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Daddy life trouble!Scary memories of being on the verge of being sued...


The most important thing for daddy girls to avoid is useless trouble.
You want to make money efficiently, but you don't want to get caught up in trouble.


But since I interact one-on-one with people I don't know at all,
The reality is that there is a limit to what you can be careful about in advance.


I've run into problems in the past, too.
Among them, there was a shocking event that made me feel miserable.
This article will tell the story of what happened.


meeting fat daddy

I got acquainted with this dad through the site, and had a normal relationship with meals and hotel dates.


I'm in my 50s and run a company, and I'm a family of 3 with a college student daughter and wife.
The allowance was about twice as much as other dads, and he liked me too.


The restaurants they take you to are always high-end, and the hotels choose luxurious rooms for you.
Anyway, it's impeccable, and I want to continue with this dad for a long time!I thought.


Fat daddy's troubles

The story of my wife was often talked about when we were talking.
It was said that it was like living separately at home.


Even if I go home, I don't have dinner for myself.
My daughter and wife are on good terms, and I am always alone at home.
My wife complains about unreasonable things.


And so on, when I think about it, it seems like I'm on bad terms.


I felt sorry for him, but on the other hand, I thought it would be better than his wife and his good friend Daddy.


Even if your wife finds out, if there is no love between the two of you, she probably won't mind.
Daddy life is equivalent to adultery from the perspective of his wife, so isn't it safer for dads living separately at home?


That's how I was thinking.


My wife found out! ?

One day, I received a long, serious email from my dad.


"My wife may have found out about my cell phone, so let's stop seeing each other for a while."
It was stating.


I thought it was weird, but by the time she had forgotten about this, she added that she would definitely want to see her again, so I took it easy, saying, "Well then, I guess I'll take a break for a while."


I emailed him every day, but he continued to say that his wife was in a bad mood and the situation at home was getting worse.
I was beginning to think that I could not be with this dad anymore.


Resuming Dating with Daddy

"My wife hasn't said anything lately, so let's meet again."

About a month after I couldn't see my dad, I received such an email.


When I met my dad after a long time,
Recently, my wife is in a good mood and calm.Let's date again like before.
That's what I was told.


It's a big source of income for me, so I'm relieved.
The days of regular dating are back.


impact!call from dad

One day, out of the blue, I got a call from my father.


I live alone near my parents' house, and I don't usually interact with my family much.


In a sudden email from my father,
"Come to work because there's something I want to talk to you about."
There is.


My father's workplace is represented by my father, and it seems that there are no employees after 17 o'clock.
It's the first time I've ever been called to work.
What the hell? ? ?
I felt a rush in my chest.


I had multiple dads,
I wonder if someone in Papa was related to my father's workplace...
I went to the workplace while imagining various things.


impact! !what was shown


When I got to my father's office,


My father gave me an envelope about B5 size with a difficult face.
My father said nothing more.

what's inside? ?
If you look inside, you will see several photos.


When I saw that picture, I felt my blood rush.

A photo of me and Tadashi when we were meeting,
A picture of going to the hotel by car,
A picture of the moment you get out of the car and enter the hotel,
Photo from the hotel...


Who the hell? ?
My spine has frozen.

"It came with this"

Then, the letter handed to him by his father was written by a woman.


"My husband and the daughter of the house are communicating, and I hired a detective to investigate the relationship.
and received this photo.
If the relationship continues, I will take legal action. 』

Did Dad's wife hire a detective to find out everything?
After reading the content, my mind went blank.


father's tears


"Is it true?"

When asked by my father, I nodded.


I'm stuck in words when I'm asked more.


Since I worked for an ordinary company, it was only natural that my father would not understand.


After a short silence, I saw my father cry for the first time in my life.
If you need money, why don't you tell yourself?


I remember crying with guilt and telling myself many times that I would never do it again.
I also made an excuse about why I was working as a dad.


Even remembering it now makes me want to vomit
It was a real nightmare.


after this incident

After this happened, I stopped contacting my father.
Rather, I was shocked and could not communicate with anyone for a while.


There is no more news from the wife of the fat papa, and that is fortunate in the midst of misfortune.


With a sober mind, I don't think what I did was wrong.
I'm thinking of studying abroad when I save a certain amount of money,
In fact, I was able to make it happen with the money from Papa Katsu.


Also, no one is hurt by what two consenting adults are doing.
But "until the truth is known".


I also felt that his wife's behavior was very cowardly.
Sue me!I can understand if you come, but to send a photo to your parents.


I want to damage the hateful me!If you were thinking
I guess you could say I'm a wise woman...


look back

That shock was a long time ago, and now I'm doing dad activities like before.
But after this incident, I started to distance myself from my dad, who talks a lot about his wife.


How could this have been avoided?


・Find a single dad
・Find a single dad
・Search for widows and divorced dads


I can only come up with about.
Among them, single men who seem to be numerous are scary in a different sense if they get serious, so I avoid them.


If you really want to avoid such troubles, I feel that you have to think carefully about things other than the immediate allowance.


The above is my trouble experience.
I just hope that all the papa katsu girls can work without trouble.

An ordinary office worker in his 10s who has been a dad for over 30 years.Starting from a place where money is troubled, now one of the pleasures is dad life.I will write what I learned and felt through my experience as a dad.

article by yoko

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