• I met him at UC and met him once or twice and he didn't like me
    contacted me after a year
    Tomorrow morning at 10am, you can come to a place two hours away from my house...


Question date: 2023/06/21 13:23

I met him at UC and met him once or twice and he didn't like me
contacted me after a year
Can you come to a place two hours from my house from 10am tomorrow morning?was the content of
I'm in my 60s, and I'm a licensed business that has developed a lot of businesses and has a high status.
A weekday morning meeting is
I also have work and dressing, so I hate it
I wanted to add at least the actual transportation cost, so I asked for 3.5, but it was ignored

Thanks to this bulletin board,
I'm so sorry
I think I invited you with the intention of rejecting the other person.
I don't like it either, so I dared to negotiate an allowance

The person I hated from the beginning,
This kind of customs treatment is welcome, but if you consider transportation costs, time, and place, it would be a good dad in my mind (I have lowered my standards considerably)...
Even if I didn't like it, I endured it and spent 10 hours at 2 o'clock.
Even if my pride as a woman is shaved off like a low allowance
When I'm stressed like this (morning, long distance, no transportation expenses, of course I don't get transportation expenses for short distances) I can't stand it and cut it off.

Am I making money with this?
With my kindness, even if you don't have a budget, if you're a good person, I'd like to meet you at a low allowance.

Will a child who is OK with a low allowance become a child who makes money?

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I wonder if it's only natural to refuse such a thing in seconds

  • Answer date: 2023/06/21 13:26
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I think both are making money.

I think the questioner is also very obsessive.
I feel like it's becoming a vicious circle.

  • Answer date: 2023/06/21 16:11
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Nana Ayase

Even if you contacted me after a year...why did you leave your contact information?
And I got a call, so I'm going to go...
Is that the extent of the questioner's pride?

I think people who really make money will make new offers.

You're making a fool of me, you know?
Please remove the block.

  • Answer date: 2023/06/21 17:20
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date ◎ dream

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You have your own intentions about dating, and you are working within the rules you set yourself, so I don't think I'm paying money.

I have long said that
I don't think a relationship should be judged by money.
Both men and women are happy to see each other and benefit from each other.
I think, "You should only date if you say so."

Dating is not money!

  • Answer date: 2023/06/21 20:01

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