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Analyze Natsuyuki Universe Club

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki.

It's hot every day….

I'm thirsty and want to drink or eat something cold.

Sweets make me fat, so I eat only watermelon.

Well, today, I'd like to introduce the merits of choosing the Universe Club as a place for Natsuyuki's papa activities.

There are exactly three.

  1. kindness, peace of mind
  2. Polite and quick to respond
  3. have branches all over the country

Let's take a closer look.

The staff is also a young woman, so it's safe

First of all, (XNUMX) kindness and peace of mind,

The staff are all very friendly and have bright smiles.

Natsuyuki cannot forget the day she first visited the office when she first enrolled in Universe.

It was my first experience as a daddy, so I was nervous and nervous when I visited the office.

It feels a little different from the feeling of going to a normal company interview.

Because it's a dad life.

There are quite a few gray images in the world, and like the night world, I wonder what I should do if I go to an interview and suddenly say, "Please take off your clothes."smile

I was told to wear a dress like a date, but I wondered if it was okay to wear something like this.

What should I do if someone says, "You're a little fat, so you can't do it",

Well, I thought a lot.

And when I thought about it, all the other women were beautiful and looked like enemies, and I used to go to the office while freaking out.

However, when I arrived at the office, I was greeted by a woman with a bright smile and a gentle smile saying, "I've been waiting for you~♫".

"It's a very nice dress, isn't it~♡"

The room they let me through was also a white room with bright light, just like a model office.

There was a big mirror and a white sofa, and it was a stylish interior.

I had a camera for shooting, so my expectations for the image of an "office" grew even more.

The staff who support me are also young women, so I feel safe and very kind.

"You don't have to be nervous~"

"Work is not forced, so it's okay to set it within the range you can do!"

"What kind of man is your type~♡"


I was able to finish the registration smoothly without setting myself up because I was able to communicate softly as if I was talking at a girls' association.

From the first impression, Universe clubs give you a sense of security.

Regular communication is very diligent

And, regarding (XNUMX) that the response is polite and quick, the usual contact is very diligent.

If you contact us on LINE, you will always receive a reply immediately.

So, for example, if I get lost before a date, or if I am unavoidably late for some reason, it is reassuring to know that someone I can rely on will be right there on the other end of my phone.

Even if you have a problem with a man, you will be able to respond immediately.

(By the way, I never got in trouble during a date.)

Even when setting up a date, they keep in close contact with me until the day of the appointment, and even if it's canceled, they'll let me know as soon as possible, so I almost never waste my time. .

Being able to communicate properly with the staff in this way is a great emotional support for working as a dad.

Creating a comfortable environment for women

Finally, the third point is ③There are branches all over the country.

I actually moved from Kanto to Kansai, and when I reported my move, I was automatically connected to the Kansai branch of Universe Club.

If necessary, I was impressed by the fact that even if I moved, I could continue to work without any troublesome procedures.

What's more, even if the branch moved, my profile was shared, and I didn't ask any unnecessary questions, which made me feel very comfortable.

I thought that this merit is unique to Universe Club, which has branches all over the country.

These are the benefits I felt when I joined the Universe Club.

I think that the universe is loved by good customers because it creates a comfortable environment for both men and women.

For that reason, girls are also doing daddy activities, and they rarely have bad experiences, and I felt that they were having a great time.

Natsuyuki has never been to other dating clubs, so I don't know what the others are like, but I would like to introduce Universe as one of the candidates for those who are thinking about dad life.

That's it for Natsuyuki who only eats watermelon.

Xia Xue

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki. "Snow that falls in the summer" is somewhat strong, ephemeral, fantastic, and outlaw image... I think women in their XNUMXs like me are such a living thing.I would be happy if you could look forward to reading such a neat post written by Natsuyuki.By the way, my favorite saying is "The secret is to make a woman beautiful."You got a little nervous, didn't you? *

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