• It's an allowance.So far, I have been in an adult relationship with one hand (XNUMX).
    From my experience, I don't think it's a dissatisfying amount...


Question date: 2018/05/18 22:08

It's an allowance.So far, I have been in an adult relationship with one hand (XNUMX).
Based on my experience, that doesn't seem like a bad amount.It was a reaction that I would be happy with that amount.
Is it usually like that?
By the way, this is the case on a normal city (?) date.Actually, I am planning to go on a trip with my partner.
I haven't developed into an adult relationship with her yet.
It's my first trip, so I'm pretty excited about staying at a luxurious inn.So the expenses are worth it.I'm inviting myself, so that's good, but I don't think I can reduce my allowance.
To be honest, I would like to know about the bargaining (?) in that area.I can't ask anyone...
that's all, thank you very much.

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Kida (President)

Kida will answer as one of the staff.

Thank you very much for your very good question.

I also think that it is not a dissatisfied amount.

The reduction in allowance for travel is completely imaginary,
I think it's split into two.

The type of woman who is emotionally connected to men =
I'm sorry for making you spend so much money on your trip.
If you take me to a wonderful place on a trip, I would rather not need an allowance
Let me spoil you (Heart)

Work-oriented woman =
2 days and 3 nights = 24 hours x 2 x allowance = 240 million
Desei discount 40 = 200 (excluding miscellaneous expenses)

I think there is a difference.
The disadvantage of the former is, "I don't feel like working, so I won't let you do it if you don't feel like it."

The disadvantage of the latter is "expensive"

I think that the questioner knows the above, so about tactics

According to the impression I heard on the members-only bulletin board before, "Do bargaining and negotiations before splitting up."
And that.

women are surprisingly
“Why are you stingy with me when you spend so much money on hotels, flights and restaurants?”
It is said that there are many people who think that

Women have a lot of things they want to buy and events they want to go to this month, and it is natural that they are doing dad activities for that purpose, and there are cases where they are trying to use the allowance they receive from their dads for those things.
In that case, there may be cases where the woman thinks, "It's okay to go to a nearby park for a trip, so I'd like the travel expenses and other expenses to be covered by my allowance."

But what is difficult is that there are a certain number of women who do the opposite.I thought it was such a female fantasy for me.

I hope that the questioner's partner is a woman who feels the value of being able to make wonderful memories on a trip.

  • Answer date: 2018/05/19 01:39
Male member

Kida (President)

Former Universe member.
I have also traveled with a female member, so I hope it will be helpful.

This time
1. Going on a trip
2. Getting into an adult relationship for the first time
3. For that reason, prepare a luxurious inn in advance
Considering the above three points, if you bargain with your allowance, the trip itself will be white.
I think it is possible.
If I were the questioner, I would like to express the spirit of "I am coming with you" on my trip.
Don't forget to go.Luxurious inns and delicious meals, for the first time in adult relationships
Why don't you think of it as a preparation and spice to become?

Rather than thinking about money, from the perspective of what to do to enjoy the trip together
Please take a look and enjoy your trip to the end, rather than reducing your allowance of tens of thousands of yen.
Isn't that good?

However, I can understand the feeling that if you make it this extravagant for the first time, the rest will be ....
So, if you find a new woman next time, when you assume that you will have an adult relationship for the first time
Why don't you consider the royal road plan from the hotel restaurant to the hotel room there?
Is not it?

After that, I think it would be easier to enjoy the trip after meeting a few times.

By the way, I'll pay for all the travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, food and drink), so why don't you leave your allowance this time?and
Before the trip, I asked a woman and she said, ``Huh?
There may be few women who will accept none.
(It may be a gentleman's taste to do it well...)

There is also such a document about allowances, so why not use it as a reference?

how much do women getAverage Allowance Market Interview Survey

  • Answer date: 2018/05/19 00:50

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