female members is loose, up to about 45 years old,
It's case by case
There are female members in their 50s who keep getting offers, so it's sometimes difficult to turn them down because of their age.

But of course, when I was thinking, "Well, you're still young at 43," the call center said, "I'd like a first interview with a photo."
Tension goes down as you say.

It would be easier for all the call center staff to have an interview, but thanks to the representative who would say things like, "Don't post your profile irresponsibly when you don't think you'll get an offer from a man!"

So in conclusion, okay

However, I feel a strong sense of the Showa period in terms of "line break, line break, my woman", so I may let you review the photo once.

I am 46 years old.please excuse my rude answer

I am 46 years old

  • Answer date: 2018/06/09 01:15
ス タ ッ フ


Universe Tokyo Mamiya wants to tell you more!

The other day, there was a female member in her mid-40s who graduated safely.
He said that he wanted to withdraw because he was sure that he would not be cut off with Papa.

It seems that the person who received the offer searched for "over 40" and "no smoking".
I'm convinced that men's tastes are not limited to age, but rather can be a weapon as an appeal.
I would like you to seize the opportunity to have confidence in the sex appeal and consideration that young women cannot show.

  • Answer date: 2018/06/12 19:58
Back office

Business Strategy Department Yamagishi

Yamagishi from the advertising management department and call center will answer.

We look forward to receiving your application.
Men's tastes are more complex and diverse than women think.
In our club, we have registered women who have a sense of cleanliness and good manners.

If you are worried about suddenly coming to the interview, we also have a video interview and a preliminary screening with photos.
Please feel free to contact us.

  • Answer date: 2018/06/09 15:17

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