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Papa's affair is discovered.How did you know?

Today is a little sad, a little funny, a story about my dad's affair being exposed.And my dad doesn't even care...

The world of papa katsu may seem wide, but it may be small.In particular, I think that men and women have different positions and stances in dad activities.
Daddy chooses his favorite girl from among the girls registered in the dating club.Atmosphere, height, number of cups, occupation, etc.A dad who likes models is dating multiple girls who are models.

However, it is rare for a girl to choose her father.Therefore, even if the girls are connected, it is rare for the dads to be connected or to be in the same community.
What's more, if you consider the number of unmarried girls who tell their friends that they are working as dads and the number of married dads who can't say that they are working as dads, their dates are the same!It turns out that the number of daddy girls who discover their daddy's cheating is overwhelmingly large.

This dad nominated Lena about half a year ago at a dating club.He is in Tokyo on a business trip and is staying at a hotel.
The meeting place was a French restaurant in Ningyocho.At a high-class restaurant, while I am happy with the special feeling, I am worried that if the story does not match, it will be difficult to endure the two-hour course.
The dad who appeared was clean and casual, and I felt like I was not embarrassed to be in a French restaurant with him.
He is a little shy, having casual conversations, talking about his unmarried dad looking for a girlfriend, doing things like dad life, and inviting a child he has never met to a fancy restaurant for the first time. He also showed me a different side.
He had good manners and consideration, and was a gentleman.Until he left the store...

When I left the store, my dad said,
"I'm staying at a nearby hotel today, so let's take a taxi together from here."
It says.Lena was a little surprised by her shy-looking daddy's insistence on disobeying the girl's wishes.
When Lena hesitates,
"It doesn't have to be anything, so I want to talk to you alone."When.
Papa who creates a situation where he can't refuse, maybe he's used to it.I didn't hate it, so I went to my room and broke up for the day.

After that, Lena only dated the dad once.She kept in touch with me, and we kept in touch with each other, but she didn't seem to get along very well.
In fact, I didn't feel like I could get very close to him, even though I couldn't see him often because he was a business trip group.
In fact, I didn't even tell Rena her real name, but she kept asking me about her work. , I felt uncomfortable.
I thought he was a bit unreliable, so I didn't actively ask to see him.

It's been like this for half a year, and last week, when I met a Papa-katsu-joshi who was drinking money.
After only the guarantee was disbanded, the girls got excited and talked about dad activities.What clubs are you in?In such a casual conversation, a beautiful woman cut out.

"The dad I met last week seems to be an investor who has connections with overseas investors, and next month he will invite a Cambodian prince to Japan, gather girls and entertain him, and the scale is different. As an unmarried dad, he's pretty cool, but he seems to be busy and has a lot of mysteries."

Ah~ It's the same dad as the one I met.I pretended to be shy and inexperienced to find a hole sister so close.
You say you haven't met anyone, but you seem to meet a lot.playboy.smile

“That papa is ○○, isn’t he?”When I asked, yes.and.
It seems that the girl was not familiar with the dating club and was nervous about the first date.
Rather than the fact that I wasn't counted, the mystery of lying to everyone and wondering what they want to do.
There is a suspicion that being a business trip family or being single is also a lie.Maybe he's not a mysterious man, he's just a lying daddy.

Women's information networks cannot be underestimated.
There is actually a LINE group of girls who are active as dads, and there are girls who share daddy information on Twitter.
A screenshot is shared of an actual conversation with Dad.It's scary...Papa's photo and her real name are also being shown worldwide on Twitter.
What happened to discipline and privacy protection?I can't do anything poorly.
I've also heard about a LINE group between dads, and there seems to be a bulletin board about Papa Katsu Joshi that dads use, so pay attention to Papa Katsu Joshi too.

About a month later, I got a call from that dad.
"I have a girlfriend. I won't be able to contact you anymore."When….
Are you finally willing to go on alone?It's someone else's problem, but don't worry.
Was the dad life a madness, or did it not fit...?

I wish I could have met the Prince of Cambodia.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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