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4 points to find a long-lasting stable dad


She is a young girl in her 30s with a normal appearance and style.When she was a university student, she started working as a dad to raise her tuition fees, and even after graduating, she worked as an ordinary office worker and a salesperson, and she still finds free time and is active.Based on the real-life experience of more than 50 dads she has met, she will give advice to those who are about to start dad activities.


Finding a stable and long-term dad is not easy.It's fine if you make an appointment on a monthly basis, but if you make a contract each time, your life will be unstable if your dad is busy and you can't see him.
Depending on the man, there are people who switch from one to the next, and if you attract a lot of such people, you will get tired.

I've met and dated a lot of dad candidates so far, but I've noticed that the dads who have a long and stable relationship have some things in common.
What is the difference between this kind of person and someone who just ends up on the first date? ?

From my perspective as a dad for nearly 10 years, I would like to introduce four points common to long-lasting dads.

Self-employed or running a company


First of all, it is not a story that office workers are bad.However, when I look back, the people I've dated for over a year were all people who had their own businesses.

There are a few positives.

First of all, a powerful trump card for self-employed people is being able to say, "Please send me a receipt."
Self-employed people often take me to good shops, probably because they can save money.

If you take me to a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel or a high-class store in Ginza that I wouldn't be able to go to on my own, I would simply be happy.
I feel like I can have a better reaction than usual, smile more and have a good time with each other.

When I know that this person will take me to a good shop, I pay more attention to my clothes and hair than usual, so when I meet my self-employed dad, I feel like my femininity has improved.

Secondly, I have the impression that the managers are often willing to accommodate their schedules.

It may be easier to make excuses for his wife than for office workers, such as having many irregular responses to work.Even on weekends and during the daytime on weekdays, if you make an appointment in advance, you can meet a lot of people. Even when I was working as a normal office worker or after moving to the hospitality industry, I think I was able to deepen my relationships by going on dates in my spare time without change.

children are big enough


First of all, having a child and a wife is a major premise for me to be a dad.This is because I feel that people who have various things to protect are more comfortable to associate with, and because I feel that there are many people with a high level of human maturity.

Among them, those whose children are high school students, university students, and working adults have continued to date longer.Dads who have small children who still need a lot of care often go to see their children's club games or are busy with family services, so they often have little free time and can't meet.

I felt that dads, whose children are already independent to some extent, are spending their time freely because there are few family events.

I also recommend dads who have important family members but are away from home.I don't want my family to find out and hurt my wife or break up the family, but I can use my time to the fullest, so I can continue for a long time.

Of course, dads who have time will go on more dates, and I would like to meet the same person with peace of mind.If you want to focus on one dad, it's important to find someone who can take your time.


It's not painful to hear the story

This may be a luxury, but I think it's a very important point.Even in a secret relationship where money is exchanged, it is painful to spend time with someone who is hard to listen to because they are human beings.

I think there is an opinion that it is better to match the story, but such an attitude can be seen somewhere.

We talked about trivial news, food, work, etc., and I often stayed with people who I thought I could listen to for a long time.

Especially since I'm getting paid, I have to listen to them!That's the main premise in my heart, so it's very important to find a partner who can do it without stress.

Rich dads often have a variety of experiences as working adults, so it's fun to listen to them and learn a lot.
I have a relationship with my dad that has lasted for a long time, and I can talk about anything, and the conversations were all fun.


Not bad for your body


I didn't dare to write that the body is compatible.If you say such a thing, you will never find your father.It's okay if you don't go so far as to say that you have an outrageous sexuality, or that you like the physique or plumpness.

But I think it's very important that you don't feel bad when you kiss, or that your body odor doesn't make you uncomfortable.The longer you have to put up with yourself, the harder it is to keep the relationship going.

If you meet a dad who makes you feel comfortable taking a bath with him or you don't mind sleeping next to him, don't let him go.


I introduced four points to identify a long-lasting dad.

Roughly speaking, it means ``a person who has enough money and time to spend on himself, and who is physiologically and personally likable''.

Papa-katsu consists of having a good time with a dad who thinks you are attractive.

In order to achieve that and continue a long-term relationship, it is very important that you do not compromise when looking for a partner.

Try to find a dad who can build a long-term stable relationship rather than a one-off date.

An ordinary office worker in his 10s who has been a dad for over 30 years.Starting from a place where money is troubled, now one of the pleasures is dad life.I will write what I learned and felt through my experience as a dad.

article by yoko

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