• Are most of the women who join for money?


Question date: 2018/06/03 20:09

Are most of the women who join for money?

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Kida (President)

Thank you for your question!Kida will answer

Yes, most of the women who join are for money
What else do you have? ?

If you were a staff member, you would probably give a model answer like, "It's not just about money. We're also looking for emotional connections, such as the tolerance of older people and the curiosity to come into contact with unknown worlds and knowledge."
I don't do that kind of answer because I feel the question is slightly malicious (challenging).

Assume that the questioner is a man who is considering joining.
What is the purpose of the questioner to consider joining?
Isn't it casual (non-marriage) sex with a woman?

Even so, from female members
“Are most of the men who join the club want to have sex?”
If you ask me, won't you click a little bit?

I'm not a member for such an immediate and short-sighted reason
I joined to enjoy the process rather than to ejaculate

I think you'll answer

women are the same
If a woman says, "I don't need money, I just want to have sex!"Because I'm afraid

So, I'm afraid your question is a stupid question.
"What's the fun in hitting the ball with a stick?"
Regardless of your annual income or age, it is not a place for people who are not "adults" to step in.

  • Answer date: 2018/06/03 22:31
ス タ ッ フ

Ai Takita (Staff)

Takita will answer.

I think that the entrance is almost the purpose of money.
Among them, there are some people who build relationships that they can get along with properly,
There are also women who are completely exposed to the fact that money is the only purpose.

Very few women are making enough money
At first, there are many women who want to have fun and earn money, but Takita-like women who have the talent to earn money firmly
I feel like it's less.

You can't make money at a dating club by having fun and cheating
I think it is difficult only for women who have the talent to win the hearts of men.

  • Answer date: 2018/06/04 08:00

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