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How to get along with Kuchara Papa


This is Rena, who was honored with Tinder Papa Katsu last time.

I'm bad at giving up, so I decided to go on a second Tinder date.

It's difficult to decide on a date with many matches, but I think timing is also important.

This time, a 38-year-old financial company employee.

We decided to have lunch at a high-end Chinese restaurant near our house.

He readily agreed to my allowance, and I went on a date thinking that I was lucky that it was close to my house.

I feel that there are many men who want to meet someone after getting to know the other person before going on a date on Tinder.

For example, this person said that he started Tinder because he was divorced and had a child, but wanted to meet a new partner again.

There are many men who say the same thing, and I would like to recommend such men to matchmaking apps instead of casual dating apps like Tinder.smile

Also, the three questions I was often asked were "What kind of work do you do?", "What area do you live in?", and "What is the purpose of using Tinder?"

When I asked her later why she would ask such a question, she said, "What kind of work do you do?" And.

I try not to tell them my real job until I meet them, but it seems that many men don't want to date NEETs.

Also, when asked about the area where you live, what is it for a moment?However, due to the characteristics of the app, you can see how far away you are from the other party.

When I asked the man what the intention of the question was, he said that the reason was so that he could meet him at a convenient place.

Lastly, I got the impression that many people were quick to talk when asked what their purpose was for Tinder.

This is because, from the point of view of someone who wants to be a sex friend, people who want to get married are not eligible, and even if they match, the story will not progress.

It seems that there are many men who want to be able to understand from the beginning rather than find out that the purpose is different after meeting, and I agree.

There are some people who say, "I've never said anything, whether it's a friend or a lover, I'm using it because I want to expand my network."

It seems that the number of girls who want to be a daddy like me is increasing.

To be honest, today's date wasn't really my type, but I went on a date.

On Tinder, there are people who have registered their affiliations and positions openly, and they are doing work that I am interested in, so I wanted to hear a little about them.

A 38-year-old office worker with a slightly better atmosphere than the photo.

I think it's really true that the suit looks three times more.

Dads, we recommend a suit for the first date!

As you can see from my profile, I was working at a company that I was interested in, so I decided to order a few platters.

This is because it was my second time coming to this restaurant, so I didn't know what was delicious. It will be served separately) Let's have a course meal~'

The downside of the Chinese platter is that the food is shared.

It's fine if it's with a family member or a friend of the same sex, but if the man you're talking to is spitting, unclean, or rude, you'll lose the desire to eat. .

On top of that, since I'm sitting right in front of you, I can clearly see the opponent's flying wings and where they land.

I couldn't see the other person's face, and I was only concerned about where the spit was flying.

This time, it was Kuchara Papa.

I know you like to talk, but don't mess around while you talk.

Most of the content of the talk is the background of the divorce with the previous wife.

My wife's salary was only 20 yen, so I bought a house with the support of my parents' house, but my wife became mentally ill and I couldn't work. hand···
I was told that it was a lot of money, and I was told that it was a difficult marriage.

However, I have to hold back the feeling of wanting to say, "I have a lot of time. Can I ask you something after I finish eating?"

I will also receive money, so I ate silently while listening to the story with a smile.I ate all of it, me.

I told him that it would be ruined if he got mad at me and I didn't get any allowance, so today I had to put up with it and just listen to what he had to say.

Even though it's the first date, I'm not dating him, and I have chopsticks for sharing, I use straight chopsticks.

Appetite -100 even though it's a high-end Chinese food.

If I eat while talking with my mouth open, I'm afraid of droplet infection, and before that, I wonder what it's like to behave like an adult.

This is the elite of the world's leading companies.

He is divorced and just before 40.

I don't think anyone has pointed this out yet.

This was also a date that made me want to go home after the date was over.

I didn't have the courage to point it out on my first date...


Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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