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The story of finding a dad on Tinder ~ A story of being left behind in the mountains

Hello.This is Rena, who is looking for a dad on the dating app Tinder.

Today I have a meeting with a 35-year-old financial man.

Even if you say financial man, there is a difference between the back office of a major financial institution and the trader or broker of a hedge fund (the monthly income is often over XNUMX million yen), so you need to be careful.

I didn't know the ceiling world of such a financial institution unless I did my dad.


It's been about a month since I started using Tinder for dad activities.

Originally, Tinder seems to have many men who are looking for sex if they go on a date, and most of them say they want to have sex if they have a date.

In my profile, I write, "If you are looking for a one-night stand or a sex friend, please swipe left (don't like me), so I rarely match with such people.

If you still contact me without reading my profile, I'm sorry, but I'm unmatching you.

I feel that Tinder is shorter than other dad live apps from matching to meeting.

Are you free tomorrow?Then, let's meet, like a sense of speed.Of course, there are people who seem to be busy, but I often don't get to meet such people.

I'm the type of person who doesn't like chatting endlessly with men who don't know if they'll meet or not, so I like to communicate by first meeting them, and if we meet each other, we'll continue to meet, and occasionally chat. .

When exchanging contact information on Tinder, I feel that many people use Telegram.

If you use Line, your real name will be revealed and your photos will appear, but Telegram has become an image that is often used for affairs and daddy activities.

I will talk about Telegram next time, but if the other party deletes all the chat contents, all the contents of the chat room will disappear, so it's a completely different level of fear than canceling line transmission.

Be sure to screenshot the important promise you made with your dad.


Well, today he has a few years of experience as a daddy, and he already has a baby (a girl he keeps), but he wants to find another child, so he started looking for a second mistress on Tinder. There seems to be

After telling him that I was looking for a dad who would only serve meals, he agreed to meet with me.

However, since he was married and had a job with a position, he didn't want his acquaintances to see him together. but···.

Because the last time I was attacked was a trauma, I asked for a face-to-face meeting at the hotel lounge at least.

Then, the place and time to meet were specified, and we decided to have tea at noon the next week.


The person who appeared is a handsome dad who is cooler than the picture (although his stomach is sticking out).

As soon as I got to my seat, the hotel staff handed over the room card key to Papa.Rena's vigilance level maxed.

Ah, I've got a room... Will I call my favorite baby after this?Thinking about it, Papa.

The first thing he said was, "If you like the way you look, of course, we agreed to move into the room together, but I'm sorry, I'm not your type.
My type is not a sexy type of beauty, I like a childish and cute type.
Also, my hair is too light.
But since you've come all the way here, let's just have a cup of tea, I'll give you an allowance as promised, and I'll answer any questions you have. "and.

Well, that's right, since I've grown up, I've been called a sexy type, but I've never been called a cute type.

His personality isn't cute, and he's the type who wants to be dominant in dad activities.

So, I was shaken in 5 seconds after the start of face-to-face meeting.

However, like the fucking daddy we often hear about, we don't curse, we don't leave without paying the bill, and we don't run away without any allowance.

You're such a gentleman, aren't you?

Have you ever been to such a gentle handsome man in Papa Katsu World?It's a black level daddy in the universe.

It's a pity that Lena didn't meet the expectations of a high-class papa, but when I listened to this daddy, he had a very sexual desire, and in the first place, he was a daddy who couldn't keep up with Lena.

Every morning before going to work, he stops by the apartment he rents for his favorite baby, and after doing morning exercise sex, he goes to the office.

I replied, "It's hot, isn't it?", but I'm sure it's impossible for me.smile 

By the way, apart from the apartment, the allowance is XNUMX yen.

If you can get such a gentle handsome man to treat you, you'll think about it...So, I wasn't even chosen.


The face-to-face meeting with Papa was over in 30 minutes, and after being told that I would delete the contact information, the contact information was also deleted.

On Telegram, when blocked by the other party, it says "This account has been deleted", but that screen came out.

It's completely goodbye.

Today's dad was a weak dad for Lena.

Don't be shaken by your appearance at the next face-to-face meeting!I will continue to improve myself!


Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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