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Circumstances of a girl who is working as a dad

Hello, I'm Bell! (*´∀`*)♫

Why is the girl who is active as a dad this time?

What kind of circumstances are you doing dad life?

I'm going to dig into the.


I'm going to talk about my self-Introduction and the reason why I started dad life.

I am in my third year as a dad.

I worked as a hostess in Ginza from 21 to 28 years old, and from 25 to 27 years old, I worked hard as No.1 (о´∀`о)

At the age of 29, I quit my night job at the same time as my engagement and returned to my day job and lived together.

Panic attacks made it impossible for me to get on a crowded train in the morning, and I was unable to work at a company.

Since I was a contract employee, I was able to live on sickness allowance for three months until the renewal, but after that I was living off my savings.

Meanwhile, I decided to join a "dating club" that I heard about from a friend.


This is the story of how I started working as a dad.

I got sick and had a panic attack, so I couldn't get on a crowded train in the morning, and I couldn't work, so I had to earn a living.


When I meet with various gentlemen, they tell me stories of women they met.

She often talks about the subject of conversation, such as "There was a woman like this." ( ´ ▽ ` )


Debt repayment

I don't think there are many people who are working as a dad to pay off their debts.

What kind of debt it is depends on each person, but the person I heard said that fake brands are sold on flea market sites.

I'm doing it because it's going to be a punishment and I have to pay a fine.

For that reason, he needed a large amount of money and could not rely on his parents, so he started living as a dad.


I feel like I'm self-serving and putting the cart before the horse, but it's amazing to talk about it to a man...




Tuition payment

Many people pay their own college fees.

The restaurant where I worked in Corona became idle and the shift decreased,

The shop is no longer open, and even if you look for a new one, there is no staff recruitment anywhere in the corona disaster,

It seems that there were a lot of students who started dad activities in a situation where there was no job ( ; ; )


Young people who have not yet entered society do dad activities,

I feel like it will affect the value of money and work in the future.

Will I not be able to work full-time five times a week at 20 a month?

I'm worried ('Д`)


Unemployed due to corona sickness, CA and aviation related

It became a topic in the news a little, but it seems that there were many unemployed people, including CAs, who lost their jobs.

In addition to CAs, it seems that there were people who started making daddy activities to make up for the shortfall because only 7% of their salary was guaranteed even if they were unemployed or continued.


I can't even quit and get a different job, and I guess it was a pretty painful situation to be half-hearted.

You can't become a CA just by working hard.

It is a profession that can be obtained by people who have cleared various standards and strict training.

I don't think it's an easy job to quit.

I finally got a job and my career hasn't even started yet

My heart hurts when I think about the feelings of those who have been closed due to the corona misfortune.


Husband's medical expenses

This is going to be a pretty heavy story

It seems that my husband started to earn hospital expenses and treatment expenses when he became ill and needed advanced medical care.

It's not that the inside of her husband has cooled down, and although she doesn't really want to do it, she has to earn a large amount of money, so she decided to take on the challenge.

It seems that the woman didn't really want to be a daddy, so she told the gentleman about this while crying.


I think it's wonderful that this woman can go this far for her partner.

However, trying to do something you don't want to do by suppressing your feelings

I think it was a great readiness.

I want this woman to be happy.


I started working as a dad when I started having panic attacks and couldn't work at a company because of my physical condition unrelated to the corona sickness, but there are people who started dad activities for various reasons.


I think it's normal to be criticized in general if you say "I'm doing dad activities".

I haven't told anyone.

Some people are doing daddy activities to have fun and earn money, but I don't want to

Some people need a large amount of money immediately, while others are unable to pay their tuition and living expenses due to lack of employment.

There are circumstances one person at a time.

I'm not trying to trick you into getting money.

Daddy activity is not to be praised, but I don't think it's to criticize without asking why.

I think it's okay to rely on them and solve them on their own.

If you are to blame, isn't it a situation or environment where there is no one to rely on even if you have a family?

It will no longer be a personal problem.

Isn't it wrong to criticize only those who are active as dads?

I think.

I think that things will change if we delve deeper into social issues.


I pray that you will find a wonderful daddy (^_−)−☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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